Ivanka Trump Kayden4 Dress Pump vs Chocolaticas Pump

Ivanka Trump Kayden4 Dress Pump

Chocolaticas High Heels Doris Mary Jane Pump
Model Name Kayden4 Dress Pump Chocolaticas High Heels Doris Mary Jane Pump
Brand Ivanka Trump Hot Chocolate Design
Size Size in size Size in size
Material Leather Synthetic inner
Heel type Stiletto Chunky
Heel height 4.25 inches (40 cms) 3.9 inches (9.9 cms)
Sole Material Synthetic sole Rubber sole
Colours Multiple colors Vibrant colors, floral print
Occasion and style Classic, daily wear Parties, special occasions
Country Origin US, China Venezuela

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Today, footwear industry has become one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. This is because of how fashionable wearing the right pair makes one look. It isn’t just because of the look that the right footwear gives but also the comfort involved in footwear. So how do you choose the right footwear for you? Well, research and analysis through reviews on every possible factor can help make a considerable decision on the decision that you make regarding our footwear. Here are two fantastic choices for you to choose from.

Ivanka Trump Kayden4 Dress Pump

Ivanka Trump Kayden4 Dress Pump

The Kayden4 Dress Pump is from Ivanka Trump franchise. Beautifully crafted from imported leather, the pumps boast of elegance and glamor. These are classic leather pumps with covered high heels and pointed toes. The name isn’t just a brand and has crisp and clean lines craft the iconic designer branded high heels. The pumps come with a synthetic sole designed to allow your feet to receive the comfort that it deserves while complementing the feminine charms. The pumps come from the United States of America and radiate the elegance that comes from Miss. Trump’s personal aesthetic. The pumps are simply a timeless classic and boast the brand’s standard “lifestyle” approach to footwear and the collection includes bridal, career, weekend and red-carpet styles. All the shoes originate from China while these, in particular, boast 4.25 inches(10.8 cm) of feminine dazzle. The footwear line also manufactures casual sandals, boots, and other embellished styles.

Fotos of Used Kayden4 Dress Pump Uploaded By Our Readers

Beige, 1 season in use

Kayden4 Dress Pump Beige

Black, 1 season in use

Kayden4 Dress Pump Black

Dark Green, half of season in use

Kayden4 Dress Pump Dark Green

Pros & Cons of Kayden4 Pumps

The brand is not exactly reliable as the footwear line has often been criticized for copying other designer brands. While this particular design seemed to be pretty impressive, the synthetic sole seems mediocre and does not seem to give an assurance in terms of comfort. The price of the brand seems reasonable for the style and design that comes with the Kayden4 Dress Pump. The 4.25(10.8 cm) inches seem a bit overconfident but it seems to work pretty well for the confident brand that hasn’t been letting its customers down so far. Although the brand hasn’t been there for very long, it seems to be doing just fine and giving reliable footwear. The Kayden4 Dress Pump is everything you might be looking at an affordable price.

Chocolaticas High Heels Doris Mary Jane Pump

Chocolaticas High Heels Doris Mary Jane Pumps

Straight out of the fully qualified brains of the designers at Hot Chocolate designs, these sets of pumps radiate class, beauty and have the ability to go with any dress. These are designed with synthetic inners and printed fabric uppers and rubber soles to maximize comfort and style. These have cushioned inner soles with arch support to improve posture as well as give proper comfort to your feet. They come with vibrant colors and quality prints to sport with every possible collection of clothes. The designer brand came from the Venezuelan market and was established in 2004. The brand also specializes in accessories. The pumps have a modest 3.9 inches(9.9 cm) of height. They offer limited edition footwear as well for those interested in collecting different designs.

Pros & Cons

The brand value of this designer footwear line seems more reliable because of its years of experience since its establishment in 2004. The design comes in more choices of color and quality and seems relatively more dedicated to comfort because of its unique design when it comes to arch support and rubber sole. The shoes are reasonable in its height of 3.9 inches and give the perfect blend of style and comfort. Each design seems like an artwork in its own way. Hot Chocolate Designs are known to create some masterpieces and this piece known as Chocolaticas Pumps definitely seems to be one.

Real Customer Photos

Kayden4 Pumps after 3 month wearing

Kayden4 Pumps Customer Photo View from Top
Kayden4 Pumps Customer Photo View from Top 2
Kayden4 Pumps Customer Photo Sole

Hot Chocolate Design Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Hot Chocolate Design Women's Shoe Size Chart

Our verdict: Chocolaticas

Looking at both pumps gives a different perspective, and it is obvious that one stands out higher than the other. While both designs give a relatively good feel, the design of the Chocolaticas pumps seems slightly more refined. The Chocolaticas pumps also seem to be much more comfortable because of its design dedicated to maximizing comfort. The Kayden4 Dress Pump is elegant and definitely, has its own designer brand look but seems a bit overpriced comparatively. Regarding the comfort offered, the Chocolaticas pumps do not disappoint, but the synthetic soles of the Kayden4 Dress Pump seemed a bit concerning. However, if you are more interested in designer fashion looks, then the Kayden4 Dress Pumps seems like the more recommended choice. If comfort seems more important, then Chocolaticas pumps are the choice for you. In terms of the overall pumps, it is purely a matter of perspective, and it depends on the customer’s individual needs on which brand is the better option.


  • I love these shoes from Ivanka Trump. Very comfortable, despite the high heel. They look really very cool. It is the most suitable option for the office, in my opinion.

  • I do have a couple of pairs from Ivanka Trump: suede olive, black leather and nude. I really like their design and versatility.

  • Chocolaticas Pumps are very comfortable shoes. I bought them specially for a the 30’s style party. They look chicly, but there is one but. They run small and there are not half sizes. I usually wear 7.5, but I had to take 8. Sit perfectly.

  • I love classical shoes. And I’m completely in love with a pair of shoes from Ivanka Trump. I have them in black color. I really like it’s quality and design.

  • Kayden4 are a well made heel, comfortable and very classy. I have a wide toe box, and these are amazingly comfortable. Look more expensive than they are. LOVE them!!!

  • I’ve had Chocolaticas 2 weeks and worn them 3 times. I dream about traveling and wearing these. I get so many compliments and the design is so bright and fun! I can’t wait to order more.

  • I bought Chocolaticas for my daughter. She put them on and was in LOVE!The fit was great, wide enough without being too wide. They made her legs look a million miles long. We will be buying more from HOT CHOCOLATE!

  • Love. Love. Love my Chocolaticas!!! The chunky heel also makes these great for long wear. I may never shop another brand after these beauties.

  • I bought another pair of Trump shoes and I get a lot of compliments on these shoes. They fit great and they are very comfortable to wear for work and going out to dinner.

  • I have pumps from Ivanka Trump in Olive color. They really look sexy and gorgeous. But I find these shoes extremely uncomfortable. It’s difficult for me to wear them all day along. These shoes for special occasions.

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