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Nike Women’s Air Max Thea White

Nowadays brand Nike presents the hugest array of the trainers designed with the different constructions and technologies. It would be nice to tell about one of the innovative models, Nike Air Max Thea Women’s White in more detail.

Nike Women's Air Max Thea White

What is the white Nike Air Max Thea?

Brand Nike
Model Nike Women’s Air Max Thea White Shoe
Material Textile, Leather, Rubber sole
Dimensions 11.7 inch x 7.4 inch x 4.1 inch (29.7 cm х 18.8 cm х 10.4 cm)
Country Asian countries(Vietnam)
Style Running, Cross Training
S/N 599409103
Color White and Black
Air Max Thea is unique, strong and surprisingly light running trainers. This model incorporates all the technological insertions integrated by the company Nike, that is why present trainers are suitable for any anatomical organization of the footstep and significantly decrease the load on legs while doing sports.


Particular attention is devoted to the sole of the present model. It is especially soft and light thanks to phylon. Present material produced on the base of the EVA ballpoints is extremely strong and ecologically free. One more advantage is the air cushion in the Air Max sole which provides with the additional absorption while walking or running. The rubber inlays on sole front and rear make the shoes more enduring and improve the surface traction.

Upper Part Materials

The upper part of the trainers is made of the breathable net with the application of technology Hyperfuse. The shoe is literally penetrated with the shallow apertures along the perimeter, that conduces the better ventilation for feet. The short-life areas are strengthened with the leather and synthetic inlays.

Foot Support

The trainers excellent fit to the foot thanks to the plastic sealing sewed in the heel grip. It guarantees the best foot fixing. Well, a tight soft inner sole and foam lay under it create the additional comfort. Lacing allows acquiring any foot shape with no troubles.

Who Air Max Thea is designed for?

For all who prefer the all-purposes the pair of Nike Air Max Thea will be a perfect option. The people who work on the feet all day extremely need in the pair of comfortable trainers like this model. Professional sportsmen and amateurs will appreciate the applied technologies which substantially influence on the rates and also take care for the health. Well, the fancy girls will compulsory pay attention to the stylish appearance of the trainers thank to which the model may easily qualified for the title of the footwear of casual style.
The Nike trainers go perfectly together with the sports clothing and also with the everyday one. The abundant color pallet and unique design contribute to that. The fashion look may be incorporated by means of the combination of the footwear with jeans, trousers, briefs, skirts of variant designs and even with dresses. The unordinary stylish decision in conjunction with the unbelievable comfort will give a lot of pleasure.


  • Lightness alongside with the durability.
  • Plenty of alternative colorations.
  • Intermediate sizes.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Application of the innovative technologies in production.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Heel pull tab


The majority of customers note the small size of trainers. Accordingly, the recommendation is to buy the shoes with a half of size larger than your one.

Nike Women’s Shoes Size Charts

Official size charts from nike.com

Size Heel-to-toe length (inch) Heel-to-toe length (cm)
4 8 3/8 21.2
4.5 8 1/2 21.6
5 8 5/8 22
5.5 8 7/8 22.4
6 9 22.9
6.5 9 1/8 23.3
7 9 3/8 23.7
7.5 9 1/2 24.1
8 9 5/8 24.5
8.5 9 7/8 25
9 10 25.4
9.5 10 1/8 25.8
10 10 3/8 26.2
10.5 10 1/2 26.7
11 10 5/8 27.1
11.5 10 7/8 27.5
12 11 27.9

A few words about Nike

Nike is a legendary brand for today. However, in far 1964 year nobody has heard about this firm. Just an ordinary guy, the sportsman from the Oregonian University and his coach came up with the creation of inexpensive and comfortable trainers for running. Having been entirely unknown they extensively involved the sportsmen in the work, concerning on what they would like to get from the sports shoes. And thus, after years of patient labor and innovations integration, the brand became recognizable and popular.

Nike Women’s Air Max Thea White Shoe

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Videreview by Denise Lim

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Nike Women’s Air Max Thea White


  • I feel discomfort wearing them. Absolutely no sole cushion. I can’t wear them for more than a few hours at a time but they really look super stylishly.

  • Size runs small, i have ordered half a size bigger and it fits perfertly! Have great arch support, cushioned heals, and great flexibility. Recommend!

  • I am a big fan of the Nike Thea, but this color I am not liking too much. They are kind of boring. In general they are comfortable and durable.

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