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Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm during Cold Winter Months


As we all know, winter is a pretty rough time for our body and mind. Bad weather, snow, ice, cold rains, low temperatures all this influence our health and well-being. To make yourself feel a little bit better you should try to maintain the proper temperature of your body. It will help you not only to feel comfortable but also will help you to avoid different illnesses. And in the first place, you should think about how to keep your feet warm. That’s why you must read this article where you find a bunch of useful tips. And it doesn’t matter if you stay most of the time in winter at home at a warm and cozy apartment or house or if you like to spend time outside. So, here are a few tips on how to protect your feet from cold temperature and how to keep them warm and healthy.

Proper Footwear

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Let’s start with the most important – your shoes. If you want to be properly protected from cold, snow, rain etc – first of all, you should find appropriate footwear. Winter boot is an essential part of your winter wardrobe, so forget about wearing sneakers, running shoes, heels and even off-season ankle boots during winter months. Proper winter boots should be made of a sturdy and durable material that will keep warmth inside. Don’t forget about thick soles with a good grip, they will come in handy on icy surfaces. Also, a warm and cozy lining is a great advantage. If the weather is damp, rubber boots work as well, if they feature thick sock. To protect your regular winter boots from the moist use special waterproof spray. Remember that dry feet are a key to your health and comfort in winter. Useful tip: When buying a new pair of boot pay attention to the size. Don’t buy shoes that fit like a glove, it is better to choose the boot one size bigger. There should be enough space for air circulation and thick socks.

Proper Socks

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Now it is time to talk about the socks. Nobody can live through winter without proper socks. The most important feature is material socks are made of. There are two the most common and popular option for winter socks – wool or cotton. A cotton sock is a great option. This material will keep feet warm and dry. These socks are very breathable, preventing feet from getting sweaty and wet. Cotton socks are also significantly thinner than woolen one, so they definitely fit any winter boot without troubles. Wool is not as great in our opinion as for the previous variant. Everybody knows that wool is the warmest material you can find but keep in mind that this material is not breathable at all and also wool gets wet very easily and can dry up for a length of the time. So, once your woolen sock gets wet in the boot your day is ruined. Also, this material is not durable. But if you still prefer wool over cotton, try to find a pair of synthetic mesh. And the last thing, you should choose a proper size of the socks. Avoid buying a too tight pair, because it will cut off the blood circulation and make your feet even colder.

Stretching Muscles


You should also think about your toes as they are the farthest limbs of your body and they are the first to get cold and numb due to ice temperature. That’s why it is important to move in order to keep the blood circulation. Before going outside stretch the muscles of your feet and legs. That will warm up and relax your body. When you are already outside trying to move your toes inside the boot. You may use special toe warmers as well but read the instruction carefully before using. Those people who have poor blood circulation, like smokers or diabetics, should be very careful because they are most likely to freeze their toes.


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During winter our skin can be damaged by cold temperatures and dry air. It is very important to keep your feet moisturized and healthy. We recommend you to get foot moisturizer or good foot cream. The air outside and air inside are very dry due to the heating; it may lead to skin cracking, which is painful and unpleasant. This easy procedure of moisturizing your feet with cream or other special item is very simple and it will save the health of your feet in the most critical moments.

Special Footbed

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Many people go without additional inserts in their winter footwear because boots always feature thick and warm lining inside. But we still recommend you getting footbeds if you care about keeping your feet warm and comfy. There are a lot of types of footbeds with different functions, and there are specific footbeds for warming the winter boots. They can also feature some orthopedic and supportive features, which are additional advantages. Also, footbeds may come in handy in case the size of your winter footwear is bigger than needed. But remember that eventually there should be enough space inside the boot for air circulation.


As we’ve discovered, warm feet are a key to comfortable and healthy life during rough winter months. We hope that all of these recommendations will be useful for you.

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