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Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog

Crocs have been a slip-on shoe lover’s brand for many years now. Through all of the locations that sell this iconic brand online, you tend to hear about the comfort levels of the wearer and the ease of putting them on and taking them off. With the Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog shoes, it seems as though the brand has made a lot of changes in their materials, color options, and more.

Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog

Crocband Features and Specifications

Brand Crocs
Model Unisex Crocband Clog
Occasion Daily Wear, Beach, Picninc
Weight 1.2 pounds(~0.450 kg)
Country Origin China
Additional Info Stripe detail rand with pivoting heel strap

Crocband Clog Colors

There are dozens of color options that will suit anyone in your family. While some of these options are limited and harder to come by, you will find that not all of these 40+ varieties are going to be available in every size. Some of the more popular color options available are:

  • Black
  • Navy/Citrus
  • White/Ultramarine
  • Ultraviolet/White
  • Volt Green/Varsity Blue
  • Candy Pink/ Bluebell
  • Bubblegum

There are five times more color combinations and varieties beyond these listed options, so there is quite literally an option for every member of your family.

Crocband Clog Fit

There are several concerns about the fit when it comes to this particular variety of Crocs. First, it is recommended that anyone typically purchasing a half size should go up to the next full size. These are not available in half sizes.

Through research, it was discovered that the best course of action is to go up a full size from what you might normally buy, as this variety of Crocs runs smaller than its sizing might suggest.

Clog Materials

As with most modern Croc shoes, these are comprised of Croslite. This is a unique blend that simulates a foam/rubber hybrid that is anti-microbial. This means that this material doesn’t retain odorous germs common to even the airier nature of open toed sandals.


There is a concern that the Crocs Clogs are not as well made as the brand used to be well regarded for. It would seem that while the color options and ease of use haven’t changed, the way that the shoe is able to hold up through consistent use has.
Even with the concerns about the overall decline in quality with this particular type of Croc, the brand is still synonymous with functionality and comfort. Quality then becomes a matter of what you personally decide makes a product deemed high or low quality, based on what you consider to be most important when you are purchasing a shoe like this.

Pros/Cons of Crocband Clog

There are distinct pros and cons to purchasing shoes like this for regular use. Understanding each side might help you to better made a decision. Positives that you can take from these Croc Clogs are:

  • Comfort
  • Slip On/Off Easily
  • Breathable
  • Easy To Clean

There are some noteworthy drawbacks as well. These include:

  • Great variance in price from one style option to the next
  • Limited availability for certain sizes online
  • Not true to size

Complimentary Clothing Options

Crocs aren’t going to be good to wear with everything, and that should be understood. While they are meant to provide long lasting comfort, they simply aren’t meant to be a part of every occasion. So what styles might work best for when you do want to wear them?

Croc Clogs go great with:

  • Shorts
  • Capris
  • Swimming Gear
  • Exercise Attire


This has been a look at Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog shoes. While there are some glaring concerns about the latest versions of the famous brand’s footwear, it is still advisable to try them out for yourself to make your own decisions. There are plenty of styles and options that you can choose from and you can count on the comfort that has made the brand a household name to continue to impress. Read how to distinguish an original Crocs from a fake.

Crocs Women’s Shoe Size Chart

inches mm US EU Asia
8 204 3 32.5 19
1/8 208 3.5 33 19.5
3/8 212 4 33.5 20
1/2 217 4.5 34 20.5
5/8 221 5 34.5 21
7/8 225 5.5 35.5 21.5
9 229 6 36.5 22
1/8 233 6.5 37 22.5
3/8 238 7 37.5 23
1/2 242 7.5 38 23.5
5/8 246 8 38.5 24
7/8 250 8.5 39 24.5
10 255 9 39.5 25
1/8 259 9.5 40 25.5
3/8 263 10 41 26
1/2 267 10.5 42 26.5
5/8 272 11 42.5 27
7/8 276 11.5 43 27.5
11 280 12 45 28

Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog


  • Second summer to buy theses shoes for my daughter. These are her favorite summer shoes. I love that they’re easy to clean:)

  • Very suitable for spring-summer season. Wore them in the garden and on the beach. I wanna buy one more for daughter.

  • My family has been wearing Crocs for several years. Cool shoes. And for beach rest there is no better.

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