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Top 20 Women’s Sneakers For Fitness and Cross-Trainings in 2021

Fitness includes all type of trainings: cardio, weight routine, interval and mixed trainings, which are characterized by a wide range of movements and load on all muscle groups.
The ideal women’s footwear for fitness must combine the peculiarities of running shoes and for competitive sports. The best fitness models provide foot support with injury protection, as in basketball, cushioning, like in running, tread sole, like in soccer shoes.
High-quality sneakers for sports and fitness should have the following characteristics:

  • lightness and universality
  • good air permeability
  • great foot fixation
  • flexible sole with cushioning
  • anatomical insole.

It’s easier to perform difficult exercises in light models, because they allow working out longer, without feeling exhausted. Good airing will provide comfort for cardio trainings and reliable foot fixation minimizes the risk of injury. A flexible sole is suitable for any type of loading, and the anatomical insole will be the key to comfort during training.

The Best Sneaker Brands For Fitness and Cross-Trainings

Brand Logo Brand Name Main Features and Benefits Click To Visit Amazon
Nike Workout Sneakers Nike
  • Unique Design
  • Specially Produced For HIIT classes and studio sweat-sessions
  • Lightweight
  • Various Sole Modifications
Nike at Amazon
Sketchers Logo Skechers
  • Cushioning Midsole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Perfect for Hard Workouts
Sketchers at Amazon
Puma Logo Sneakers Puma
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Global Athletic Brand
  • Inner Sole is Made of Thick Foam
Puma at Amazon
New Balance Logo New Balance
  • Full Memory Sole
  • ‘Width Matter’
  • Easy Off Models(Slip-On)
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Responsive Cushioning
New Balance at Amazon
Reebok Logo Reebok
  • Woven Textile Upper
  • Super Light
  • Designed for HIIT classes
  • True to size
Reebok at Amazon
Below we offer you a list of top sneakers for fitness training in the gym and outdoors, for different types of loads and various training programs. Choose your pair and train with ease!

1. DEMIX MAGUS – A Budget Model for Gym and Training at Home

Demix Magus Women's Sneakers
For trainings with average intensity in the gym or at home, you need lightweight breathable footwear, which is reliable, durable and resistant. Stylish women’s sneakers for fitness Demix Magus are perfect for this task.
A very light and comfortable Demix Magus model is suitable for any workout in the gym or at home. The breathable structure of the top allows the air to pass through and provides comfort even in the tensest moments. Special notches on the sole allow the shoe to be easily bent, providing maximum comfort during sports activities. These sneakers are equally suitable for doing fitness under any conditions.

2. FILA FLORELL – Ideal Universal Model for Fitness

Fila Florell Sneakers
You need light and breathable sneakers with comfort fit for fitness, which will be suitable for any type of trainings in the gym. Flia presents universal women’s sneakers for sport. Inexpensive, comfortable model with a textile top that is well breathable, suitable for sports in the gym or on the street in the warm season. Stylish design goes well together with any sportswear, and a durable sole with soft cushioning allows you to use these shoes for jogging.

3. REEBOK PRINT ELITE ULTK – Perfect Model for Cardio Trainings

Model from REEBOK is suitable for exercising on athletic track, for aerobics, jogging and other cardio trainings. Fashionable design, comfortable lacing, comfortable fit – these shoes can be worn by athletes with neutral pronation.
The top with ULTRAKNIT technology makes the model as light and breathable as possible. The low height and flexibility of the sole provides comfort when performing any movements and a quick transition from heel to toe. A compacted heel ensures reliable fixation of the foot, and a double density sole with a tread provides cushioning.

4. PUMA PROWL 2 – Ideal Model On Quality-To-Price Ratio

Modern footwear for fitness is most often comfortable and light sneakers, which allow performing the maximum range of movements. And PUMA has a wonderful model Prowl 2, which is suitable for any type of training in the gym. These sneakers can be worn for group exercises, to the gym, for the athletic track and you can use them for regular fitness workouts in the gym.
This model is lightweight, has comfortable fit, neutral design and technological sports characteristics. The sole with a light tread is suitable for jogging around the stadium and training on cardio machines, and the breathable top will make training comfortable in the hot season.

