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Dr. Martens Women's Persephone Ankle Bootie Thumb

Women’s Persephone Ankle Bootie Leather Synthetic 4 colors
  • Shaft measures approx. 5″ (12.7 cm) from arch
  • Heel height is approx. 3.5″ (8.89 cm)
  • Platform height approx. 1″ (2.54 cm)
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • il-and-fat-resistant
  • Scripted heel-loop

Dr. Martens Women's Magdalena Ankle Bootie Thumb
Women’s Magdalena Ankle Bootie Leather Rubber 2 colors
  • Shaft measures approx. 4″ (10.16 cm) from arch
  • Heel measures approx. 3.75″ (9.53 cm)
  • Platform measures approx. 1″ (2.54 cm)
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Inner ankle zip

Dr. Martens Women's Kendra Fashion Boot Thumb
Women’s Kendra Fashion Boot Thumb Leather Synthetic 1 color
  • Shaft measures approx. 8″ (20.32 cm)
  • Heel height approx. 4″ (10.16 cm)
  • Platform height approx. 1″ (2.54 cm)
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Good abrasion
  • Slip resistance
  • Chunky commando tread outsole

Dr. Martens Women's Jolene Front Zip Boot Thumb
Women’s Jolene Front Zip Boot Leather PVC 1 color
  • Heel height approx. 1.5″ (3.81 cm)
  • Platform height 0.75″ (1.91 cm)
  • Front zipper

Dr. Martens Women's Alize Boot Thumb
Women’s Alize Boot Leather Synthetic 1 color
  • Shaft measures approx. 8.5″ (21.59 cm) from arch
  • Heel measures approx. 3.75″ (9.53 cm)
  • Decorative spikes on the material

Dr. Martens Women's Caitlin 2 Strap Ankle Boot Thumb
Women’s Caitlin 2 Strap Ankle Boot Leather Synthetic 1 color
  • Shaft measures approx. 4.5″ (11.43 cm) from arch
  • Heel height approx 3.5″ (8.89 cm)
  • Front height approx. 2″ (5.08 cm)
  • 2 buckles on the top

Dr. Martens High Heel Ankle Boots for Women in 2017 The fall is coming, so it is time to take out a pair of your favorite ankle boots. If you still don’t decide on your choice for autumn footwear, we will happily help you with this. The history of Dr. Martens brand is very long and rich. These boots went a long way from simple soldier boots and then to attribute of punk subculture and finally to iconic footwear that is still popular nowadays. Dr. Martens boots are known for their unrepeatable stylish look and comfortable orthopedic features. This brand is not always associated with heeled shoes, but there are options for women who love such type of footwear. If you are a fan of high heels, but they always lack comfort and support, Dr. Martens ankle boots are exactly what you need. So, today we want to introduce top 6 ankle boots with high heels from brand Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens Women’s Persephone Dress Pump

Dr. Martens Women's Persephone Dress Pump Review

The first pair in our list of high heel ankle boots is this beautiful Persephone Dress Pump. Their look reminds classic design of Dr. Martens boots with lace-up top, thick soles and visible stitches. If you are a fan of this brand but want to try something new, this pair is exactly what you are looking for. Persephone combines all comfy features of Dr. Martens production with a super trendy clunky heel (which height is 3.5 inches), that is very comfortable to wear all day. Many customers had only positive experience with this stylish bootie, saying that these boots are really comfy and practical. These shoes are great for any event you can think of: party, business meeting, date, casual walk with your friends and practically everything. They will look amazing with any outfit because they come in 3 very cool colors: black, shiraz and soft gray. The upper part is made of full-grain soft leather. For a snug and adjustable fit, boots feature a convenient lace-up construction with 6 eyelets. The bottom part consists of chunky heel and platform that has good grip and also oil-resistant. Special technology applied to all Dr. Martens production makes shoes resistant to water. So you can wear these ankle boots during damp rainy weather without worry. To let your feet feel amazing in these, the designer added iconic air-cushioned sole and padded insoles. We practically have nothing bad to say about these amazing boots, only that they need a break-in period.

