Nike Adapt Auto Max Motherboard

The celebration of Air Max Day 2020, which took place in past year, was not without surprises. In addition to the planned releases, Nike has introduced a new exclusive model — the Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”.
Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard»
nike adapt auto max
The first — ever sneakers that combine the main characteristics of the iconic Air Max 90 and Air Mag silhouettes — the visible Air block and the automatic lacing system-combine a smooth synthetic upper with an elongated heel and a massive sole. Developing the functionality of the line, which already includes Adapt Huarache, Adapt BB and Adapt BB 2.0, the sports giant has improved the FitAdapt platform. Now, app users can instantly customize their shoes using just the Siri voice command. In the near future, Nike Adapt will support voice commands for Android users via Google Voice. Also, in addition to the preset mode, user settings will be available, with which you can change the color of the LEDs and lacing depending on the type of activity: active sports, running or walking.

Application for Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”

A limited edition of the Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard” color scheme, featuring calm gray tones on the top and contrasting orange blocks on the sole and back, went on sale on March 26 and was immediately sold out. It is expected that a wide release will take place in the coming months. The model will be available in several colors.

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