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Our mission is simple: Advise how to choose the right shoes for women. Find on our blog professional shoe and store reviews, tips and tricks on choosing boots, heels, sneakers, moccasins, clogs, sandals, and slippers!

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Fancy jackboots and high boots will protect your legs from the cold and make your fashion look more piquant. In dependence to the design variation of the models, different high boots and jackboots should be worn in the definitive season and weather. That way the chamois jackboots are suitable for wearing in the dry seasons. The chamois is afraid of the moisture and is not able to protect you from the cold at low temperatures. Accordingly, the best possible time for wearing such models is dry days in spring and autumn. The high boots made from the leather of any type, whether they are slim fit, high or low, can be put on also in the winter season. In order that your footwear looks always neat you should apply the waterproofing agents like a natural wax. It does not blemish the leather and your high boots will ever look presentable. The jackboots and high boots are made of the composite materials, leather and chamois. The models with the decorator fur trimming exist in the assortment of many brands. When choosing a model you should pay your attention to the material softness and seam quality. Plenty of the reviews on the female boots models for each season are available at our website.


Female trainers are the best option for doing sports and trips. The footwear is suitable for wearing in the summer, spring and autumn seasons. It is suited for walks in the dry weather. When selecting of the sneakers you should take into account of the ventilating apertures presence and the type of the basic fabric. The breathable fabrics do not cause the perspiration of the feet, thus you will feel more comfortable while wearing such shoes. The basic material of trainers is foam which perfectly keeps the form. Female trainers are subdivided into pile-lined and lightweight models. An essential criterion of the choice is the sole firmness and light weight of the selected model. The reviews on the up-to-date models of the trainers are presented at


Female sandals are suited for warm seasons. The leather, rubber, light fabrics, and also the decorator elements are used for manufacture of the sandals for women. It is the best possible option for the hot weather and everyday walks. There exist lightweight models with the various kinds of the inserts. The semi-open types of shoes should be well seated on the foot and the models with straps behind must not cause the callus occurrence. It is better to select the models with the leather upper part and rubber thick sole. Such variants are good combined with the diverse garments. The sandals should follow the shape of the female footstep, and the sole must be thick enough. The detailed reviews of the sandals for women are available at our Internet site.


Female moccasins are suitable for warm season. The moccasins are not waterproof, thus they cannot be worn in the rainy weather. The moccasins are universal and easily match to any garment. The natural leather or chamois, artificial leather and cotton are used for manufacture of the shoes. The qualitative moccasins should well seated on the feet and follow the anatomic peculiarities of the female footstep. When making a selection of the shoes you should pay attention to the sole and its flexibility. The heel grip of moccasins should reshape after folding. The moccasins have the perfectly smooth sole, other models are called loafers. The moccasins are referred to the business formal and romantic styles. According to the type of trimming and formal black color the first type is more similar to the boots and suitable for office. Reviews of the female moccasins of all the kinds may be read at our web site.


Heeled shoes, or heels, pumps are suited to be worn in the springtime, summer and autumn seasons. The models of heels are manufactured from the chamois, natural or artificial leather and other materials. The fundamental requirement to this footwear is a sustainable heel. The shoes are designed with the stiletto-like heels. These models are effectively harmonized with the long dresses. The thick low heels are more sustainable and frequently analogous to the classical shoes. The pointed heels have a length of about 10 sm. The height of heel should be less than 7 sm. The low heel goes with the dresses and trousers; broad heel is the best option for those, who cannot impress with the slenderness of legs. The different models of heels are presented at our site.

Choosing material and sole

In order to select the perfect pair of female shoes, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the footwear. The best possible option for women is natural leather due to its breathability. The chamois require of the especial care, thus you must think twice before the purchase and give an answer to the question, whether you can do it. The footwear made from the natural leather is suitable for everyday wearing. Whereas the model made of the artificial leather is better to be selected for the evening.
Appreciate the firmness of the sole, it should fold a little while moving and keep the footstep shape at the same time. The most endurable pair is the shoes with the sole made from the polymers. The models with the sole of natural leather are suited to be worn indoors. Fitting the shoes it is important to appreciate the comfort degree in all the positions, accordingly have time to make several steps in the attracting shoes, sit and make some quick movements and turns. As to the sizes, the shoe conversion size table as described below.

Size guide

Choosing the shoes that you prefer with the Internet is faster, more convenient and cheaper than choosing it in a usual shop. You can find various discounts and sales for the profitable purchase. How to know the correct size of shoes. But these purchases have one significant difficulty: you have to buy shoes without a try on it. To solve this problem you should know your feet size and use a size chart or buy Brannock foot measurer. There is another easy way to know all necessary sizes: you just should measure your favorite shoes. The height of the heel with heeltap should be measured from attaching point. If you want to measure directly size of your foot, pay attention that in the evening foot size more then in the morning. USA and Britain manufacturers are marking footwear for narrow feet by letter “C”, for massive feet by letter “G” and for broad feet by letter “H”. Shoes for typical shape of feet are marked by letters “F” or “Fx”. In EU width (fullness) of foot is marked by numbers 1 to 8 with 5 mm interval. When you are looking for convenient shoes in an online store, you can compare hundreds of models. Pay attention to the material of products: leather can be stretched corresponding to size and shape of your feet. Otherwise, the shoes manufactured from textiles and polymer will stay fixed size. In this case, it is recommended to buy shoes one size more.
There are several useful advises, which help you to choose high-quality goods.

  • Looking for brands and models that you know. Don’t choose unknown companies. Big firms with real stores have a lot of experience and good quality of service.
  • Compare prices from different websites. You can search the best result for final purchase decision.
  • Some sites like eBay or Craigslist may offer used shoes or having problems.
  • Before you pay money for purchase you should carefully read customer reviews and comments from other clients.
  • Absolutely correct to call manager from online shop and ask him all questions about shoes. He can clarify any doubts and tell you all actual information concern with the manufactures. Also he can give valuable recommendations about shoe care.

How to pay for your purchase. The service that you used should be safe. Check a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate which marked by padlock icon in right lower corner of you browser window. If you know insufficiently about the web-site it is better to use services like PayPal. Avoid the companies that not respond your questions by e-mail or phone.

Female Footwear Conversion Size Table

Centimeters 21.5 22 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25 25.5 26
USA 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5
Europe 35 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5