Seven differences between the original Crocs footwear and the fakes

The Crocs footwear has many analogs, but no alternatives, according to those who has tried to wear both Crocs and the similar footwear. Why? The answer is simple – Crocs are made of the unique material called Croslite.

So how exactly do you distinguish the original Crocs from their imitations?

Not counting the difference in price (the original Crocs are usually much more expensive), there can be found seven main differences between the real Crocs and the fakes.

green shoe

Where are the original Crocs produced?

Originally the Crocs footwear was produced in Canada. However, thanks to their popularity and high demand, the company eventually created a network of factories, so nowadays the Crocs are produced in six different countries: Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Bosnia, Vietnam, and China. Each pair’s country of origin is mentioned on the sole as well as on the label.

made in Vietnam

Therefore, the original Crocs can be produced in any of the six aforementioned countries. So you shouldn’t be afraid of the “Made in China” labels since China is one of these six. As many people noticed, the Chinese and Vietnamese Crocs, in fact, have better quality than the Mexican ones.

There are seven main signs of the original Crocs footwear:

  1. The original Crocs always have a shiny and accurate-looking logo button on their surface. The fakes usually have a sticker placed on a shoe
    red shoe
  2. The original Crocs are supplied and sold together with a branded hanger featuring the company logo.feature of the company
  3. The real Crocs always have several labels containing all the necessary information about their size, material, model name, etc.a few brand labels
  4. The original shoes’ sole feature another Crocs logo in the middle of it, alongside with the information concerning their size, manufacturer and the web link leading to the official site of the trademark ( website
  5. Opposite to the site’s address, the words “boulder, colorado” (always with a comma and never with a full stop) should be present on the sole.lettering with comma
  6. The real Crocs are sold inside not a cardboard package, but a branded bag – either a transparent plastic one or a white paper package
  7. The last but not the least, the material. Thanks to Croslite, the feet wearing Crocs never perspire or chafe. The Crocs eventually take the shape of your feet, so you’ll forget that you are wearing any shoes at all.

Well, that was probably everything you needed to know to distinguish the original Crocs footwear from the fakes.

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