5. ANTA – Ideal Model For Any Workouts In The Off-Season

ANTA sneakers
An off-season model 82837788 from ANTA allows training effectively outdoors in autumn and spring. The textile top with punch hole and water-proofness is perfectly breathable but protects against water and moisture. These sneakers are suitable for functional training outdoors in the cold season. Stiffener provides reliable fixation for the foot and comfortable lacing and back tongue are designed for quick dressing. A multi-layer sole with gel inserts is necessary for enhanced cushioning during jumps, sprints and other active exercises.

6. SKECHERS GRACEFUL – An Ideal Model For Functional Trainings In The Gym and at Home

skechers graceful
For dynamic trainings in the gym, for example, according to the scheme cardio+weight routine, the universal SKECHERS Graceful will be the best model. Ultramodern sneakers for sports will be suitable for all types of the work-outs in the gym, including step aerobics, weight training, cardio on the track and other activities.
This model has lots of advantages: lightness, breathable structure of the top, sole with expressed tread relief, comfort fit.  Sneakers are characterized by high durability, comfort and a neutral design that combines with any sportswear.

7. ASICS KANMEI MX – Universal Model For Cardio Trainings

For fitness, aerobics and other workouts with dynamic loads, you need sneakers with good cushioning and a flexible sole. The ASICS model is designed for cardio training and jogging. It’s universally suitable for any modern fitness activity.
In addition to cushioned soil and solid frame there are textile inserts for individual fit, that protect your leg from injuries. Breathable mesh top, flexible design, low platform for the best contact with the surface, as well as the moisture-repellent structure of the inner surface makes the model an ideal option for work-outs.

8. REEBOK FLEXILE – Ideal Model For Interval Trainings

Reebok Flexile
Regular trainings in the gym require appropriate equipment. Lightweight, stylish model from REEBOK is suitable for interval training, circuit training, aerobics and step and other combined exercises in the gym.
The light weight of the model doesn’t constrain movements, and the sole with cushioning and treads allows you to train at any pace without experiencing inconvenience. The mesh top is perfectly breathable, which provides comfort under any conditions. The anatomical insole and the unique frame design reliably fix the foot, so that the sneakers sit well on any foot.

9. NIKE AIR ZOOM FITNESS 2 – One Of The Most Popular Models for Fitness

Reebok Flexile
Breathable women’s fitness sneakers not only look trendy, but also provide reliable foot support, protection against injuries, flexibility in all movements and excellent cushioning.
Professional design, stylish appearance, ultra-high-tech materials for the top and platform make the model the best option for training in the gym of any intensity and load.

10. THE NORTH FACE – Ideal Model for Overweight People

The North Face
Most models from The North Face are highly breathable and are designed for workouts with heavy loads. Thanks to these characteristics, the sneakers of this brand are ideal for people with a lot of excess weight, as they will allow you to train in any rhythm without experiencing discomfort.
The advantages of this model for fitness are high breathable qualities, improved cushioning, excellent support of the feet with Cradle technology, embossed soles for the best contact with the surface and general comfort. Due to these advantages, the sneakers are suitable for training in the gym and cardio training in the open air.

11. ASICS FIT YUI 2 – Perfect Model for Weight Routine

During strength building it’s important to feel comfortable in your clothing and footwear, nothing should distract you from doing exercises. Model Fit Yui 2 by ASICS is perfect for weight routine because it has a mesh top with breathable structure, comfortable frame with special elements for improved fixation of the foot, and a lightweight, durable sole that doesn’t make the sneakers heavier.
Neutral design, wearproof sole and individual fit guarantee comfort while exercising on gym machines and with weights, during group strength training or bodyweight exercises.

12. NIKE LUNAR LUX TR – Universal Model for Training in The Gym And at Home

NIKE produces excellent universal women’s footwear for fitness and model Lunar Lux TR is one of the best arguments to support this claim.  Attractive design and technological characteristics provide popularity and relevance of the model around the world.
Breathable top made of ultra-strong textiles, low outsole with enhanced cushioning due to the inner extra layer, support of the foot with rubber inserts in the upper part – all this makes the model ideal for regular training in the gym.

13. ADIDAS CRAZYTRAIN PRO – Ideal Model for Work-outs of Increased Complexity

Design shoes for sports from the collaboration of Stella McCartney and Adidas are suitable for intense work-outs, for example, crossfit or other dynamic programs with increased load. The design was created with consideration to modern technologies that are used in the manufacture of shoes for professional sports.
The unique design provides reliable fixation on the foot, the top provides support for the most vulnerable spots, and the thermopolyurethane coating is necessary to reliably protect the sneakers from any external influences. The sole, created using Bounce technology, guarantees enhanced cushioning during shock loads, which is important for crossfit, where there are many jumping elements. Also, the sole has dust and dirt-repellent properties and has a high potential for wear resistance.

