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Differences Between The Original Tommy Hilfiger Socks and the Fakes

Tommy Hilfiger is a world leader brand which is specialized on lifestyle clothes. The company is internationally recognized and guarantees the quality of its production and premium styling for consumers around the world. Every Tommy Hilfiger’sitem is like a masterpiece because the first is commodity and it really can’t be compared with goods of other brands.


tommy hilfiger socks original package
tommy hilfiger socks original box
socks original box
tommy hilfiger socks fake box
fake box

It will be no trouble distinguishing branded items from fakes because of their packaging. For example, the original pack of the socks is represented by a compacted box with some pairs. Moreover, this box is quiet bright and always has printed company label. On the other hand, the fakes are characterized with low cardboard densityof packing and with the faded color of the box.

Inside Photo

tommy hilfiger socks original inside material
tommy hilfiger socks fake inside material

The composition of Tommy Hilfiger branded socks consists on 75% cotton, 23% nylon and 2% elastane. Due to this fact, the socks aren’t full of lumps inside in distinction from fakes. So, the wearing qualities of the original socks are much greater than their copies.


Tommy Hilfiger Socks Box Sticker
Tommy Hilfiger Socks Sticker

The label on the original is not attached to the socks, but is glued to the box. The composition of the product is written on the label, as well as the batch code, thanks to which everyone can verify the authenticity. One of the most important fact is if the product is original, the color of the socks shouldcoincide with one which is written on the box.

General Overview

Original Tommy Hilfiger Unboxed Socks
Fake Tommy Hilfiger Socks Unboxed
All in all,it can be tricky to recognize whether a Tommy Hilfiger item is authentic, but it doesn’t have any difficulties to distinguish it from a fake, following some signs. The best ways to quickly identify if it’s a real Tommy Hilfiger is to examine the logo,the composition of socks, their package, because cheap-looking materials are signs that it’s a fake.So, there is only one choice and it is to buy original socks.

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