The Ultimate Guide to Hoka Clifton 8: Superior Comfort and Performance

Embrace the Comfort of Hoka Clifton 8

Hoka Clifton 8, known for its unparalleled comfort, offers a cushioned experience with its 33.7mm Hoka foam heel and 5mm thick insole, exceeding the average shoe standards​​. This plush daily trainer is ideal for those seeking softness underfoot with a smooth rockered transition, perfect for recovery days or long, slow runs​​.

Hoka Clifton 8 Review

Lightweight Design for Daily Training

Despite its plush design, the Hoka Clifton 8 is surprisingly light at 9 ounces (256g), making it an excellent choice for daily training without the bulkiness typical of other trainers in this category​​.

Durability: Built to Last

Durability is a standout feature of the Clifton 8, capable of withstanding up to 500 miles of running. Its robust construction and foam density ensure it resists premature wear, offering runners long-lasting performance​​.

Superior Grip for Confident Running

The Clifton 8’s grip is meticulously engineered, ensuring reliable performance across various surfaces. Hoka’s adjustments in the outsole patches contribute to this shoe’s commendable grip, enabling runners to tackle different terrains confidently​​.

The Ideal Choice for Cold Weather Running

The Clifton 8 excels in cold weather, with its midsole foam showing minimal stiffening (only 27.5% from 20HA at room temperature to 25.5HA in colder conditions). This feature ensures that the shoe maintains its plush softness even in lower temperatures, making it a top pick for cold-weather runs​​.

Breathability and Fit: Optimized for Comfort

While the Clifton 8 ranks lower in breathability, its overall design prioritizes comfort and fit. The voluminous build accommodates various foot shapes, and the semi-gusseted tongue ensures a secure lockdown over the foot, enhancing stability during runs​​​​.

Night Running Safety Features

For night runners, the Clifton 8 offers reflective elements for increased visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safety during early morning or evening runs​​.

Lab Test Results: A Comparative Analysis

In lab tests, the Clifton 8 demonstrates its superiority in various aspects:

  • Breathability: 2 (vs. average of 3.9)
  • Durability: Outsole hardness of 81.0 HC, slightly above the average of 80.1 HC
  • Weight: A favorable 9.03 oz, compared to the average of 9.42 oz
  • Cushioning: Heel stack of 33.7 mm and forefoot stack of 25.1 mm, both surpassing the average shoe
  • Stability: Higher torsional rigidity and heel counter stiffness than the average, offering enhanced support​​.


The Hoka Clifton 8 is a top-tier choice for runners seeking a blend of comfort, durability, lightweight design, and versatile performance. Its unique features cater to various running needs, making it a worthwhile investment for both amateur and professional runners.

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