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The Most Worst Fashion Trends in 2018

Fashion designs have named the wildest trends that people picked up around the world in the 2018. The authors of The Mashable called the TOP-7 terrible fashion trends of the outgoing year, which included low-rise jeans, thigh high Ugg boots reaching to the hip, and socks.

1. Thigh high Uggs

thigh high uggs
Worn by pop culture icons like Rihanna and Dua Lipa, Uggs are making a comeback in the worst possible form: thigh highs. YouTuber Safiya Nygaard called wearing them “like wading through peanut butter.” The monstrosity, a collaboration between Ugg and Y/Project.

Those uggs make you look like you’re trying to hide excessive calf fat. Please throw these shoes away.
I don’t know why but I kinda like them ?
The issue with these are they make ppl look like they have short fat legs and that is the exact opposite of what women try to achieve. Idk why uggs just stick to their regular design and just make it long and slightly formed to the leg.

2. Plastic Boots

plastic boots

When your shit don’t stink, but your feet do…

3. Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot Cut Jeans
Patty Ann:

Where the hell did they find those ugly things? IDK what that is, but it’s not boot cut.
Colin West
Those are not boot cut. Boot cut never went out of style. Those are not boot cut.
That’s more of a flair cut a d not boot cut. But what do I know, I’ve been wearing actual boots with boot cut Jean’s for decades on the ranch.

4. Oddly tiny fanny packs

cellphone holsters

Ha-ha, I own this pack. Fits my Lenovo S60. Looks to be well made. Good option instead of belt.

5. Sock sneakers with spikes

socks sneakers with spikes

6. Small Sunglasses

small sunglasses

7. Womens Low Rise Jeans

Source: The Mashable

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