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Women’s Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers

Want to keep up with the times and look stylish without sacrificing your own comfort? Ageless classic of Converse shoes will always help you out in this situation. And now we want to introduce Women’s Chuck Taylor Shoreline low-top sneakers – the perfect combination of sporty and feminine shoes.
And forget about the myth that Converse are made only for young people, they will fit everyone regardless of age.

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor Shoreline Slip Casual Shoe

Classic look of Converse

These low top sneakers have the classic look of Converse footwear, featuring their iconic logo at the back and at the tongue of the shoe. Also, sneakers have protective toe cap, laces, and white soles. Though that brand was founded a long time ago, their products still considered being popular and stylish among people, but now all sneakers are often used as casual footwear rather than for sports activities. So, you can combine these sports shoes not only with sports costume but with jeans, short, dresses or skirts. Thanks to a great variety of colors, you can choose your favorite one and pair it with your favorite outfit.

Fit and Sizing

This model is available from size 5 up to 11 in medium width. Mostly shoes fit perfectly their owners, but if you hesitate about fitting, order sneakers a half size bigger than usual. You can’t really tie the laces, they only have a decorative function. But if you feel that shoes are slightly loose on your feet, you can use your own long shoelaces to achieve a snug fit.

Comfort and Protection

Shoes have nice shock impact, so your feet won’t get tired after a long day of walking.
Thick soles are flexible, which is important during any activities, so sneakers let you move freely.
Rubber covering provides traction and stability.
A special rubber cap toe in the front of Converse protects the foot from injuries and damages during training or just walking.


Converse sneakers considered to be durable and almost everlasting footwear. But it is not quite true, as mostly shoes wear off after a few month of wearing. The logo at the back fades very quickly and cracks stars showing up on the crooks.


Of course, the main reason why Converse sneakers are so popular is that they have a world-famous name. But we can’t deny that they make iconic shoes, which are not only stylish but also comfortable. As for model – Women’s Chuck Taylor Shoreline it is a great combination of slip-on and regular sneakers. People who don’t like to spend extra time on tying shoelaces will find this model very convenient.

Converse Size Chart

Converse size chart
Converse size chart part two

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Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor Shoreline Slip Casual Shoe

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