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How to Distinguish Original Adidas from Fake?

Adidas is one of the leaders on the market of footwear for sports and everyday wear. It is one of the most favorite brands not only for professional sportsmen but also for those who give preference to high-quality and comfortable footwear. It is not surprising that everyone wants to have a pair of Adidas sneakers […]


How the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure™ Ebook can Help You Fight Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis? The plantar fascia is located on the bottom of your foot. It provides a cushion and support when you use your foot to walk. It basically acts as a shock absorber. However, there are times that the plantar fascia tissue could swell up or go through a process called inflammation. When […]

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Bearpaw vs. Uggs

Bearpaw and Ugg are famous brands that mostly produce warm boots for cold weather. They are known for the quality of the production, durability, and comfort. The assortment of both brands is pretty similar, but today we will define the main differences and will help you decide whether to spend money on Uggs or save […]

7 comments Review on Women’s Shoes

We want to introduce online store that can offer you a great variety of different items, including shoes. The shop has a wide collection of footwear from various brands and designers. Here you can find pumps, boots, sandals and many other models with diverse design: on the high heel or on the flat sole, with […]

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What Is The Most Common Women’s Shoe Size?

That is a really interesting question. Of course, the most common size of the woman’s foot can vary through the countries around the world, but the general number differs slightly. So, how can we find out this parameter? Let’s study sizes that some of the popular mass-market shops put on their shelves. For example, the […]

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10 Facts You Should Know about Louis Vuitton Shoe Production

The brand, which is famous mostly due to its cult baggage items, is now gaining weight in shoe category. We went to the Louis Vuitton shoe factory located near Venice in order to understand what the competitors should expect, as Louis Vuitton is following them on the heels with its classic shoes and fashionable sneakers. […]

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How to Tell if Nike Air Max Shoes are Fake

Nike Air Max are considered to be one of the most popular shoe models in the world of sports footwear. But what lies behind the flip side of such popularity? The answer is great opportunities for making money by selling fake sports shoes. Let’s see how to avoid getting fooled by dishonest sellers and how […]

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Seven Differences Between the Original Crocs Footwear and the Fakes

The Crocs footwear has many analogs, but no alternatives, according to those who have tried to wear both Crocs and the similar footwear. Why? The answer is simple – Crocs are made of the unique material called Croslite. So how exactly do you distinguish the original Crocs from their imitations? Not counting the difference in […]


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Supra Sneakers: Fake vs Real

Did you find SUPRA at a low price on eBay or another online store? It sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, when they come to you after a long month of waiting, the only thing you will see is cheap material, crooked seams, a cardboard insole(!) and in addition to this “bouquet” your foot […]


How Do I Distinguish Original Fila Sneakers from Fake Ones? Fila Disruptor Model

People will always copy popular products, clothing items, and shoes. Branded sneakers are no exception. High quality forgeries make it difficult to determine their originality visually. But no matter how high-class crosses are forged, there are several points, adhering to them you can protect yourself from buying a fake. There are counterfeit products of any […]


Asics Metaracer Tokyo – Olympic Games Quality

Asics MetaRacer was developed for the Olympic games in Tokyo, which were postponed. The model was created by triathlete Jan Frodeno, an Olympic champion and multiple world champion at various distances. In the Metaracer prototype, Yang set a distance record for the most prestigious stage of the Ironman Kona. However, even before the official release […]

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Adidas GMR Insoles Review

Invest Adidas GMR Insole in cleats or sneakers and turn your game on the field or court into exclusive FIFA Mobile content. Here’s how it works. This is the latest technology based on Google’s Jacquard tracker inside your sneaker. When you play real soccer with this tracker, you will be able to discover exclusive content […]


Vans Checkerboard Slip-er aka Slippers

You may not know who Karl Lagerfeld is, but we’re sure you’ve at least heard his name. Over the years, he has managed to collaborate with many fashion houses, such as: Chloe, Chanel and Fendi. Of course, it also has its own brand. Karl Lagerfeld also collaborated with the skate brand Vans, whose classic sneakers […]