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How Do I Distinguish Original Fila Sneakers from Fake Ones? Fila Disruptor Model

People will always copy popular products, clothing items, and shoes. Branded sneakers are no exception. High quality forgeries make it difficult to determine their originality visually. But no matter how high-class crosses are forged, there are several points, adhering to them you can protect yourself from buying a fake. There are counterfeit products of any popular brand on the market, one of them is Fila.
Well – forgotten old, as usual, returned to us and became a new fashion trend. Fila’s brand shoes have always been popular, but today the demand has reached unprecedented heights, as the sporty style is becoming more and more firmly integrated into everyday life.
We see on Fila’s official website women’s sneakers in black, white, and various shades and colors (you will need a VPN to visit the site). Pink alone is offered in a dozen options from powdery to bright. Men are also not deprived – there are models of classic calm colors and with a bright bold design. The re-release of legendary models is now very relevant in the context of demand for retro, so the South Korean brand did not lag behind the market requirements.
File Official Website
Craftsmen are able to copy the product quite efficiently. Therefore, the shoes must be carefully checked. On real “Fila” there is always a pair of perfectly sewn tags with even letters. The seams and stitches of the original sneakers are perfect, correct: there are no protruding threads, superimposed seams.
Pay special attention to the back of the sneakers: replicas do not have a smooth, non-curved seam, it is always slightly curved or deformed. Also, these “Fila” do not have traces of dried glue on the joints.

Sneaker Packaging

Inspection begins with the box: the material is high-quality durable cardboard. Counterfeit manufacturers save money by using soft, cheap paper. During transportation, the counterfeit packaging is easily crushed or deformed, which threatens to damage the shoes. An information sticker is fixed on the cardboard container — the article, model name, size and mini-drawing of the sneakers are indicated. There is no sticker on the fake or minimal information is printed — name, fictitious number: it is mandatory to have an information sticker on the original.

Fila Disruptor Original Package
File Fake Package

Inside the box, the shoes are wrapped in an additional wrapper consisting of thin paper with the Fila brand logo around the perimeter. The fake is wrapped in plain paper or the wrapper may be missing.

Fila Paper Package

The Fila Logos

After opening the package, the next step is to evaluate the quality and correctness of the labels applied to the crosses. The tag with the inscription is sewn exactly, and the letters are made exactly and accurately. There are no threads between letters that lead from one character to another. On the left — the original sneaker. On the right — an explicit replica. The product surface is filled with logos of various designs. The original is always made at the highest level, from high-quality threads, without noticeable transitions.

Original Fila Disruptor Back Logo
Fake Back Logo Disruptor Fila

Labels on Fila’s Sneakers

The right sneaker inside has a special label containing product information and a QR code. The letters are always clear and even. When the QR code scanner checks, you can get full information from the manufacturer about the selected pair. Both shoes have a tag with full details about the model, size, batch number, etc. The sneaker number is identical to the number combination shown on the box. For real Fila shoes, the tags on each Shoe have a small difference — the last five characters in the lowest line are different: Different characters are a sign of real sneakers. Forgery is issued by exactly the same tags, all numbers and symbols are similar: Forgery is given the same numbers in the code.

Disruptor Label and QR Original
Disruptor Label Fake


Tailoring of original sneakers is executed qualitatively, with smooth and identical stitches. A fake will give itself away with crooked lines, stitches of different lengths, and protruding threads. Protruding threads, uneven lines, different line lengths are signs of forgery. Special attention should be paid to the backdrop. The original: no adhesive mass at the joints. The line is smooth (it will be slightly curved on the fake). The original is equipped with an anatomical insole, and the brand logo is located on the heel. The fake insole is thin, the same height along the entire length, there are no anatomical recesses and the logo: on top is a molded anatomical insole. Bottom is a fake. Often, a copy can be recognized by the colors of sneakers that are not used by the manufacturer when creating the design. In case of doubt, it is better to check on the manufacturer’s website whether such colors were used.


Decorating the inner edge, located near the laces, will help determine the originality of the sneakers. The original shoes have bright white edging. The fake is a bit dirty (due to the use of second-rate material). Real Fila shoes have reflective elements in places where there are holes for laces. The material for making a reflexive is expensive, so this detail is almost always absent on counterfeit goods. The original shoes have reflective elements (reflective inserts) in the lacing area. The forgery is missing. Reflective elements — bright reflective inserts to attract attention at night.


Real Fila come with an elastic sole. Its surface contains a prominent corporate image. Fake sneakers often violate the proportions — the sole itself is more powerful than the original, and the width is larger than the upper part of the Shoe. If the fake is executed with high quality, it is difficult to distinguish the protector from the original one. Low – quality sole material used in the creation of counterfeit goods has a tart smell of cheap rubber substance.

Fila Sole Original Disruptor Model
Fila Sole Fake Disruptor Model

Original shoes don’t always cost much more than fake ones. There is no need to save on quality, since counterfeit products are used many times less, cause discomfort and differ from the original design. Paying attention to certain details, you can easily choose a high-quality pair and enjoy stylish sneakers.


  • I recieved a pair fila shoes they have no labels on the tongue to tell the shoe size. Does this mean they are fake?

  • I saw these Fila shoes at a shoe dept. but I didn’t get them cause they were too big and didn’t have any other sizes. I’ve tried to look them up but I couldn’t even find them on the actual Fila website. I dont know if the shoe is discontinued or something cause there’s no pictures of them on google either.

  •  Hi I got a Fila shoes they are saying it’s original but there is no QR code in the label inside the shoes how i can make sure if it’s original or no ?

  • I have a fila shoes. I don’t know if its original. It has QR code inside but when I scan it, different image is showing.

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