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If you want to look unique and impress everybody at any party, take care of your outfit in advance. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste your time going from one shop to another, staying in long queues and choosing from and ordinary costumes. Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, you may buy anything you want at It is a well-known online costume store that has something special for every customer. Dozens of masks, historical and classical, Disney and movie characters are available at one click. There are several departments that include clothes for adults, teens, small kids, and even pets. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate evening boots, which will make your garment perfect and complete. They are really various in designs, colors, and prices, but today top 7 sexy models are:

Yellow Go-Go Boots

yellow knee high boot
This type of shoes is originally meant for discos and joyful dances. So, if you are looking for something comfortable, with small 3-inch (7.62 cm) stable heels and square toe, sexy, bright and attractive, these knee-high boots are perfect. At you may find them in different colors and sizes. These yellow boots are made of 100% leather, so no discomfort feelings and sweating will be a problem. They are also very lightweight and you can wear them for several hours. Yellow Go-Go Boots will look awesome together with a hippie or a fireman costume.

Pros Cons
Synthetic For small calves
Comfortable Not waterproof
Have a zipper
No breaking in is required

Women’s Red and Gold Comet Boots

red and gold boots
Every Wonder Woman needs super stylish and extremely sexy footwear to be in the center of everybody’s attention. Costumecraze has a large choice of such shoes. Women’s Red and Gold Comet Boots are very comfortable even with a 5-inch (12,7 cm) heel and a small hidden platform. They are very garish and have golden stripes.

Pros Cons
Comfortable A little narrow at the top
Easy to take care of
Several sizes

Easy Lace Up Red Boots

red lace up boots
If you want to find a great footwear for a sexy Christmas, Vampires, Naughty Nurse, Harley Quinn, Devil or a Little Red Hood costume, these Easy Lace Up Red Boots are worth trying. They are very beautiful and shining, have an inside zipper and a lace-up front. So, you may easily adjust them to your leg. Such boots are comfortable enough to wear all night, and you won’t get blisters. The 5.5-inch (13.97 cm) thick heel and the platform is not an obstacle for crazy dancing.

Pros Cons
Comfortable to walk in May wrinkle on thin ankles
They are easily adjusted

Women’s Zara Red Glitter Boots

red glitter boots
These boots are really gorgeous. You will probably get lots of compliments wearing them as a part of Sexy Christmas, Queen of Hearts or Red Riding Hood costumes. Don’t worry about glitter, as it doesn’t fall off even during the craziest dancing. Though these boots have a 4-inch (10.16 cm) heel and a platform, they are very comfortable and safe.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design A little bit narrow at the toe
Synthetic sole Break-in period is required
Stable heel May run small

Red Go-Go Boots

red go-go boot
These boots are mainly similar to a yellow model. They are very comfortable both to walk and to dance in. You may wear them for several hours and your feet won’t get tired. Designers did their best and managed to combine the stylish look and perfect durability. Red Go-Go Boots are great for a Vampire, Naughty Nurse, Hippie, Red Riding Hood or Disco costumes. All attention will probably be yours.

Pros Cons
Polyurethane They aren’t waterproof
Full-length instep zipper
Stable 3-inch (7.62 cm) heel
Stylish look
Various sizes
Bright colors
Don’t run small or large

Wonder Woman Knee High Boots

red and white wonder woman boots
What can be sexier than bright red knee high superhero boots?! Your legs will look extremely awesome in them and a 4.5-inch (11.43 cm) heel will make you slimmer and taller a real Wonder Woman. They are very stylish and glamorous. The wide red stripe adds a unique charm to their general look.

Pros Cons
Comfortable May be tight in calves
Synthetic sole
Stable platform and heel

Women’s Gold Sequin Boots

gold sequin boot
Beautiful and great quality boots. They are very stylish, eye-catching and bright, while the stiletto heel is not too high (3 ¾ inch). So, you may spend several hours without discomfort and constant sweating, wearing these boots. If you are looking for something to accomplish your Disco or Playboy costume they are perfect.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design Long pointed toe may be uncomfortable
Quality sequin fabric
Synthetic sole
Feet friendly
Available in different sizes


To feel confident and pretty in any situation, you must do your best choosing an appropriate outfit. Not only perfect dress and stylish accessories create your general look. Quality evening boots are also very important. To enjoy any party, be very careful selecting your footwear. Try to combine durability, safety, and beauty.
Each of the described boots has some pros and cons and can be ideal as a part of a definite costume. That’s why it is impossible to specify the only leader. Your choice depends on your unique taste. And that’s truly awesome!

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