  • Classic Dr. Martens design with trendy clunky heel
  • Super stylish and fashionable
  • Comfortable heel and platform
  • Available in pretty colors
  • Lace-up construction
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Non-slip soles
  • Air-cushioned soles

  • Need break-in period

Dr. Martens Women’s Magdalena Ankle Bootie

Dr. Martens Women's Magdalena Ankle Bootie Review

These ankle boots have more neat and classy look, so women who are found of more feminine footwear than Dr. Martens are usually making will probably like this pair. It is simple, elegant and stylish. Shoes will combine perfectly with any kind of jeans, big oversized sweater, and long coat. As for colors, there are not a lot of options – you can choose from only dark brown and tan. The upper part is made of premium supple leather that is water resistant, so boots can be worn during rain. Shoes feature 3.75 inches heel, but they are still super comfortable and stable, due to the 1-inch platform and non-slip bottom. There is inner zipper entry for easy on and off. Boots have extra soft and pliable air-cushioned sole for supreme comfort and support. In general, boots are very sturdy, durable, but a little bit heavy. As for disadvantages, a few customers have a complaint about shoes to be stiff in the ankle area.

  • Durable leather of high quality was used
  • Comfortable chunky heel
  • Sturdy and slip-resistant bottoms
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Zipper entry for easy on and off

  • Heavy
  • May be stiff around ankles

Dr. Martens Women’s Kendra Fashion Boot

Dr. Martens Women's Kendra Fashion Boot Review

These tough yet feminine boots have a minimalistic and trendy look. The shoe features a lace-up front with 10 eyelets, sturdy heel, and platform, recognizable and unmistakable Dr. Martens stitches. This ankle boot will add just right amount of cool to your outfit and it can be worn practically with everything in your closet.Kendra boots are perfect for autumn or spring because they are water-resistant, warm and stable. Slip-resistant bottom makes you feel secure on any type of surface, giving you balance and stability.The upper leather part is very soft, but at the same time sturdy, so it will protect your foot from cold temperatures, rain, and other weather conditions.The convenient lace-up front will help you to make a perfect fit, whether your feet are wide or narrow.The height of the heel is just comfortable enough to let you spend all day in these without discomfort and pain.And as all Dr. Martens boots, these also feature air-cushioned soles for maximum comfort and support.But the boot is available only in black color.

  • Tough yet feminine look
  • Sturdy non-slip bottom
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Soft and comfortable cushioned soles
  • Lace-up front for precise and snug fit

  • Available only in black color

Dr. Martens Women’s Jolene Front Zip Boot

Dr. Martens Women's Jolene Front Zip Boot Review

These Dr. Martens boots have an interesting design with front zipper entry that also has a practical function. This shoe has a low shaft in comparison with other models in our list, so if you like such style – go for it! The upper is made of full grain leather of a high quality, which guarantees a long life of your boots. Also, this leather is very sturdy and water-resistant. Zipper entry at the front is very convenient and significantly simplifies the process of getting boots on and off. The soles are made of a sturdy PVC material that is very flexible at the same time. Bottoms have special lugs that will prevent slipping on the wet and icy surfaces. For comfort, the boot features soft and comfy fabric and leather lining that will keep your feet warm and dry and also offers great breathability. Available only in black color.

  • Front zipper entry
  • Skid-resistant soles
  • Breathable, warm and comfortable inner lining
  • Flexible and sturdy bottoms
  • Quality and durable leather

  • Need break-in period
  • Available only in 1 color

Dr. Martens Women’s Alize Boot

Dr. Martens Women's Alize Boot Review

These sexy and glamorous ankle boots will be perfect for you if you like comfortable shoes on a spike heel. The upper part is patent shiny leather with spiky metallic decorations all over the surface of the boot. The lace-up front gives rough look to the shoe and at the same time has practical function – to give a snug and precise fit. The height of the spike heel is 3.75 inches, but as customers claim, these boots are pretty comfortable in comparison with other models of such type. Unfortunately, the bottom doesn’t offer a lot of traction, so you should be careful on slippery surfaces. This boot is not the comfiest pair you will find, but if you want to draw some attention, this is definitely your choice.