14. SKECHERS D’LITES – Ideal Model for Beginners in Fitness

Skechers D'Lites Women
If you want fitness classes to bring you pleasure, we recommend choosing comfortable footwear, which will be suitable for any type of loads. Beginners should pay attention to the Skechers D’Lites model, which is designed for dynamic training and exercising in the gym.
The special design of the top allows air to pass through, the sole with cushioning absorbs hits under aerobic exercise. Thanks to the anatomical insole, the sneakers easily sit on any foot, and durable lacing helps to fix the foot.

15. NEW BALANCE 711V3 MESH TRAINER – Ideal Model for Group Work-outs

New Balance 711v3
High-quality women’s footwear for fitness should be lightweight, flexible, comfortable and breathable. The model from New Balance is suitable for group training, where there is a frequent change of exercises and a transition from cardio to strength, from strength to stretching, etc.
These sneakers are made of modern, technological materials that are durable and wear-resistant. Thanks to elastic inserts in the front part, the model has increased flexibility, which makes it irreplaceable during various exercises with your own body, jumping, stretching or aerobics. Lightweight sneakers with a compacted heel and good cushioning will be the best choice for fitness classes.

16. UNDER ARMOUR AURA TRAINER – Ideal Model for Professional Fitness

Those who have been training for several years and are looking for the most comfortable shoes will love universal, comfortable sneakers for fitness and sports by Under Armour. Mesh top and excellent ventilation, sole with middle inserts under Micro G technology and light thread provides cushioning and excellent connection for better contact.
A special feature of the model 3021907-001 is a reliable lacing for reliable fixation of the foot and a wear-resistant sole made of high-quality rubber. The model is characterized by excellent quality and a high level of comfort during training of any type.

17. NIKE DUAL FUSION X 2 – Ideal Model for Outdoor Work-outs

Lightweight running sneakers with a versatile design are suitable for outdoor trainings. Practical women’s shoes for fitness and running from NIKE – is the best option for dynamic training in the fresh air. Short-time running, sprints, jumps, dynamic long steps and squats are easy to perform in the sneakers model Dual Fusion X 2.
Seamless thermal bonding technology minimizes the risk of chafing and provides a perfect fit for the leg. A stiff heel area for extra stability and a soft toe for flexibility guarantee comfort during all types of exercises. Cushioning and wear-resistant tread complement the set of characteristics.

18. REEBOK CROSSFIT NANO 8.0 – Perfect Model for Crossfit and Other Ultra-intense Work-outs

Nowadays crossfit is among the top most popular training programs. This system requires special footwear – durable, comfortable, designed for high shock loads and difficult training in different conditions.
Crossfit Nano 8.0 is designed for crossfit and functional high-power training. A compacted toe protects the foot from injuries, a flexible sole with enhanced cushioning allows you to jump and leap most efficiently, and a top made with the use of seamless technology allows you to fit the model perfectly. Lightweight, durable, wear-resistant sneakers will be the best choice for crossfit and the most difficult workouts in the gym and outdoors.

19. ADIDAS ORIGINALS SWIFT RUN – Ideal Model for Fitness and Activity for Every Occasion

Lightweight stylish sneakers by Adidas Originals Swift Run will be useful not only in the gym but also for recreational activities outdoors. The trendy model that resembles the design of running sneakers is also suitable for jogging, fitness in the gym, and running. Also, the model can be used for playing volleyball, basketball and other games. Breathable top, excellent foot support with the use of Torsion technology, toe protection and reliable heel fixation make this model comfortable and pleasant to use. Check also Adidas Streetball Sneakers

20. ANGEL DANCE L0913B – Perfect Model for Dance Workouts

Footwear for dance trainings differs from ordinary sneakers for fitness in specific design and softer materials for the top.The Angel dance model with suede top is suitable for practically all modern dance styles, including hip hop, jazz funk and sports dancing.
High arches and maximum flexibility of the sole allow performing the high range of movements without inconvenience. Soft textile top with a breathable structure provides comfort during training. Strength, reliability and durability of the model complement the list of characteristics.

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