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It is out there in the open. The act of putting “comfy” and “high heels” into the same sentence makes a Grade A oxymoron. After all, which woman has not made sacrifices to swap comfort for style and walked around in those sky-high stilettos, with a smile on her face, even as her feet absolutely killed her, in the bargain. Not only do the darned things hurt all the time they are worn, but they also hurt more the next day, long after you have taken them off and have spent hours soaking up your poor tired feet in hot water.

But that was then and this is now. Yes, it is very much possible to find some comfortable high heels. Yes, you have read it right. Here, it is prudent to understand that getting that ‘just right heel height is the single most important thing.

We are aware of the enduring love affair that women have with high heels. From wedge heels to kittens to ballet flats to strappy ballroom wear, there is a veritable plethora of heels out there, and they are all designed to make you look and feel good about yourself. Read on to find out more about heels that will not really hurt your feet.

Stilettos and The Issues They Cause

Stilettos 1.5 inches approx 4 cm
Ms. Grace Torres-Hodges, who is a well-known spokesperson for the APMA or American Podiatric Medical Association has categorically recommended 1.5 to 2 inches, the maximum height for the heels of commercially available shoes.
She states that the anything higher than 2 inches box would put tremendous pressure on the front part of the feet. This can also create ankle instability as well.
Apart from that, it is also pertinent to note that chunkier and thicker heels also give the wearer far more surface area to stand or teeter on. This is why it is so important to steer well clear of those razor sharp stilettos, regardless of how ‘trending’ they might be.

Look at the Toe Box Too

While at it, it will not be out of place to look at the toe box. The more well-rounded ones almost automatically mean that the wearer’s foot will not slide forward or get crushed in that tiny area for far too long. And if you throw in a strap then you will have a lot more additional stability to throw in the bargain. Especially, if those straps are near the front of your feet.

However, it is not an easy task by any means to recommend a universal ‘one size fits all pair of high-heeled shoes’. It is ultimately ‘you’ who will have to try them on and see what exactly works for you or what does not.

If you have an injury or even some foot deformity, it is vital for you to talk to your podiatrist. If you do not have one, then you should acquire the services of one so that your feet are not hurt or compromised. A foot expert can help you choose the best shoes for your particular condition.

Why should you wear heels in the first place?

The main reason one wears pumps should never be relegated to the back burner. And that is because they look superb on milady’s feet. They have the potential to make several heads turn and even make women gasp at their sight. These are the shoes that women love to hate and hate to love, all at the same time. The fact that they can make us look so good goes a long way in ensuring their undying popularity. Let us look at some reasons we love to wear them, regardless of how hard it may be to wear that fixed smile, even as your feet are slowly killing you with the pain of it all:

They make us appear ‘oh so feminine’

Nothing screams feminine so much as a nice pair of heels that we can sashay on. Heels are both girly and ladylike and this is one of the chief reasons behind their enduring appeal. In fact, the science of walking in heels ensures that you end up strutting on them. By strutting it is meant that you move your hips in a slightly exaggerated catwalk movement. This reaffirms your femininity not just to the world around them but to the women who are wearing them as well.

Heels can get their wearer plenty of male attention

As sure as the sun goes down a woman wearing heels will get more attention than her flat wearing counterpart. From pickup lines at bars to the whole ‘oh, I dropped my glove routine,’ a lady wearing heels is almost bound to be more eye-catching than her non-heel wearing counterpart.

Our Best Rated Heels

The Rockport total motion pointy Toe Pump: Pump up your day

Rockport Total Motion Pointy Toe Pump
Yes, these are 3-inch stilettos, and yes, they are well above the maximum 2-inch limit we discussed above. Because these shoes are well-crafted, it does not seem that you are walking around strutting your stuff, in a three-inch pointy toe pump. Many women who have worn these shoes say that it’s just like walking in flats! But there is no need to take either our word or the manufacturer’s word on it. Rather, try them out and decide yourself if they are all that you want from your trust pair of heels.

The Sofft Altessa Pump: Now that’s one eye-catching shoe

Sofft Altessa Pump
IF a 2-inch kitten heel is what you desire in life, then this is what you have just got to have. And if it’s comfort that you seek, then the foam cushioning in this shoe ensures super-duper shock absorption capabilities.
Apart from that, the best thing about these little nuggets is that they ooze a highly professional vibe and at the same time, they are suitable for walking around all day, at your office. They do not have the rounded toe we were harping on before and rather sport a pointed one.

