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Nike Lebron 19 Review Model Features

Let’s look at one of the most unusual models of Nike sneakers – Nike Lebron 19. Slightly futuristic style, bright details, and a catchy platform. Let’s take a look at the details of this shoe to see if it’s really so comfortable.

If you are wearing these shoes for the first time, you will have to struggle a little with the lacing and side parts, as they constantly prevent you from inserting your foot into the shoe. The size matches. For owners of a wide foot, this shoe is perfect, but for a narrow foot, this model can be a problem. But this problem can also be solved with tight lacing because in these shoes you can tighten your foot.
Nike Lebron 19 Review

Inner Part of Nike Lebron 19

These sneakers are more designed for men of large stature. The inner part is soft, it does not rub anything, but there are nuances with the tongue – closer to the leg there is little padding in it, so if you need to fix the leg tightly, it can squeeze the leg.
Nike Lebron 19 inner part
Nike Lebron 19 photo 2

Because of these wings on the sides in the form of a blade, socks will quickly wear out after your workouts. Also, there is one more minus – sneakers are poorly ventilated.

Nike Lebron 19 Performance Evaluation

Ratings for various parameters of sneakers are collected in the table below. The final assessment is formed taking into account all the indicators, which are also presented in the table.

Acclimatization time – 80 Softness – 80 Ventilation – 70  

Comfort – 70

While wearing – 90 In the heel – 90 Court feel – 80  

Depreciation – 80

Parquet – 80 Rubber – 80 Asphalt – 80  

Traction – 80

Premium – 80 Build quality – 80 Weight – 60 Price – 60

Materials – 60

Fixation in the sock – 90 Heel fixation – 90 Sustainability – 90 Twisting – 90 Safety – 90

What is the cushioning of the sneakers?

The cushioning in the shoes is good. To see this, just look at the two balloons on the sole. In the heel, there’s the Air Max for shock loads, and then there’s the Zoom Air. The foam material connects these two elements. All this helps to achieve excellent cushioning and allows you to jump with impressive weight. But because of this, it can be slightly uncomfortable in sneakers.

Nike Lebron 19 cushioning

Nike Lebron 19 Sole Overview

The tread pattern is made of many small teeth, which is similar to the royal pattern. Glides well on parquet, linoleum, and court(basketball training). Slips appear on dirty parquet. If the drawing was done in different directions, this would not happen.
Nike Lebron 19 Sole

Nike Lebron 19 Material Quality

Sneakers of this kind must be made at the highest level, and there are too many synthetics in the material. It seems that the company does not value its customers at all. And even the inscription on the sneakers does not sound so convincing anymore.
Nike Lebron 19 back

The sneaker lacks any premium hardware, embroidery or anything else. The laces are normal, like in cheap sneakers. There are no complaints about the build quality, although a thread came out in one place. The shoe weighs 603 grams in size 10.5 US.

Sneaker Safety

The safety of the shoe is at a high level – the toe and heel hold well, and the side plates help to fix the foot. Also, this plate smoothly passes into the sole, which does not allow twisting the sneakers. The lacing is enough to secure the entire ankle. Also, the ankle is additionally protected around the entire perimeter with special air cylinders so that it does not hurt when you collide with someone. The heel is also well fixed.

Should you buy?

Let’s summarize. This model of sneakers is well suited for large and heavy men – this is number 4 and 5 on the court. They have good cushioning, safety and traction, but they are quite heavy. But if you are a big player, then they will be easy for you. If you have a low weight, then these sneakers are unlikely to fit, except to show off.

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