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SKORA Women’s Phase Running Shoes Review

Colorful Running Sneakers

SKORA Women's Phase Running Shoe

Material Manmade fibre, Rubber sole
Color Fluorescent Pink/Fluorescent Yellow/Cyan; Light Blue/Pink/White
Orign China

The SKORA Women’s Running Shoes are among in the best for those who just want to wear them for running purposes. The shoes are cushioned, light in weight and well rounded to give athletes a natural motion as they take those long strides. When the Skora Company was designing these trainers, they wanted to balance between minimalist shoes and one that offers runners just the right amount of cushioning. Their models combine style, performance, and comfort to give women runners the best natural motion that their bodies need. They basically become an extension of the runner’s feet by offering seamless foot contouring, comfort, and perfect fit.

Skora Shoe Features

Asymmetrical Lacing

The sneakers’ laces are positioned in such a way that they offer the best support. They do not pressure, the tendons, connective tissue, and veins of the runner’s feet. They are designed that way to match the web nature of the foot’s tissues, ligaments, and veins.

Zero Drop Shoes

This model does not have a raised heel or steep slope. Their level profile is there to give the runner the best feet support under all conditions. They allow for a fall that ranges from 0-4 mm from heel to ground. Studies show that a higher heel cause greater rotation pronation and therefore the best way to protect the foot from injuries is by using a low profile in running shoes.

Spacious Toe Box

The sneakers have a spacious toe box. That space enables your feet to have some breathing space and natural movement as you make each step. Most trainers have a toe box that is curved inwards. That designs a lot of pressure the toes, and it is not the best design for running shoes.

Flexible Sole Wrapper

The sole wrappers give you a protective but natural feel. You will feel as if you are not wearing shoes. That stimulates the runner’s body to work harder as they run on the track or trail. However, the flexible sole wrapper is strong enough and protects the sole of the feet from sharp objects.

Breathable uppers

The uppers of this shoes offer maximum breathability. Whether is hot or not, this model keeps the feet properly aerated to give the runner maximum comfort through their running experience.


  • The sneakers are light and durable.
  • They offer maximum comfort in humid, hot, or wet conditions.
  • The natural flexible foot wrapping offers maximum comfort and protection to the sole of the runner’s feet.
  • This model is available in Fluorescent yellow/Pink/Cyan or Light blue/White/Pink.
  • They have a spacious toe box for extra comfort.


  • The trainers are not designed for other purposes other than as running shoes.
  • There are only two color themes.

For whom these shoes?

Overall, these sneakers are perfect for women runners who like to run while getting maximum protection for their feet. It is best variant for hot and humid conditions where breathability is needed. They are light weight means they will not weigh down the runner with unnecessary weight. We hope this review has been informative and will help anyone who wants to understand key features of these women’s running shoes.

SKORA Size Chart

US Size Centimeters Inches
5.0 21.5 8.3
5.5 22.0 8.7
6.0 22.5 8.7
6.5 23.0 9.0
7.0 23.5 9.0
7.5 24.0 9.4
8.0 24.5 9.4
8.5 25.0 9.8
9.0 25.5 9.8
9.5 26.0 10.2
10.0 26.5 10.2
10.5 27.0 10.6
11.0 27.5 10.6

SKORA Women’s Phase Running Shoe Video

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SKORA Review by POPSUGAR Fitness

SKORA Women’s Phase Running Shoes


  • My best running shoes. They have simple lightweight construction. I don’t feel them on my feet. A great feature is the mesh. It lets to breathe my feet. Front part protects toes when I run.

  • I don’t use them for running. I just walk. Very comfortable and light. Bought shoes because thier design. But I found them high-quality.

  • your feet have absolutely no support, there for you can cause many problems in your feet, they are terrible for feet, i suggest asics

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