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Toddlers Snow Boots For Minus 25°C and Down

Children may not be the majority of the population but they are definitely the “all” of our future. And we want our future generation to be as comfy as they can be at their tender age before taking the burden of the world on their own shoulders.Parents always want the best for their toddlers so that their childhood can be memorable to them and for their kids. They groom their kids with comfortable and cute pants, shits, dresses, however, the shoe part is really tricky.

Kamik Snowbug4 – Best All-Around Snow Boots

Kamik Snowbug4 Booties
If you are looking for an all-rounder snow boot for your toddlers, I’d suggest taking the Kamik Snowbug4. First of all, they are lightweight like a feather, which a toddler’s snow boot should be. Secondly, they are easy to put on or off. And lastly, they keep your kid’s feet dry, fresh and warm midst the snowy winter. What else could you possibly ask for?  Temp Rate -40°C/-40°F 

Stonz Booties – Snow Boots Suitable for New Walkers

Stonz Booties Toddler
No matter what your child is used to, you can put the Stonz Booties on them becausethey wild and cold resistant, which works best for toddlers, especially the ones who are just starting to walk. Even if this is the first pair of shoes your child is wearing, they will feel just the right amount of comfort with this pair.  Temp rate -30°C/-22°F 

NordmanLumi Toddler Snow Boots

NordmanLumi Toddler Snow Boots
Are you worried about your kids’ feet being overheated? This pair might help you get off the tension from the mind as they offer natural sheepskin lining for just the right amount of warmth, not anymore. These pairs are rated for down to 22F, which is just what many people would want for their kids. Also, they come in side-closure design to keep putting on and off the shoes easily.  Temp rate -30°C/-22°F 

Sorel Kids Boot – Allows a Conforming Fit

Sorel Boots Kids
No matter how much your kid likes to play, these shoes won’t leave his/her feet uncovered in the snow ever. However, the best thing about them is the fact that they’re waterproof and cold or windproof for toddlers. Temp Rate -40°C/-40F 

Khombu Magic Moon Boot – Side Closing

Khombu Magic Moon Boot
If your toddler have a wide or thick feet, this pair of snow boots will fit just fine. Besides, they come in as small as 5T. Due to its side closing feature, these boots also allow easy and hassle-free on and off for your “wannabe independent” kids.  Temp Rate-28°C/-20°F 

A few tips on making winter play sessions more comfortable for your toddlers

  • Ensure that your kid has a pair of nice and warm socks that would go with his snow boots. Besides, skipping the socks can also lead to rashes, bruises, and discomfort. So never let them wear their snow boots without a pair of socks.
  • Before you fasten the Velcro strap or the laces, you better let your kid stand on his/her own so that he/she could get into the shoes properly.
  • Teach your toddlers to put on or off the boots. Show him how it’s done. After a few days, you let him do one and slowly he will learn to tie-up both on his/her own. Also, tell them to start pulling off their shoes when they come from outside.

Our first choice is an all-round boot which is lightweight as well as easy to put on/off. To allow your adoring child stand steadily and avoid falling off, we selected stay- on snow boots. You also get shoes for new walker and side closing boots. If you want your toddler can put on/off independently, boots for independence if great option.

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