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It really works. 7 Really Useful Tips How to Walk on Heels

Here’s a guide for making even the highest heels comfortable.

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Center of gravity

When the heel “goes” back too far your balance will inevitably worsen. If you want to feel confident walking even on the highest heels ever, pay attention to the heel position.
The right heel should be placed directly under the anvil’s center. From this point, it’s easier with thick heels while buying shoes with thin heels especially look at their location.

Helpful platform

High heels are way easier to wear when your shoes have at least small platform. But what if your dream’s shoes are not supplied with it? If the given model doesn’t have a platform, get the special gel insole. Initially, it is developed to prevent the foot from sliding inside shoes or sandals, but it also raises the foot providing comfortable wearing.

No wood

Not only heels can be uncomfortable but also platform and wedge. And we know what the reason is. The trendy for the last couple of seasons shoes with platform/wedge-sole made of wood or tough plastic will inevitably cause discomfort while wearing. The models with rubber wedge-sole with leather covering are definitely more comfortable, as they are more flexible shaping your leg and the obstacles on your way.

The thicker the better

It’s true when we speak about the heels but not about your weight. The broader and thicker the heel the more comfortable it is to wear.
That is why the most comfortable heel should be broad first of all, and also smoothly flow into the integrated platform. This allows to evenly distribute your weight, unlike with thin heels and absolute absence of the platform.


The easier your anvil can get out of your shoes the more uncomfortable you’ll feel wearing high heels. From this point of view mule shoes with high heels can hardly be called comfortable. Do you always lose your balance and feel tiredness in your legs in these very shoes with the unfixed anvil? It’s high time to change your favorite model for shoes with closed anvil or strap that circles the back of your foot and fixes it.

Bend backwards

Proudly walking on your favorite high heels do not put the center of gravity towards. It is better to relax and slightly bend backwards. Thus you will keep the balance even on the highest heels.
Besides, walking on high heels do not constantly look at your feet as it doesn’t make you look good and spoils your posture.

Hurry up slowly

One more important question is about the speed of your walking on high heels. You shouldn’t run or walk with small rapid steps as it looks awkward and can also lead to the fall.

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