Fake Vs Real Women's Sneakers

Walk’n’Dior Sneakers Real vs Fake

Today we will compare two pairs of shoes – sneakers Walk’n’Dior and their fake. Let’s see how they differ and how to recognize a fake.

Walk’n’Dior Sneakers

In the design of sneakers, haute couture traditions are organically combined with elements of sporty chic. This is the original model in light blue and white. And the fake is pretty good, let’s take a closer look.
Walk'n'Dior Sneakers Authentic

Embroidery on the Tongue of the Sneaker

In the original model, it is more voluminous and more rigid. The inscription “Paris” is also on the wrong side: in the fake it is on the right, and in the original it is on the left.
Embroidery on the Tongue
Walk'n'Dior fake Toungue


They even differ in color. In a fake, the metal is darker.
Walk'n'Dior Eyelets

Sole and Platform

The platform is made in a fake quite well, the sole is copied perfectly. The inscription “Made in Italy” is also very similar. The relief of the sole in the original model is thinner, and in the fake it is thicker. There is no more significant difference.

The threads near the platform are different. In the original model, they are matte and almost merge with the sole. In a fake, they are more shiny.
Paltform Sole Fake vs Real Dior

The Inside of the Shoe

In a fake, the back of the sneaker is made in a different color. It is different, and also very tough. In the original, it is soft and holds its shape.

Indise of the Shoe Dior


In the original model, the insole is made of foam. Feels like a thick sponge. In a fake, it looks more like rubber, and the insole also shines. The original model is more matte. The logo on the insole is very similar. But there is a slight difference in the letters, you have to look closely.
Insoles Dior Fake vs Real
If you look closely, the writing of the model code on the tongue of the sneaker is also different. The original letters are thicker. In the fake, the code is executed terribly.

label fake vs real Walk'n'Dior

The Final World

If you suddenly have to buy sneakers not in the original store, be careful. Pay attention to the materials, design, and details that most often betray a fake.

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