West Blvd Women’s Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats

Brand West Blvd keeps up with the times and offers modern and diverse footwear beginning from flat heels to sky-high stilettos. They will help you to keep in stride with the latest trends. And today we will review West Blvd Women’s Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats.
Ballet flats are shoes with a closed toe and flat sole (sometimes with a small heel), designed for everyday wearing. Due to the various design, softness, and comfort, the ballet shoes had become more popular than shoes with a high heel. This is simply neat, light and cozy footwear. Ballet shoes combine 2 important features: they are practical and feminine at the same time. You don’t need to feel pain and discomfort anymore in order to look elegant and stylish.
In addition, ballets work great with every kind of outfit, so every woman can choose a pair, which will fit her style.

West Blvd Women's Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats

Brand West Blvd
Name Women’s Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats
Material Synthetic upper / Synthetic sole
Color Multiple colors
Sizes Available from size 5 to size 11
Features Available in 3 different designs:Suede, Patent, and Polyurethane/0.25″(0.64cm) Heel Height

Simple and Stylish Design

West Blvd shoes have classic design of ballet flats. They have very simple construction without any decorative details like bows, rhinestones, ribbons, straps and so on. On the one hand, ballets may seem to be not very dressy, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t worry about these decorations to tear off. This pair is more practical and usable in wearing. But, nevertheless, you can’t call these shoes boring and not noticeable, as this model has a great color pallet. West Blvd offers classic and casual colors like white, brown, beige, tan, black, gray and blue. Also, ballets are available in bright colors like red, zebra, pink, purple, gold, silver, leopard and bronze. Footwear is presented in different materials as well; they are faux suede, patent leatherette, and polyurethane (marked as Pu).
These versatile ballet shoes can be paired with any clothing – dresses, pants, jeans, shorts and skirt, so they are simply irreplaceable during the warm season.

Fit and Sizing of Ballet Flats

Flats are available from size 5 to 11, including half sizes. To get a perfect fit you should know that the ballets marked as “pu” run large about a half size and “suede” and “patent” shoes appear to run small. In addition, they need a break-in period and will stretch well after just a couple hours of wearing.

Constituents of Comfort

  • Synthetic upper.
    The upper is made of the elastic and stretchy material that will conform to the shape of the foot. Unfortunately, the upper part has no lining with a perforated arch for better breathability.
  • Sole.
    The sole is flexible and strong enough and won’t crack during walking. And also it doesn’t limit the mobility of the foot. Ballet flats have decent traction to prevent slipping.
  • Insoles.
    The cushioning of these shoes is not satisfactory. The insoles don’t provide much arch support. So we will recommend using additional padding if you are going to be standing or walking a lot during the day.
  • Heel.
    Contrary to common belief, shoes with absolutely flat soles can’t be called the most comfortable. And these ballets have the small heels (0.25 inches / 0.64 cm) that will reduce the weight loaded on the spine.

About materials

Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of this model is its durability and poor quality of construction. The sole can start to tear off after some time of wearing. So, if you are looking for the pair that will last long, probably this isn’t the best one.


  • A great variety of colors
  • Different design of the model
  • Conform to the shape of the foot
  • Flexible soles
  • Bottom have a nice traction
  • Comfortable enough for a long wearing
  • Will combine with various outfits


  • Have no padding and arch support
  • Not durable construction
  • Materials are not of a very good quality

We recommend

This pair of shoes is very versatile and will be perfect footwear for hot summer days. If you want durable ballets, this pair is not the best choice. But all in all, if you are looking for some casual and comfortable shoes, they will work perfectly.

West Blvd Women’s Shoe Size Chart

West Blvd Women's Shoe Size Chart

West Blvd Women’s Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats


  • Classic model without heel at all, exactly what I like. We have an office dress code. It was a problem for me at first because I hate heeled shoes and feel pain wearing them. Such shoes became a good alternative. Now I have 5 pairs in different colors and won’t stop.

  • Like socks) Very lightweight and soft. I had worn Cole Haan before but they look little massive. These are more trim.

  • These ballerinas look beautiful but I cannot say something positive about feeling of comfort. The sole is very slim. Maybe it can be nice office footwear but not suitable to wear them outdoor.

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