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A Thing Of The Day — Breathable Boots That Can Resist Any Liquid

These are perfect shoes for everyday wear. Shoes that easily resist water, dirt and even pouring rains.
We are used to different kinds of footgear. But there’re two main categories. ‘Open’ one which helps your feet «breath» and ‘closed’ one that protects feet from the environment. Usually, boots with a lightweight net on top (instead of some fabric or leather) can’t deal with a big amount of water and pass it through. That’s why even small puddles might become a problem for a person who wears such shoes. Meanwhile, footwear made of textiles can resist water but at the same time interfere with air circulation inside. So, any type of shoe seems to be a kind of compromise. But there’s something that can change this problem forever — VIA boots.
waterproof knit shoes
VIA shoes are 100% waterproof and breathable at the same time. They’re made of a unique three-layered membrane called VIA Nano-Tech which resists any sort of liquid. Even if you step in a puddle, the water won’t pass through the top and wet your feet. At least for about two hours. 
A shoe itself fits quite tight and protects the foot from any piece of rubbish. Also, there is a specific movable plate on the back near an ankle that you can place higher or lower depending on your personal preferences.
ocean plastic waterproof knit shoes
VIA boots are light, flexible and durable. Herewith they’re made of special synthetic material using recycled plastic rubbish from the surface of an ocean. Every pair of VIA shoes consists of about 30 grams of such a substance. So you not only buy great boots but helping to save the planet from ecological catastrophe.


  • Geox makes same kind of boots on an industrial scale. They’re a bit more expensive but selling in more styles for different weather seasons. I have two pairs of Geox. One for the summer and one for the autumn/winter. Also I have one more for tremendously cold winters but this year I never used it. Anyway, I am talking about living in megapolis.

  • What about sneakers with Gore-Tex membrane? They are cost as mush as VIA herewith there’re much more brands and designs with such a membrane available. It’s hard to find something better than gore-tex I believe.

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