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Real vs Fake New Balance Sneakers

Sneakers of the American brand New Balance are comfortable to wear, high wear resistance and excellent cushioning. These qualities have made comfortable shoes very popular with people of all ages. The constantly updated design is especially popular with young people, and the presence of quite budget versions allows almost everyone to get fashionable, durable and wearable shoes. Of course, mass demand has led to a flood of counterfeit goods – the makers do not miss their profit. For those who buy shoes by hand or via the Internet, the question arises of authenticating New Balance sneakers – how to distinguish the original from the fake? There are quite a lot of signs of determining authenticity for this brand.
new balance 574 original

New Balance Appearance

When it is possible to compare the proposed purchase with the original pair, the question of how to distinguish “new Balance” from a fake is solved easier. But this situation is difficult to imagine, so there are two ways to compare the original with a fake: find an image of the selected model, its version and color on the manufacturer’s website. If the sample is not available, there are several exact replicas:

  • the line on the original is smooth, very clear and double or even triple on all the details of the top – manufacturers of fakes occasionally duplicate one line;
  • unevenly colored plastic overlays and heel counter – the signal of counterfeit goods;
  • the manufacturer uses high–quality materials: suede, leather, breathable mesh textiles-they are all smooth, pleasant to the touch and have an even color;
  • the laces of the original are dense, with a textured surface – they do not slip in the grommets;
  • real sneakers of the brand retain their shape well: when cross-compressed, a deep crease in the area of the backdrop is not formed, it remains rounded.

Photos of Original New Balance

Insole and Under it

Each insole of the brand’s original sneakers has a logo, and only the size is put on fakes, saving on an exact fake of a high-quality stamp. If the replica is of higher quality, the logo can be found – but its shape, proportions, and dimensions will not match the official one. This insole is dense and flexible, with high-quality figured perforation, clearly visible to the light. In addition, it is not flat – the protrusions on it take into account the anatomy of the foot. The fake insole is thin and hard. Inside the sneaker is a fabric that is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Details under the insole are well and smoothly stitched. The counterfeit lines are sloppy, crooked, with protruding threads. Comparing the processing of sneakers inside is a simple answer to the question: how to distinguish new balance from a fake.


A thorough study of the sole is very important: comfort, durability, and protection of ligaments and joints under stress depend on the technologies laid down by the manufacturer. On a layer of strong, high-quality rubber, deep tread protrusions are made at the bottom, which prevent sliding on wet and smooth surfaces. Fake makers usually repeat the sole pattern quite accurately, but the official NB logo on the flat part under the heel is extremely rare on replicas. If it is still placed, it is not clear enough and does not accurately convey the outline.
And a small detail near the logo gives a good answer: how to distinguish the original new balance from a fake – the absence of the R trademark registration mark in a small circle.
When examining the sole above, you can see and determine by touch the border between the shock-absorbing layers. It is not always highlighted in color, but it is noticeable. If one of the layers is colored, then there should be no streaks or irregularities on it.
The lower shock-absorbing layer is made of elastic EVA polymer. It is soft enough that it is felt when bending. The sole of the fake is made of cheap hard materials, and its rigidity can be easily checked by slightly bending the sneaker.
Another answer to the question: how to distinguish fake new balance sneakers is given by studying the upper layer of the sole, which has a raised marking on the side of the manufacturing technology. For the 998 model, this is ABZORB, and the 577 and 574 are marked with the ENCAP designation – the name of a special cushioning insert under the heel. The latter appeared in 1988 and has been designated since the same time.

New Balance Sole Photos

Logos and Markings

The manufacturer has taken care of a large number of brand names to protect against counterfeit:

  • each sneaker has a leather N symbol attached to the side on both sides – the geometry of the letter is clear and precise, and the threads are absolutely the same color as the material;
  • the backdrop also has a clearly applied logo contrasting to the main shade of the tone;
  • another brand name designation is on the outside of the tab above the model name.

Counterfeit goods usually make mistakes in the logo designations: there may be form distortions or errors.
On the inside of the tab there is a neat label, which must have the name of the model. This section also contains other information:

  • size in American, English, European systems, sometimes even in Japanese;
  • at the top left is the letter width designation;
  • in the third line there is a barcode that must match the one indicated on the label of the packaging box;
  • the fifth line contains the product number, it is unique – the right and left sneakers have different numbers;
  • the date of manufacture must be present;
  • the bottom line indicates the country of manufacture-it can be China or Vietnam. The company places a significant part of its production – up to 80% – in Asian countries, while the quality does not differ from American and English products.

The tongue itself is soft and pleasant to the touch, wide and thick enough to protect the foot from moisture and blowing on the lacing side.

New Balance Tongue and Back Label Photos

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