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Our mission is simple: Advise how to choose the right shoes for women and men. Find on our blog professional shoe and store reviews, tips, and tricks on choosing boots, heels, sneakers, moccasins, clogs, sandals, and slippers! We publish not only shoe reviews, new items, store deals, but also recommendations how to care your feet (plantar fasciitis book, etc)

How To Clean White Sneakers, So That They Would Look As Good As New? has collected proven and affordable methods to care of white sneakers at home. We hope you enjoy it! Preparation Before you launch the operation on going back to the past, you have to get your sneakers ready. It’s very easy: Get rid of dirt and dust with the help of dry brush, microfiber napkin […]


A Thing Of The Day — Breathable Boots That Can Resist Any Liquid

These are perfect shoes for everyday wearing. Shoes that easily resist water, dirt and even pouring rains. We used to different kinds of footgear. But there’re two main categories. ‘Open’ one which helps your feet «breath» and ‘closed’ one that protects feet from the environment. Usually, boots with a lightweight net on top (instead of […]


Top 20 Women’s Sneakers For Fitness and Cross-Trainings

Fitness includes all type of trainings: cardio, weight routine, interval and mixed trainings, which are characterized by a wide range of movements and load on all muscle groups. The ideal women’s footwear for fitness must combine the peculiarities of running shoes and for competitive sports. The best fitness models provide foot support with injury protection, […]

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Smart Shoes Review – Xiaomi And Li-Ning Joint Development

Should you buy smart shoes made by Xiaomi? The company that brought us the most favorable, affordable and popular electornic devices on the market? Let’s check out. I am not a fan of running myself but I love running shoes and believe that they are great for everyday life. Especially for those of you who […]


What Feet Disease Can Cause High Heels Shoes And How To Wear Them Safely?

With the holidays coming up. Most women choose high-heeled shoes for their new year’s image. Perhaps they looks spectacular. But these shoes are not physiological. They can cause a lot of problems. Orthopedic trauma doctor Artem Kramarenko told about the dangers of shoes with heels. He gave advice on how to wear such shoes correctly. […]

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Is There Anyway Platform Shoes Can Look Elegant?

Perseia – Oxford Shoes Some flat shoes make your feet hurt. Could it be flat shoes with a totally flat sole, both outside and inside? At least that’s the case with me. I believe platform shoes with these characteristics could also be problematic. I think you can get normal flat shoes with a bit of […]

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Top 5 Men’s Training Sneakers with Discount at

Nike LSU Tigers Free TR V8 Shoes – Purple/Gold Take your LSU Tigers fandom with you everywhere you go by rocking these high-performance Free TR V8 Shoes from Nike! Featuring authentic LSU Tigers details, these stylish shoes are the perfect choice for taking your fandom to the next level. They boast a comfortable fit and […]

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The Most Worst Fashion Trends in 2018

Fashion designs have named the wildest trends that people picked up around the world in the 2018. The authors of The Mashable called the TOP-7 terrible fashion trends of the outgoing year, which included low-rise jeans, thigh high Ugg boots reaching to the hip, and socks. 1. Thigh high Uggs Worn by pop culture icons […]

1 comment Review: How Can You Save Time with Lace-Less Technology?

How many times did you miss your bus because you needed to lace your shoes? Just one minute can be really decisive! Why waste it if you can get innovative laces offered at Do you wonder what it is and what exactly you can get at Hickies? Then, hold on reading the detailed […]


How to Distinguish Original Adidas from Fake?

Adidas is one of the leaders on the market of footwear for sports and everyday wear. It is one of the most favorite brands not only for professional sportsmen but also for those who give preference to high-quality and comfortable footwear. It is not surprising that everyone wants to have a pair of Adidas sneakers […]


Need a Pair of New Shoes? Check Review

Are you looking for a new stunning pair of shoes? Then, don’t pass by this review. If you have never visited this shoe shop, do this right now because they have hot prices for many great models! You will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices for the stylish shoes. Do you need a […]


Tips To Run Like A Pro

Running is not only about the speed. There are hundreds of other factors that influence and control your performance. If you are not a pro, most likely you don’t know about them. So here are few tips on running, which will help you run like an Olympic gold winner pro. 1. Improve gradually Don’t be […]


Toddlers Snow Boots For Minus 25°C and Down

Children may not be the majority of the population but they are definitely the “all” of our future. And we want our future generation to be as comfy as they can be at their tender age before taking the burden of the world on their own shoulders.Parents always want the best for their toddlers so […]


New Styles From Jennifer Lopez and Giuseppe Zanotti

American actress Jennifer Lopez cooperate with Giuseppe Zanotti to create a collection of five exclusive styles. Zanotti used silhouettes that runs the gamut of Lopez’s shoe style such as crystal encrusted booties, wedge sneakers, gladiators and exotic sandals. Muted colors such as grey and beige appear throughout to reinforce the collection’s feminine aesthetic.


How the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure™ Ebook can Help You Fight Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis? The plantar fascia is located on the bottom of your foot. It provides a cushion and support when you use your foot to walk. It basically acts as a shock absorber. However, there are times that the plantar fascia tissue could swell up or go through a process called inflammation. When […]