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Supra Sneakers: Fake vs Real

Did you find SUPRA at a low price on eBay or another online store? It sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, when they come to you after a long month of waiting, the only thing you will see is cheap material, crooked seams, a cardboard insole(!) and in addition to this “bouquet” your foot will hurt as if you walked barefoot 1000 km!


So, let’s start with the box. Forgers always use cheap cardboard. The original box should have a crown (the company’s logo) at the top of the inscription “SUPRA”. The label on the side of the box must contain a barcode in addition to information about the size and model name. All this is not on the fake. And the funny thing is, we all know that SUPRA SKYTOP is a Pro-model of Chad Muska’i, but the fake box insistently points out to us that this is a Pro-model of a certain Chad Musha’i.

Original Packaging Photos

Supra Package Example 1
Supra Original Package 2
Supra Original Package 3
Supra Package Example 4
Supra Original Package 5
Supra Original Package Example 6
What you need to pay attention to first:

  • the box must be neat and not made of cheap cardboard;
  • at the top of the inscription “SUPRA” should be a logo (crown);
  • a barcode must be present;
  • on the information sheet, the Shoe size should be in the upper-right corner.

The Appearance of Sneakers

In order to distinguish the original from the fake in appearance, it is enough to pay attention to the materials from which the sneakers are made. Real Supra must be made of suede, leather, or a unique TUF (rubberized suede) material, not cheap synthetics. The seams should be smooth and neat. The toe of the Shoe should not look like it was stuffed with newspaper. The color scheme of the model and its shape is more difficult, since manufacturers of fakes copy them very well.

Supra Keds Example 1
Supra Keds Example 2
If you are going to order sneakers over the Internet, pay attention to the fact that the photos of shoes are not blurred, otherwise it will be difficult to determine whether it is a fake or the original. Check also – Original Vs Fake Adidas.


Previously, a fake could be distinguished by thick laces, but now by their color. To understand what you are holding in your hands – the original or fake, you need to check the colors of the laces of officially released models. In addition, the laces must be regular, but of good quality or covered with wax, and the holes for the laces must be the same size:

Barcodes Example

Supra Barcode Example
Supra Barcode Example 1
Supra Barcode Example 3


Finally, pull out the insoles. You will see just stenciled cardboard boxes, instead of the original SUPRA insole, made from a special foam “Supra Foam”, and with a “pillow” under the heel. I think your feet will tell you what you are wearing fake or original. The original Supra insoles are made of a special “Supra Foam” foam, and a special “pad” is placed under the heel. Fake sneakers most often have their insoles cut out to look like a stencil made of cheap cardboard.


Supra Sole Example 1
Supra Sole Example 2
Forgers can’t afford a real vulcanized sole. The icon on the sole of a fake is usually in a rectangular frame, but should be the same as the sole. The stripes on the sole should be straight and not crooked drawn by hand.


Original models, especially those that are produced in a limited edition, can not be cheap. At the same time, the seller is unlikely to be able to offer a full size range of such sneakers.

Final Word

In conclusion, I would like to advise you to buy shoes only in trusted places. Evaluate the seller’s company, specify prices for certain models, and remember, colors can always be tracked on the Internet on the official SUPRA sites. When you buy an original, you pay not for the brand, but first of all for comfort and quality. Happy shopping!

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