  • Sexy and glamorous look
  • Lace-up entry for snug fit
  • Sturdy and durable leather

  • Soles don’t have enough traction

Dr. Martens Women’s Caitlin 2 Strap Ankle Boot

Dr. Martens Women's Caitlin 2 Strap Ankle Boot Review

For those who don’t like or who are afraid of the casual heel, we want to introduce these Dr. Martens ankle boots with wedge heel. Its height is 3.5 inches, but in spite of this, shoes are still very comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Boots feature two adjustable ankle straps for snug fit and zipper entry for easy on and off. The upper part is made of natural leather, like all Dr. Martens footwear. Bottoms have nice grip that will keep you safe on icy or wet surfaces. You should know that the shoe is pretty heavy, due to that big and thick platform, so you have to be ready for it. Unfortunately, boots are available only in black color, but they can still be paired with various outfits.

  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable buckles for snug fit
  • Zipper entry
  • High but comfortable wedge heel
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Cushioned insoles

  • Heavy-weighted
  • Available only in black color


Dr. Martens ankle boots are the perfect choice for comfortable autumn or spring. They will protect your feet during cold and wet weather, giving enough stability, support, and balance. Though these boots feature high heel they are as good as casual boots on the flat sole. Just pick your favorite look among all reviewed models and you can be sure at 100% of their quality, durability, and comfort.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose ankle boots

Good ankle boots should not only be stylish and good-looking, but also comfortable for your legs. So you should know about some aspects before you go shopping for a new pair of shoes:

  • You can choose boots that are made of natural or faux leather, but make sure that this material is water resistant, breathable and sturdy enough to keep your feet dry, safe and warm.
  • If you like snug fit give preference to the model with lace-up construction. The more eyelets boot has the more complicated and longer the process of lacing.
  • Choose boots with zipper entry for easy on and off.
  • The bottom of the boot must have good and secure grip because you will wear your ankle boots in autumn or spring when the weather is very wet and it can be slippery outside. So make sure that soles have lugs that will protect you on uneven and slick terrains, giving you maximum stability and balance.
  • The lining of the boot should be warm and comfy enough so you can spend all day in them.
  • Cushioned insoles is another great advantage, they will give pillow-soft feeling beneath your feet every time you make a step and also will provide you with great support.
  • If you want ankle boots with a heel give preference to the models that feature wide and stable heel of moderate height. It will help you to prevent fatigue, discomfort, and pain.

How to clean boots

To prolong the durability of your favorite footwear you have to know some basic rules about cleaning and care. Ankle boots should not be washed in the washing machine because it can damage them. If your boots are made of natural suede or leather use the wet sponge and special cleaner and rub the boot gently to get rid of any kind of dirt. Then leave it in the aired room for some time to let it dry. We don’t recommend drying boots with any heater or in the direct sunlight. If the shoes feature removable insoles, you can take them out and wash them separately to keep boot fresh inside. If your footbed cannot be removed, you can use a special spray to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

Tips on wearing ankle boots

Basically, ankle boots can be worn with anything, but here are some tips that will help you to feel and look even more amazing in your ankle booties:

  • The color of the bottom of your outfit should match the color of your ankle boots. Dark shoes will perfectly fit with gray, black or blue jeans, pants, and skirts.
  • If it is possible to try to avoid the combination of contrasting colors. That can visually shorten your legs.
  • Give preference to the models that don’t have a lot of decorations like buckle or chains, because it will make your legs look heavy.
  • To make your legs look slimmer tuck jeans into the boot.
Dr. Martens Footwear Size Chart for Women

Dr. Martens Footwear Size Chart for Women

UK USA Europe Japan
3 5 36 22
4 6 37 23
5 7 38 23.5
6 8 39 24.5
7 9 41 25.5
8 10 42 26
9 11 43 27

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