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New Fila Sneakers Forgotten 20 Years Ago

Hello, everyone! My story of finds at the cottage continues. When throwing away the old junk, I found a package, and there is something interesting about it. As it turned out, these were brand new sneakers, even the tag was not torn off.
These sneakers (Fila) was bought by my grandmother to my father in the 90’s in Italy. My father did not wear them, and these sneakers were thrown at the cottage. Then I found them, I really like them.
Unfortunately, I could not find a model of such colors on the Internet. If there are connoisseurs of shoes, tell us about these sneakers that you know, I would be very grateful.
Material was prepared with using https://pikabu.ru
Check Original Vs Fake, Fila Disruptor Example.

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  • You can’t wear them anymore. Sell only to collectors, warn about the year of release. The polyurethane sole does not live long.

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