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What Is The Most Common Women’s Shoe Size?

That is a really interesting question. Of course, the most common size of the woman’s foot can vary through the countries around the world, but the general number differs slightly.

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So, how can we find out this parameter? Let’s study sizes that some of the popular mass-market shops put on their shelves. For example, the most common women’s shoe size in the Zara is ranging from 36 to 40, rarely you can meet size 41. Among Steve Madden production sizes from 36 to 40 are also quite popular among their customers. Brand Forever New has shoes sized 36, but most of their models are ranging from 37 to 41. Aldo mostly presents shoes from size 36 to 41 as well as other brands. And most of the footwear made and imported from China has sizes from 35 to 40. So, if we will calculate all sizes given above we will define that the most common shoe’s size among women is 38-39. As the official surveys show the average female shoe size in the UK is 6 (39), but the interesting fact that a couple of years ago the average shoe size was 5 (38). Why did this happen? Let’s find out.

Why is an average shoe size getting bigger?

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Though we have found out the most common women’s shoe size, some researchers say that this number has changed. According to the National Shoe Retailers Association, the average size of women’s feet has become bigger more over the last 30 years. This is happening because our bodies are growing as well. Now when the situation with the nutrition in the prosperous part of the world is much better than it was in the past, our body sizes have changed leading to the changing of the feet sizes as well. And that’s totally normal because all human bodies are constantly evolving. People are getting taller and heavier and our feet are getting bigger in proportion to our bodies.

How that “common” foot size affects women?

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Women with the standard size of the foot can easily buy any pair of the shoes they like in any shop they meet. The choice of different footwear for them is really wide. Elegant pumps, comfortable sneakers, slipper, sandals, boots, everything. At the same time, the situation for women with a non-standard foot size is not as great as you can imagine. They really should put a lot of efforts to find something that will fit them. For example, women with a small size of the foot have to buy footwear in the department for children, where you can hardly find a pair of elegant and sophisticated shoes on the heels.
And ladies with a big shoes size have to buy their footwear in the men’s departments. All they can find is sneakers or other sports shoes. The choice is very limited in the mass-market shops.

What other options do they have?

Of course, women with a not standard feet size can find special shops that are making shoes for these ladies. But in most cases, such footwear is more expensive.

So, what can we do in this situation?

We should inform the manufacturer of the footwear that women with small feet as well as with big ones exist and they also want to wear comfortable and stylish shoes for reasonable prices. Women may have wide or narrow, small or big types of feet and all popular brands should take it into consideration while making women’s footwear.


During our research, we have found out that the most common female shoe size is 38-39. But shops and brands that produce footwear for women should make the assortment of their products more wide to satisfy the need of every their customer.

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