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Seven Differences Between the Original Crocs Footwear and the Fakes

The Crocs footwear has many analogs, but no alternatives, according to those who have tried to wear both Crocs and the similar footwear. Why? The answer is simple – Crocs are made of the unique material called Croslite.

So how exactly do you distinguish the original Crocs from their imitations?

Not counting the difference in price (the original Crocs are usually much more expensive), there can be found seven main differences between the real Crocs and the fakes.

green shoe Crocs

Where are the original Crocs produced?

Originally the Crocs footwear was produced in Canada. However, thanks to their popularity and high demand, the company eventually created a network of factories, so nowadays the Crocs are produced in six different countries: Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Bosnia, Vietnam, and China. Each pair’s country of origin is mentioned on the sole as well as on the label.

made in Vietnam

Therefore, the original Crocs can be produced in any of the six aforementioned countries. So you shouldn’t be afraid of the “Made in China” labels since China is one of these six. As many people noticed, the Chinese and Vietnamese Crocs, in fact, have better quality than the Mexican ones.

There are 7 main signs of the original Crocs footwear:

  1. The original Crocs always have a shiny and accurate-looking logo button on their surface. The fakes usually have a sticker placed on a shoe
    red shoe
  2. The original Crocs are supplied and sold together with a branded hanger featuring the company logo.feature of the company
  3. The real Crocs always have several labels containing all the necessary information about their size, material, model name, etc.a few brand labels
  4. The original shoes’ sole feature another Crocs logo in the middle of it, alongside with the information concerning their size, manufacturer and the web link leading to the official site of the trademark ( website
  5. Opposite to the site’s address, the words “boulder, colorado” always with a comma and never with a full stop) should be present on the sole.lettering with comma
  6. The real Crocs are sold inside not a cardboard package, but a branded bag – either a transparent plastic one or a white paper package
  7. The last but not the least, the material. Thanks to Croslite, the feet wearing Crocs never perspire or chafe. The Crocs eventually take the shape of your feet, so you’ll forget that you are wearing any shoes at all.

Here are a few photos of the fake Crocs.
Low quality:
crocs fake material

“boulder, colorado” label is absent”
fake crocs 'boulder, colorado' absent

Well, that was probably everything you needed to know to distinguish the original Crocs footwear from the fakes.


  • First, I bought some cheaper fake because I thought that there is no difference between them and really regretted that I wanted to save money. Later, I decided to get Crocs, the original ones, and felt that they had a significant difference. First of all, this is the material. My legs don’t perspire at all and they are so light that I don’t feel them on my legs.

  • My original Crocs look great and provide me with the great comfort. I think that this purchase is worth its money. Fakes look completely different. You pay less but get the low-quality shoes, which can’t be worn on the regular basis when it is hot outside because of sweating.

  • Crocs are the best shoes ever that have been designed. They are so light-weight that sometimes it seems that I forgot to wear shoes at all. I think that Crocs are so comfortable for everyday walking that you can walk for several hours and your legs won’t be tired. They are just cool!

  • I am not sure all Real. Crocks are made of the same material. I bought mine at Big 5 a Crocks distributor for around $30 – it had all the real crock indicators. I really loved them !! However going to the beach, leaving them in the sun all day and they had shrunk probably at least a size, I could no longer wear them. I emailed the web site & did not get a decemt answer. The internet is full of complaints like mine. I had suggested they add the words, these shoes are not preshrunk, so buy a larger size (similar to what used fo be on blue jeans LOL). Have not see fake crocks shrink like that. I will never buy another “real” pair.

  • I bought a crocs online..and i thought its a legit crocs..then i read this article and it tells me that i bought a fake crocs online shame..

  • I have fake crocs and they are just as comfortable and nice as the “real ones” and not everyone can afford the real ones so just back off there is nothing wrong with cheaper versions and don’t make fun of anyone who doesn’t have the real ones you don’t know where they are coming from in their past and sometimes it can hurt them for making them look bad because the don’t have the real one

    • Hello Krissy, your reply is really helpful to me as I am trying to decide between fake and real Crocs. I only care about their comfort and whether they will wear out quickly. If anyone makes fun of you for not buying an expensive “brand”, they are pitiful materialist fools. I suppose I should say that such people may have real problems of low self-esteem and identity, but even that doesn’t excuse mocking others.

      Having said all that, I didn’t get the impression this article was about saying real Crocs are better than false, just explaining how to tell the difference. I guess buying fake Crocs at full price would be really annoying.

    • Shut up. Save up your allowance or ask for a pair from Santa Claus. Don’t make others feel bad because YOU’RE less fortunate

    • There is nothing to shame at all i am wearing fake crocs also i feel nice also, my money and my decision to decide what i want to wear soo who cares.. Nobody wants to scanning ur footwear rite lol

  • I bought some crocs off eBay and they are the Yukon Mesa and they aren’t fakes they were sold by crocs.. Came in a clear bag.. Have all the originals markings.. They are decent foot ware and being sold cheap on eBay and Amazon worth buying in my opinion…

  • I am wondering where I can purchase crocs made in Italy. They fit the best and I believe are the most comfortable but I’m having a hard time finding them. Most I see are made in China or Mexico and they fit smaller then the Italy ones

  • I buy my crocs from thier official website and not all styles have the boulder,Colorado on them.Is thier official site selling fakes.? I have bought fakes and they cause discomfort.All pair from the official site I can walk in all day without any problems

    • I have also brought crocs from website official distributors of crocs in india, Dorset NY have boulder,Colorado on it

  • I bought a replacement pair of crocks sprring of 2019 at suppershoes for the ones I lost. I noticed the material looked different. The sales clerk said they are still made of the same material. Luckily I found my old pair . In the summer my new crocks started to feel tighter and tighter. I compared the new to the old and couln’t believe they looked smaller. I could no longer wear them so I have been wearing my old ones. I have had the new ones inside hopping to take them back. I finnally got up the courage to take them in to ask about this only to find them covid closed. I just started to google and found others are experiencing the same problem. I just got of the phone with a crocks representitive who said they changed the material so they could make a greater variety of shoes. I said I don’t think its right to sell a product that used to be stellar only to have people deal with this shoe shrinkage. This company is irresponsible. My old crocks were worn every day all day out in the garden for over ten years. Fabulous shoes. Am so sad I’ll never have a new pair just like my old ones. I was offered a 50 % discount for another pair . WOW !!!! yes ! I want to spend 60.00 for a pair I cannot wear after a few months that I have to boil and risk burning my feet.

  • Crocs are a croc of shit. What a crappy-ass company. They sold out quality and decency – why? Money. And then they do their best to confuse and hide the fact that all of their product is now made in low quality sweatshops. They hide the fact that they change their materials – for the benefit of better footwear? Obviously not. For the exclusive benefit of their monthly profits, and at the expense of quality & durability. Increasing profits, shrinking Crocs. Most sad of all, people continue to eat up the crap, pardon me, “Crocs”, they serve. Congrats to Crocs for being sell-out shills. So cheap and shoddy.

  • silly question: So crocs can say made in any of the six different countries listed above? I recently ordered some for myself and my daughter and one pair says China and the other says Vietnam.

  • Anyone know if or why a croc would have one button with a star on it and the other button is a croc and the matching shoe has two croc buttons as well?

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