Shoe Stores – Top 6 Winter Boots for Women

Just imagine that there is such a city, where you can see a lot of fashionable shoes, boots, sneakers, heels, flats for any occasion. Sounds like a dreamland for each woman, doesn’t it? You will be glad to find out that really exists! A great choice of footwear at affordable prices is what Shoecity provides you with. Here you are offered to have a look at the top of winter boots for women.

Sorel Women Tivoli II Boots

Sorel Women Tivoli II Boot
Sorel boots are perfect for cold winters and any unfavorable weather conditions thanks to its top-notch quality. You can feel from worries wearing this pair of boots in any weather conditions, regardless the fact that the upper material is suede. There is a waterproof breathable membrane construction thanks to which your boots will never let you down due to the 100g insulation.
This model isn’t only comfortable and water resistant but also very fashionable and versatile. It will look great with sportswear as well as jeans style or even some casual knitted dress. Silky faux fur lining seen from the top of Sorel boots looks really nice. Ridged rubber sole and removable EVA footbed together with microfleece top cover make this pair of boots a must-have model for the winter season.

Sorel Women Joan of Arctic Boots

Sorel Women Joan of Arctic Boot
In severe long winters, it is difficult to do without warm, reliable boots that will not only warm your feet and protect you from colds but will also resist dampness, slush, and reagents on the roads. All these qualities are at the true value of the Sorel Arctic Boots. The important advantage of Sorel’s boots is their tremendous ability to maintain constant warmth for the feet, this is due to the fact that the insole in such boots has three layers, each of which plays its role.
Rubber bottom, insulated intermediate sole, waterproof top made of high-quality nubuck with sealed seams and removable warm interior protects legs reliably from cold and damp. Even in the harshest frosts – boots are ready to protect you even when it is -32 C! Rubber galoshes allow not only boldly to step into puddles of melted snow, but also to overcome shallow non-freezing rivers and streams in winter.
Special materials from which these insoles are made allow the feet to feel comfortable at any sub-zero temperature outside. Sorel boots have original design, which has its long history. The design of boots with leather top and bottom of waterproof rubber was developed in 1912 by the hunter from Maine – Leon Leonhoud Bean, who later became the founder of the well-known L.L. Bean.
Sorel Winter Joan Artic Boots allow you to wear large pants and jeans or trousers with a narrow cut that can be tucked inside – the volume and lacing of the boot allow it to be done. Women’s insulated city boots Sorel Joan of Arctic is a perfect choice for women who give preference to casual style and comfort.

Pajar Women Alice Native Snow Boots

Pajar Women Alice Native Snow Boot
Pajar Brand is well-known for producing comfortable footwear without sacrificing style. Pajar Alice Native Snow Boots is a combination of style inspired by a rich Canada heritage and innovative ways of quality footwear. Snow boots of this brand are made of superior quality leather and other materials, which meet all necessary standards.
Alice Native Snow Boots will never be out of fashion as they are part of the shorts collection of the famous American brand. Medium shoe width makes this model versatile and suitable for any jeans or trousers. However, this model can be combined with the dresses as well. They look really feminine, despite the fact that they are so practical. A great choice for the winter cold up to -30 C. Why to sacrifice style if in winter you can look also fashionable wearing super warm Pajar Women Alice Boots made of tumbled leather and flannel wool.

Lugz Women Tambora Peacoat Boots

Lugz Women Tambora Peacoat Boot
These awesome boots are perfect even if you bury in deep snow. They aren’t afraid of any weather conditions. They are comfortable and able to keep warm perfectly. According to the positive comments of women who are lucky to have these boots in their wardrobe, this model looks great and fits well. The secret of the popularity of Lugz brand is very simple: Lugz was and remains the most affordable brand of fashion footwear in its segment providing perfect quality.
Only high-quality materials are used for all Lugz Women boots and Tambora Peacoat boots model isn’t an exception. It has a solid rubber sole, faux-fur lining, which looks not worse than the real fur. You can notice the convertible fold-down collar and cushioned footbed, which makes this model really a good choice for those women who want to look stylish even when outside it is -30 C and deep snow.

Bearpaw Women Waterproof And Lightweight Snow Winter Boots

Bearpaw Women Waterproof And Lightweight Snow Winter Boot
Due to the quality and availability of the products, Bearpaw has become one of the three fastest growing companies in the production of casual shoes and successfully outperforming its competitors, has moved beyond the American market, where it has acquired many new fans. Women Bearpaw Bethany Winter Boots look feminine and gracious. These winter boots are both fashionable and functional. The Bethany winter boots model has been made of the top-notch quality materials: upper is made of a combination of polyurethane and nylon while the footbed has a sheepskin, wool blend lining, and rubber outsole. The natural sheepskin has an excellent thermoregulation and absorbs moisture perfectly, which makes this natural material ideal for producing comfortable boots. It is the durable waterproof footwear for the really cold winter season. Even those who don’t like winter much will be impatient waiting to wear this Bearpaw lightweight snow winter boots. They fit great and are warm even without thick socks.

Clarks Women Whistle Whey Wide Boots

Clarks Women Whistle Whey Wide Boot
What associations do you have when hearing the name of brand Clarks? This magnificent English style cannot be confused with any other one. Invariably elegant smooth shapes, simplicity and chic without deliberate glamor. Everything is in moderation, all exactly as it should be in the design of elegant modern footwear. Clarks is committed to the tendency of producing high-quality shoes and boots, which look very elegant and stylish. Clarks is not new to the shoemaking business. It has almost two centuries of history. This is one of the benefits you get when giving preference to models of this brand.
Undoubtedly, it is the design performance of Clarks Women Whistle Whey Wide Boots that first attract the buyer’s attention. And if you belong to fans of the English style in clothes and shoes, Clarks boots will surely please you with the British restraint and elegance of forms. Zipper details made this tall winter boot look perfect and versatile as you can wear either jeans or dress and complete your look with Clarks boots. The upper is made of high-quality leather. Padded insole and textured outsole make this model very comfortable. If you want to get not just boots but winter boots with history, then Clarks Whistle Whey Wide Boots will become your favorite pair of winter footwear. Read more about Clarks Suede Ankle Boots


Choosing the right winter boots, one should always remember that it must not only look cute but perform its main function- protect you from any weather conditions. offers a lot of both stylish and functional footwear of the most famous brands in history.

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