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Dansko Women’s Professional Streamers Patent Mule

Let’s see what is Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs, one of the most popular models.

Dansko Women's Professional Clog

Brand Dansko
Model Professional Streamers Patent Mule
Material Leather, Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom with energy return
  • Leather sock lining for long-wearing, breathable comfort
  • Padded instep collar for a comfortable fit
  • Breathable open-cell PU foam footbed for temperature control
  • Roomy, reinforced toe box with plenty of “wiggle room”
Heel Height 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)
Platform Height 0.75 inches (1.9 cm)
Country In 2012, 80% of Dansko’s shoes were made in China and 20% in Italy

Exceptional Arch on Sole

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs are a pair of shoes that the orthopedic recommended arch that defines a good pair of shoes. This arch offers all day comfort as well as support. It favors people who are on their feet a lot. The arch fits the natural arch of the foot so walking around and standing will have a natural support.

Padded Instep Collar

This pair of Women’s Professional Clogs is designed with a well-padded instep collar which minimizes stress and direct impact on the area when walking. This feature facilitates comfort and basically makes walking as natural as it should be.

Foam Footbed

The breathable PU foam footbed offers maximum temperature control. This way, you do not have to worry about it getting too warm within the shoe and sweat causing discomfort. It adds to the comfort of the shoe.

Rocker Bottom

The polyurethane rocker bottom sole is an ideal feature for a shoe as it reduces fatigue., It also offers shock absorption which is similar to athletic wear. You can walk for hours in these shoes without feeling the stress in your shoes.

Secure Stitching

The stitching used at the seams of these professional clogs is secure. The thread used is of the highest quality and you will not have to worry about them falling apart. This paired up with the high-quality leather material on the outer layer makes this one of the most durable pairs of shoes in the store.

Dansko Women’s Shoes size chart

Dansko Women's Shoes Size Chart

Pros and Cons

  • Durable material. This shoe is made of high-quality leather so you can be assured of its durability
  • Comfortable sole which measures 1.75 inches while the platform measures 0.75″
  • The reinforced toe box creates adequate room for the toes and offers protection
  • The wide heel for increased stability
  • Soundless when you walk

  • This pair of shoes is handmade so similar pairs do not have the same fit
  • It is advisable to fit a few pairs in order to find a pair that will fit you
  • A bit heavier than usual clogs

Who are They Designed for?

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs can be worn to work or semi-casual events. The leather material used makes them an ideal choice for professional settings. People who are on their feet for long hours as well as those who walk a lot each day would find more comfort in these shoes due to a collection of its features. You do not have to worry about sliding in sweat, sore feet or bruised toes at the end of the day.

They can be paired up with a pair of full-length pants, 3/4 pants, and even long skirts. Their design isn’t limiting hence a great addition. These clogs are a must have for anyone who values comfort, stability, safety, and style all in one. Their quality of service doesn’t fade with time so they guarantee extended service long-term.

A few words about Dansko Brand

Danko, just like most successful companies, started small and humble. Wife and husband discovered the most comfortable clog shoe in a tiny shop in Europe. Little did they know that it would be their very first product for their shop. They bought a pair for themselves and brought back a few extras which they gave to their friends. Their friends told their other friends and that’s how the company came to existence. These were their first steps in the footwear industry.

Dansko Women’s Professional Streamers Patent Mule Video

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Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs


  • Good, but there is one drawback – heavy. The quality is excellent, I wear a couple of years, but they stil look great. My pair made of nubuck and in other color. The material is pleasant, do not rub.

  • My most indispensable shoes at work. At first, I thought my feet would sweat in them, but no. It seems to me, how much I would not go in them – there is no fatigue.

  • At our hospital, many of my colleagues wear them. We love them for funny colors. Excellent foot fixation. There is no unpleasant odor after wearing.

  • I have this one with the same coloring. To say that they are comfortable is to say nothing. For me these clogs are a real salvation because I spend all day on my feet at work. I really like they have a rounded sock. I have a wide feet and it is difficult to select shoes. This pair sits perfectly.

  • They always fit well and good quality. I’m a nurse and have worn shoes from other brands but there is nothing better than Danskos.

  • My favorite casual shoes. They always help out when I need to go somewhere or when I spend all day on feet. They always safe my legs.

  • Dansko is a comfort. These shoes where help me a lot because I have big problems with my feet. Recommend!

  • I have had many many pairs of Danskos. I am a medical professional and spend a long time at my work. They are the only shoe that keeps me from having back and foot pain. Will never wear another pair of shoes for work!

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