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Wearing socks with sandals: fall fashion do or don’t even think about it?

Contrary to the common belief wearing socks and sandals is one of the hottest fashion items for the winter seasons. It is extremely hard to give a convincing explanation of sandal people frenzy. Moreover, when people hear two words, they think of an awkward and silly look usually found on the feet of grandfathers and tourists. But this often-feared combination can be very fashionable, and the two have been banished for very long. If you thought that the look was fashion’s major faux pas, then think again. Now is a good time of turning this awkward don’t into a fantastic fashion do.

Wearing Socks And Sandals

As early as last year, 2014, when the British Department store Debenhams polled about 1500 clients on what they viewed as the most egregious of all fashion offenses, socks and sandals ranked the first. It beat out shoes for scrunchies and men. But showing that fashion is normally wildly unpredictable, the look isn’t a fashion misstep. It’s a sudden trend embraced by world-class fashion industry. They pair their clogs, Birkenstocks and open-toed high heel sandals with the ankle-length socks.

Currently, the Row designers, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate, wore matching gold and black Birkenstock sandals with white socks while walking through the airport. Fashion editors together with street style celebrities have been pairing bejeweled and metallic Birkenstocks with scrunched leather socks, probably as a comfortable and fashion-forward way of transitioning footwear from spring to winter.

The aesthetic of this look is fun and different since dressing is just another canvas of expressing creativity. The look is a signal that the ripple that was caused by Céline’s 2013 “forestock” has plenty of momenta. Quirky footwear, which was never deemed trendy in the past might be here for good. You better keep on holding on to those scrunchies as you just never know.

Fashion isn’t meant to be just practical. Aesthetic value plays a big role in opinions on given looks. And if you are still not convinced, let me appeal to your practical side- the look is a smart thought for tricky transition weather. It’s also a painless way of breaking in new shoes (leave the Band-Aids at home, people). Their comfort and quickness also come in handy.

It looks good when the two are worn in contrasting colors, even though monochromatic socks with patterns can also look very nice. This particular look isn’t about being anti-fashion, but it’s about not giving a crap. So, are you sandals and socks convert? If so, shop for your favorite options. Welcome to the incredible dark side.