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Loro Piana Loafers: Original or Fake, How to Distinguish?

Shoes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Therefore, so many people want to buy high-quality original shoes from well-known manufacturers. But sometimes we try to save money and accidentally fall for a fake. Let’s talk about how to distinguish the original Loro Piana loafers from the copy.

Differences Between the Original and the Fake

These are the famous and comfortable suede loafers. The original model has a comfortable  sole that bends easily . In copy, it’s not as flexible.
Loro Piana Loafers Bends easily

In the original,  the seams should be very thick , because they are stitched by hand. In a copy, the seams are thinner.
Loro Piana Original Stitching Vs Fake

As for the decor of shoes, in the original, these  decorations are made of leather , and in the copy they are made of suede.
Loro Piana Original Decor Vs Fake

The  line in the original is thinner  but complements the pattern. It is lost in the copy.
Loro Piana Original Line Vs Fake

In the original, the heel of the shoe gently pulls the seam inward.  This leaves a small hole . In a fake, this is a little bit different.
Loro Piana Original Back End Vs Fake

When buying loafers, you should also pay attention to the shoe covers. In the original loafers, it  should be wider . The logo design must also match. And a small booklet is attached to the original model.
Loro Piana Fake Vs Originial Cover

Disclaimer(!). This material including screenshots was prepared using the next video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6svCGqUv9A.

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  • Hi there i have a pair of the same shoes. I did a lot of research h and everything seems to match however my pair does not have a seriel number I asked another reviewer and they were jnsure if the older models had a seriel number of not . I would appreciate your feedback thanks

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