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Compare Shoes Edward Green vs Johnston Murphy and $1,300 vs $300

Today we will be a talk about two pairs of shoes – Edward Green and Johnston Murphy. The first shoes cost $1,285 and the second – $300. By the way, such expensive shoes were bought during Black Friday, when there were 50% discounts on goods. All in all, both pairs of shoes cost the same price. Let’s compare them in five main categories and see what differences they have.

The Leather

If we look at the Johnston Murphy – they are very beautifully made in Italy. After wearing this pair of shoes for a year, it should be said that there are a lot of creases over the vamp where the shoes are bent. This grain of leather is natural and quite durable. And it is good because nobody wants to see corrected leather that a lot of companies use as a top layer. This natural grain can’t always be good looking, especially when we speak about cheap shoes.

Johnston Murphy Leather
The Edward Green company uses the finest calfskin so creasing goes along the vamp of the shoe. The grain is tight finished so they won’t change over time. Also, they will look new even after prolonged wearing. They also have a great patina that is stained in a special way in the factory. It helps shoes to look fabulous. The main point is that this leather is really high quality.

The construction

Let’s look at the Johnston Murphy shoes first. The stitching there goes around the sole. But it is not super sturdy. If we compare two pairs, it should be mentioned that these shoes have very relatively thick stitching all over the shoe. And it is not well done here.
johnston murphy construction

The Edward Green shoes have their great stamp on the inner part of the sole. These shoes are made in England in Northampton, the epicenter of the shoemaking industry. The stitch density is ridiculously high. It means that shoes have more stitches per square inch than any other shoe in the world. There is also a medallion, the back side also has very beautiful stitching. They are really high class shoes because the company always pays attention to details. Not all things can be seen, but they can be felt while wearing shoes.
 Edward Green sole

edward green back

Johnston Murphy Sole vs Edward Green

The sole of these Johnston Murphy shoes is proprietary. The company does extra light soles – it is foam. It is functional and practical, especially for long walks and walking in the rain. There is no luxury because it is just a basic rubber sole.
johnston murphy sole
The Edward Green shoes have very beautiful soles. It’s like making whiskey – soles are soaked in the ground with wooden chips for nine months. Then there is a very nice finish and it makes shoes durable. There is also stitching around the sole so they are well-made. When you’re wearing these shoes, you are sure that you have the best pair.
johnston myrphy insole
The insole of Johnston Murphy shoes is plastic. It’s not cork with leather so it doesn’t fit your foot well. But they are quite comfortable. And the Edward Green company uses cork covered with a hard leather footbed. And when you wear it, you feel that it is custom-made.

Compare Customer Service

As it was mentioned before, the Edward Green shoes were bought with a great discount. But they were missing the insole (sock). This is a piece of red leather that covers the heel. So there was a visible problem with it. It was necessary to contact the customer service of Edward Green. And the team there is great. They forwarded a new owner of shoes to the factory and he received two insoles for free. And he even got a video from the factory on how to install these insoles to the shoes. So yes, you pay $1300 for shoes and you are treated really well at customer support. You feel yourself as a great loyal customer.

There was a story with Johnston Murphy customer service. The man wanted to get one pair of shoes but they were sold out online. But there is such a possibility to contact customer service and they can check whether the shoes are available somewhere in the state. And they did it. They told where he could find this size. And then the man called this store and asked to ship the pair to him because it was too far. The store did it.

Fit of the Shoes

One of the main differences between these two brands is the number of sizes. For instance, if you go to the Edward Green story, you will find an abundance of widths and different options. So you will find something that fits your feet perfectly. It means that you can find shoes with low and high instep, can you imagine? The assistants are always ready to help you in choosing the best option. They can also provide a custom-made pair of shoes if there is no appropriate size.

In the Johnston Murphy store, there is only one option – it fits you or it doesn’t.

The Final word

So, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much your pair of shoes cost. The general policy of attitude towards the client in the company from which you buy shoes is important. For example, both brands have excellent customer support. They take care of their customers and treat them very well. In general, the average guy will not even notice many differences between these two pairs. They both look good, they both get compliments. Therefore, it is up to you which pair to choose.

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