The Different Types Of Heels Available Today

The Ankle Strap Heels

ankle strap heels
The well-known and chic ankle strap heels are in great style these days. The sheer height of this heel varies from shoe to shoe, but the one common point is the ubiquitous strap that almost always goes completely around the ankle. This makes the heels feel far more comfortable and secure also to walk in, even for an extended period.

Wedge Heels

wedge heels type
Wedge heels sandals sit flush rather like their high heel counterparts and there is no actual separation going from the sole, all the way to the heel.

Wedge Slippers

wedge slippers
These kinds of shoes are a variation of the Wedge heels and the only difference is that they are more ‘slipper-shaped’ in the sense that they have a somewhat more open or ‘sandal’ style upper.

Cone Heels

cone heels type
The “Cone heel” is basically far wider at or near the sole of your foot, and it gets correspondingly narrower as it tapers towards the base. This is why they are called cone heels, to begin with. Since they form a ‘cone as far as their lower shape is concerned. Think along the lines of an ice cream cone sticking right at the lowest portion of your fancy shoes.

Sling Back Heels

cone heels type
Unlike the more conventional style of ankle strap heels, the relatively less common ‘slingback heel’ just has a single strap that goes all the way around the back of your Achilles tendon or heel. This strap not only give a considerably more elegant appearance, but it also achieves the important function of the stabilization of the foot.

Platform Heels

platform heels
Platform heels are arguably some of the most popular types of heels around and they range in a bewildering array of sizes going from really short all the way to very tall. The single most important point to understand about the platform heel is that the main portion of the shoe that is directly beneath the sole is thicker than the rest of the shoe. Thereby making a sort of “platform” for your feet.
It has been theorized that this is probably one of the most comfortable shoe designs out there, at least as far as heels are concerned. The higher platform heels are markedly more comfortable because there is a lot less of a height difference, in between the front and the back of your foot.

High Heel Sandals

high heels sandals
Such sandals come in not just varying heights but also different types. A high heel sandal can be any shoe that has any single one of the heel categories that have already been listed above, such as traditional high heels or stilettos or even kittens.

Ballroom Dance Shoes

ballroom dance shoes
These are nifty looking strappy shoes come suitably well-equipped with an enclosed ankle and a back strap. As the name states, the ballroom dance shoe has plenty of support for (yes, you may well have guessed it) setting the dance floor on fire. They are not only low enough to be stable but at the same time, they also provide the requisite height necessary for a vertical lift (for that breathtaking moment when he literally sweeps you off your feet). With the passage of time, they are becoming increasingly becoming popular at weddings and engagements.

The undying allure of Ballet flats

However, heels are not the only shoes around that can give you that awesome ‘high (without appearing high in the literal sense that is). The humble ballet flat (so called because it has been derived from the soft shoes preferred by ballerinas, the world over) is a suitably great addition to just about any woman’s wardrobe and no, you will not have to cry real tears of pain every time you take a walk.

Yes, flats such as sneakers and trainers can get the job done easily enough. But you do not need to just wear that plain white pair of tennis shoes to work. Rather, your ballet flats can be jazzed up a lot, easily enough. And moreover, adding oomph to them can also add that veneer of class that is the sole domain of the (by now) ubiquitous pair of heels.

Use larger platforms to add height

Let us be clear about one thing. Wearing ballet flats (or any other types of flats) really does not mean sacrificing that extra few inches. A typical white platform with a few inches thrown in for good measure can really boost your height while keeping simultaneously making you both look and feel comfortable and fresh in the bargain. You can also try mating them with a pair of slim fit trousers and a nifty blazer. Voila! You have the perfect smart and stylish office outfit.

Add a color pop to your trusty flats

Pink is in. And This is why you will not go far wrong in adding just a dash of the pink color to your trainers and ballet flats. This is great for enhancing your femininity, especially when you want to really let your hair down and are out to ‘paint the town red’ after a hard day at work.


Remember that there is a shoe for every occasion and individual preference. But now you know what is out there and what your options really are. If pin sized stilettoes really make you feel good about yourself then, you should just go for them and wear them for that wedding you had been planning for months on end.
If ballet flats and pumps really make you feel both sexy and comfortable while working at the office, then there really is no reason you should not stick to those. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself and does not hurt and harm your feet, should be your first choice. SO, go right ahead and hoard your wardrobe with the prettiest and daintiest heels you can find, anywhere in the market!

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