Vans Checkerboard Slip-er aka Slippers

You may not know who Karl Lagerfeld is, but we’re sure you’ve at least heard his name. Over the years, he has managed to collaborate with many fashion houses, such as: Chloe, Chanel and Fendi. Of course, it also has its own brand. Karl Lagerfeld also collaborated with the skate brand Vans, whose classic sneakers with a white stripe can now be seen at every step. The collection includes two pairs of slip-ons and one pair of Vans Checkerboard Slip-Er.
The first Vans were presented to the General public back in 1966. Since then, these improved in all technical aspects sneakers have become a real symbol of freedom in the United States. Each model is original in its own way, has a number of differences and advantages, as well as a huge army of fans around the world.
This Shoe is always comfortable and safe. Successful combinations of different materials make crosses multifunctional. For example, many models organically combine breathable textiles and genuine leather. Thanks to this, the sneakers are not cold on bad autumn and spring days, and not hot when the spring sun begins to warm up.

Vans Sneakers — main design features:

  • Immediately striking is the massive white sole with a raised structure in the toe area.
  • The brand’s business card is strong and neat flat — shaped laces.
  • The heel area is often decorated with a neat logo. Sometimes it is placed on a special label.

Many representatives of youth subcultures and the older generation want to buy Vans, because it is in the catalog of this manufacturer that it is always easy to find a suitable option from dozens of original colors and prints.
The first models of this series were released as slip-ons. They immediately stood out from the General mass of thickened soles, as well as an elegant canvas top. In the future, the combination of a powerful bottom and a lightweight top became the signature of the brand, which eventually gained popularity among buyers on all continents.

  • Very high-quality, wear-resistant upper made of durable textile, genuine leather or suede.
  • Solid sole made using Cuspole technology. It is characterized by high resistance to wear and good adhesion to any type of surface.
  • Winter models are insulated with thick fur, which is not afraid even of the Russian winter.
  • Pads in the back and fingers provide additional protection under shock loads.
  • The unique lacing system, known all over the world, securely fixes the foot and provides additional stability.

  • Carefully select the size

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