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Tips To Run Like A Pro

Running is not only about the speed. There are hundreds of other factors that influence and control your performance. If you are not a pro, most likely you don’t know about them. So here are few tips on running, which will help you run like an Olympic gold winner pro.

1. Improve gradually

Don’t be obsessed with the race performance only. Work and try harder to improve. Improve gradually, don’t rush. Instead of being outcome-oriented, be process oriented.

2. Make daily goals and follow

Prepare a routine or goal list for yourself. Don’t wander out from the routine. The routine can be about your practice, diet, sleeping habits, etc.

3. Running on the hills

Running on the hills have a number of advantages like hip mobility, dynamic power, etc. Professional runners and athletes go up to the mountain trails to increase their power and mobility.

4.Refuel after the race

Don’t just lay down on the ground. Refuel yourself and do some stretching. It’ll help you recover from the tiredness of the day.

5.Don’t ruminate or freak out

Don’t do the mistake of thinking yourself as an undertrained underdog. Let the confidence give you a boost on the ground.

6.Adjust the stride

Try different styles and posture. Put extra effort into practicing how to put your feet on the ground or how to pick up. Fix your stride.

7.Eat well

Try avoiding processed food and get into whole food, especially before the big race. Processed food will give you a lot of empty calories, sugar, and sodium where whole food gives you just the right amount of nutrition you need.

8.Don’t embrace or hate carbs

Even though runners and people who are willing to lose some weight think carbs are bad for them, in reality, runners will always need carbs to fuel them. But know the limit.

9.Avoid trial massage

It is a bad idea to try out different massages just before the race. You don’t know how your body will respond to it.

10.Layer up for practice sessions

If the weather is not what you’d want for your practice sessions, don’t stop. Layer up with moisture wicking jacked, gloves, cap, etc. and start running.

11.Work on sprints

It is said that 5% of a runner’s total weekly mileage should necessarily be taken up by the sprints. That’s why it’s wise to work on sprints every 30-45 minutes of training.

12.Keep a hydration pack with you

You never know when you need it. So always keep a fluid storage bottle, belt or pack. But do not drink too much water before the race. Otherwise, it may affect your performance.

13.Be patient

Patience is a virtue and no matter how frustrated you are, in a marathon or a sprint, never lose hope.

14.Take time for full recovery

This is a common mistake that runners do. They don’t want rest. They think not going for practice will affect their performance but in reality, not getting proper recovery time is what makes runners tired so soon in training.

15.Make a group and interact

When you are socially and emotionally invested in your training, it’s hard to miss them. That’s why I’d suggest you make a group of enthusiast runners like you.

16.Don’t rely on one partner

Often runners have partners who will accompany them in the training. But one can miss a session and it shouldn’t affect your schedule. Keep running with your other friends or running partner.

17.Walk to warm up

Apart from practice sessions, you should also try and stretch your limbs before the race. Don’t just sit there on a sofa and wait for the whistle.

18.Think about the success

Having a goal and a victory in mind helps to do even better on the field. So, never stop believing and thinking about the success.

19.Get the best of tech

Use the modern technology to make your practices more efficient and workout more suitable for your body. There are hundreds of app that’ll help you do that.

20.Take care of your shoes

Always check if your shoes have worn out or not. Never go on the field with compromised shoes. For instance, here are best running shoes for women.

21.Stay away from alcohol

If you are drunk, you can’t compete against sober professionals whose main goal is to win at any cost. They’ll leave you so far behind that your hangover will end as soon as someone touches the finish line.

22.Don’t run with injury

First of all, you’ll only end up falling and hurting yourself if you start running with an injury. Don’t stress too much, you always have other chances to race and prove yourself.

23.Go skiing

Both in running and skiing used hip muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and foot muscles. Thus, it can help increase muscle and joint flexibility, balance, and strength. It also stretches your muscle and helps your warm-up for the final showdown.

The Final Word

All of these tips might not work for you. But when you determined to be a pro runner, this post will be a great help for you. We tried our best to accumulate beneficial tips for you. Wish you happy running. Don’t forget to let us know if these tips work for you.

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