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Is There Anyway Platform Shoes Can Look Elegant?

Perseia – Oxford Shoes

Some flat shoes make your feet hurt. Could it be flat shoes with a totally flat sole, both outside and inside? At least that’s the case with me. I believe platform shoes with these characteristics could also be problematic. I think you can get normal flat shoes with a bit of a “heel” or at least higher sole in the back and also a normal inside sole. For example, look at oxford shoes or take a look at this:
Elegant Flat Shoes

Nice and Cure – Magdalena23

I’m not crazy about platforms myself, but it’s true that they are really comfortable. There are certain designs that look really nice and cute! Just a few ideas:


Clarks as variant of wedge shoes – Mister_chaz

Some platform/wedge shoes are cute. I personally like Clarks sandals plus they are comfy.
clarks annadelbari gold

Not only for old ladies – Ashleynelson

I used to think wedges were for old ladies in high school, and I could not tell you why because I’ve never seen an elderly looking woman wearing them. But now I own a pair and love wedges. I love the ones with yarn or rope looking bottom, like this
strapless wedge sandals
They’re very versatile and easier to walk in than heels. I feel much more comfortable wearing wedges and jeans than heels and jeans. I’m not at that level of careless sophistication in my life yet.

Arida always wear platforms

I always wear platforms, just because it’s so comfortable. But not the kind of you shows on the pics. Don’t own the Chinese shoes, have good Italian, or another good brand. Try to find something like this style:


Joliecat think that platform shoes are too heavy and chunky

Platform shoes are casual and comfortable. I don’t like the way they look since they’re too heavy and chunky. Shortens the beautiful curve line of a woman’s leg and makes her look like she’s got her feet in a bucket. Flat shoes with a bit of a small heel, or kitten heels are comfortable and a much better looking, more feminine option.

Platform Shoes do Beth C too tall and imposing

I don’t own any platform shoes currently – they make me too tall and imposing. I had some in my 20’s that I wore a lot, but never on dates, for the abovementioned reason. These days, I prefer flat sandals, ballets, or low wedges for casual, and for dressy, I like heels around 2-3 inches, preferably a somewhat thicker heel. Stilettos are a big NO, although I do find this type of shoe the most elegant! I am 5’8”-ish flat-footed, which I think is a really great height for me. I love being this height—taller than average, but not too tall. Wearing heels, though, puts me eye-to-eye with hubby, who was 6 ft when we married and is now around 5’11” because of back surgery. The platform shoes I had were super tall and put me at about 6’1”!!! That’s taller than I want to be because I really hate being taller than men I’m out with. It makes me feel un-feminine. But a nice heel does a lot to enhance the shapeliness of women’s legs.

Not easy to find elegant wedges – Solar Girl

I think platform goes for the thick front part where the fingers are, and the wedge is a full high heel. Wedge heel can be without the thick platform, just regular thin, and vise versa like platform sneakers. Not easy to find elegant wedges but they can come pretty close to elegant.

90’s vibe – Someone I know

I believe platform shoes are very fashionable right now because they have that 90’s vibe to them. And the 90’s is cool AF, am I right? I’ve already lived that decade once so I’m not dressing up in a Nirvana t-shirt (I mean, that was already a cliché back then), but platform sandals… Love them! They are so comfortable to wear.
platform sandals: black and white
If you wanna be extra cool, wear them with socks. At times it feels like the current trends aim to look as tacky as possible (mom jeans, bike shorts, side button sweat pants, those ridiculously small sunglasses…) but I kinda like socks with sandals if it’s done the right way. I got myself a pair of sandals very similar to these ones for the summer:
black platform sandals
These kinds of sandals might not be the very definition of elegance in their chunkiness, but it is possible to style them in a very cute and girly way too:
summer platform white sandals
Post in comments what do you think about platform shoes?

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