Top 5 Shimano Road Cycling Shoes for Women

The Japanese brand Shimano is well-known not only for its bikes, brake, wheel and pedal items for the road but also for the best high-quality cycling shoes. Creating the shoes for all riding styles, it offers cycling footwear even to the racers of Pro Tour and World Cup.
Having decided to purchase the cycling shoes of this brand, one should keep in mind that they do not intrinsically come with cleats, which are pedal specific. Though producing pedals, Shimano isn’t aware of the kind of the pedal a customer will be using, that’s why the purchaser should choose the exact style of the necessary cleat.
5 different models of the cycling road shoes are observed in the comparison table below, to provide specific information about the peculiarities of the concrete pair (grading from 1 to 10).

The Table of Shimano Cycling Shoes for Women

Model SH-RP2 Touring Road Cycling Shoes SH-WR35 Road Shoes SH-CW41 2015 Mountain Bike Shoes SHRP3W Road Performance Cycling Shoes

Shimano SH PR2 Thumb

Shimano SH-WR35 Thumb

Shimano Sh-cw41 Thumb

2015 Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano SHRP3W Shoe
Material Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic/Mesh Synthetic Faux Leather/Mesh
Sole Glass fiber reinforced nylon Rubber Rubber Glass reinforced polyamide Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Color 2 colors 1 color 1 color 1 color 2 color
Closure Hook-and-loop Hook-and-loop Lace Hook-and-loop, Ratchet strap Hook-and-loop, Ratchet strap
Material Quality 9 8 8 8 9
Color range 2 1 1 1 2
Size range 9 6 9 1 9
Comfort 8 9 9 8 9
Ventilation 9 7 10 8 10

Shimano SH-RP2 Touring Road Cycling Shoes for Women

Shimano SH-RP2 Women's Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes

These good-looking shoes are specially designed for beginning cyclists and are suitable both for indoor training and rides in the open air. Available in 2 classic colors (black and white), they provide a wide size range – from 36 to 44. The black model has a turquoise lining around the sides and light gray inside sole. The sole is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and provides adequate comfort during recreational tours. The upper from synthetic leather has certain benefits over the natural one: it is lighter, more enduring and stretch-resistant. Besides, these shoes provide continuous ventilation due to the integrated air system. Triple asymmetrical straps divide the tightening pressure steadily crosswise the foot. It is recommended to match these shoes with Shimano PD-R540, PD-540-LA, PD-R550 and PD-A520 pedals. They can be used only in combination with SPD cleats and the adapter SM-SH40.
As it has been mentioned above, the cleats aren’t included and have to be purchased separately.
It is very comfortable and applicable model for most spin bikes. However, it is not the right choice for women with narrow feet, as the toes of these shoes are somewhat tight.
It is also remarkable that the manufacturer doesn’t follow the standard European sizes. These shoes are more than a half size up. For example, normally a size 7,5 relates to a 38, but in Shimano it is a 40.

Women’s SH-WR35 Road Shoes by Shimano

Women's SH-WR35 Road Shoes by Shimano

The second pair of shoes under consideration is engineered for the urban and recreational cyclists. It is lightweight, has a recession and rubber outsole to make walking easier with the cleats. Fiberglass-reinforced midsole plate boosts pedaling productivity, and the upper is produced of several layers of synthetic leather. Providing a customized fit and the additional support, a versatile cup insole is compliant with different foot shapes. The model SH-WR35 can be purchased only in white color, but 6 different sizes are available: 36-40 and 42, not including a 41.
The manufacturer advises to combine it with PD-A600 and PD-A520 pedals by Shimano. These shoes are compatible only with Shimano SPD cleats; if a woman needs Look Delta compatible ones, she should look for a shoe with a 3-hole triangular pattern on the bottom.
It worth noting the walking convenience of these shoes – for instance, you can easily walk from the locker room to the spin room due to the recessed SPD cleat.
Despite all the advantages of this model, these shoes have glue marks.

The Model SH-CW41 by Shimano

The Model SH-CW41 by Shimano

These black women’s shoes will make a huge discrepancy in spin classes, town and weekend tours. They combine off-the-bike walkability with force transfer on the bike. The high level of ventilation is achieved due to the fair extent of mesh in the upper, which will keep feet dry in hot weather. A conventional lacing system offers walking comfort and equal tension.
A woman can choose her right size among 9 sizes – from 36 to 44.
It’s extremely easy to clip the cleats in and out. Though the shoes look a bit clunky, they are very comfortable even for women with extremely broad toe box. The bottom is hard and stiff as the usual spin shoes, they are not flexible, so the feet won’t hurt.
Even though these shoes are very sturdy, supportive and cool-looking, they run very wide. They won’t work for narrow feet.

Shimano 2015 Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes

2015 Mountain Bike Shoes

The next model of cycling shoes under the analysis is designed in classical black color and only one size – 5,5 B, which corresponds to the European 37. With a hook-and-loop type of closure, synthetic leather upper and ratchet strap element, these shoes help a woman pedal better and faster.
The shoes are extremely efficient, effective, and easily adjustable due to the ratchet strap. They provide fantastic support and work well for hour-long classes.
If you have to do something other then spin or bike, you will be able to walk around in these shoes, and the feet won’t hurt. But these mountain bike shoes aren’t intended for people with wide feet, as they are a tad narrow.

SHRP3W Road Performance Women’s Cycling Shoes

Shimano SHRP3W Shoe for Women

The last model by Shimano is designated both for the usage with a road bike and indoor cycling. It suggests a wide size range (from 36 to 44), but a poor color scope – only black and white. These shoes will be a great option for recreational and club cyclists looking for efficiency, stability and tension-free fit. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole provides a straightforward connection to the pedals, the synthetic leather upper arises power and cohesion. Flexible padded tongue contributes to comfort, and built-in air intake and exhaust system preserve feet fresh.
The producer recommends Shimano PD-A520, PD-R550, PD-R540 and PD-540-LA pedals with this model.
These shoes are snug without being tight, and they are perfect for narrow feet.
We advice to avoid walking through puddles in these shoes, as there are vents in the sole for good foot breathing.

Finding a Leader

Summing up, all the above-mentioned models by the brand Shimano are made of high-quality material, which places them on the approximately even level. They are of the same degree of comfort, though SH-WR35 Road Shoes, SH-CW41 and SHRP3W Road Performance Cycling Shoes got better marks. The best ventilation is provided by the models SH-CW41 and the last item under examination. But it is really difficult to define a leader among all these cycling shoes, as it depends on the concrete size and foot peculiarities of a woman. For normal feet, all the models will make a perfect match. For women with wide feet, the best choice will be the third model, and with narrow – model 1 and 4.

Shimano Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Shimano Women's Shoe Size Chart

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    Evelyn August 6, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    SHRP3W is my first pair of shoes for a bicycle. they are already several years old, but they look great and work their job magnificently. I give them 100 points.

  2. Reply
    Gloria Abrams August 17, 2017 at 8:35 am

    SH-RP2 fit rerfect for my narrow feet. Besides they well made and durable. Higly recommend!

  3. Reply
    Beatrice September 16, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    I ride my bike every day and SH-RP2 never failed me. Use them with PD-R550. True to size.

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