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Is the price of expensive shoes justified?

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Sometimes when you visit a shop and see price tags on footwear you can be shocked. How can a regular pair of shoes cost so much money? There are a few reasons for this. So, let’s find out when you should overpay for the new pair of shoes and when it is just a waste of money.

Brand name

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In most cases, when you buy expensive shoes from well-known and popular brands, the biggest part of this sum you’re spending on the famous “name”. You feel yourself absolutely different if you are wearing a pair of pumps from Louis Vuitton, rather than you are wearing shoes from, for example, Zara – a mass-market brand. And all designers know about that and want to gain some money. Of course, very often footwear from famous brands are made of quality materials, but if you are choosing between a similar pair of shoes of a good quality, give preference to the less popular brand or designer. You may interested to read our article about on how to spot fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag.


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The next reason why expensive footwear costs a lot of money – is expended on its production, which directly influences on its quality. Durable materials of a high quality, which are used for making shoes, are a very important factor. Thus, you can be sure that you won’t throw out a new pair of shoes in a few months when it will wear out. That’s why we can say that expensive but quality footwear is not a waste of money, but a profitable investment. Also, shoes that are made of high-quality materials are always much more comfortable, provide better support and keep your feet healthy as well as your mood happy, than their cheaper analog. Because it is hard to stay in the good mood when poorly-made shoes rubbed your feet and inexpensive and not breathable materials made your feet sweaty. So, quality is a factor that is not worth saving money on.

Newest technologies

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Hardly can you find a pair of cheap shoes that were made with the applying of the latest and newest technologies. A lot of brands that make footwear like running shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, hiking boots and sandals for professional sportsmen or brand, which is specializing in comfortable footwear for people who spend a lot of time on their feet at work, use real science technologies in their products. In these companies, they have real engineers, technologists, and other specialists, who are trying to make footwear practical, comfortable and functional as much as possible.
These newest technologies allow making shoes more lightweight, breathable, protective and supportive.

Other factors

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Also, we want to mention other factors that influence on the final cost of any footwear.

  • Labor. The company pays salaries to their workers who make shoes, who design shoes, who sell shoes and so on. As you may know, a lot of brands that produce expensive footwear are trying to save money on that and the average salary of their workers as well as working conditions are really unsatisfactory.
  • Transportation. It may come as a surprise but all footwear you can find on the store’s shelves, online shops and even fashion podiums are made in countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam and so on. No, no one in the Paris, Italy, USA, Great Britain won’t make shoes for such small salary that these companies are paying to their workers. So, some money is paid for transportation from these countries.
  • Advertising. Sometimes designers invite celebrities to advertise their product.
  • Packaging. Of course, package is also included in shoe price.
  • Taxes, tariffs, duties, etc.


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Good and quality footwear that will serve you for a long time can’t be cheap. That’s why in some cases high prices on the shoes are justified for many reasons. But you certainly should not overpay for famous brand names.

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