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Reebok CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker

Summer is close at hand and that means it is a time to search for a pair of excellent shoes for the warm season. Our choice fell on the trainers CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker from the firm Reebok and it is no coincidence. Indeed, nowadays the trainers have replaced practically all the types of the shoes. People love the sneakers for its comfort, simplicity, and flexibility.

Reebok CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker

Brand Reebok
Model CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker
Material Textile, Nylon, Suede, Synthetic
Sole Rubber
Color Black/Chalk/Flint Grey; Stucco/Chalk/Rose Gold
Orign Vietnam
The detailed review is presented for your attention. Never one detail will avoid the observation. Thus, let us get started.

Upper Part Material

The sneakers are designed with the combination of three materials. The back part of the shoes, the zone with apertures for lacing and front part are made of chamois leather with the coarse shag. The upper part, tongue and lateral side are made of the nylon with a corrugated pattern. The lateral lines, which smoothly turn into the board where a logotype is located, are manufactured of the imitation leather. Altogether, these are high-qualitative materials. The breathable materials prevent the unpleasant flavor appearance. In spite of the dark color, this pair of sneakers will excellent suited for summer, warm autumn and spring time. To be honest, it is not the applicable variant for the rainy weather, because the material freely passes the water. However, the trainers are quickly getting dry again. It also should be mentioned that the model obtains an immense capability to hold the initial shape.

Fit on Feet and Size

fit size
Foremost, it should be marked that the reviewing model of the sneakers is suitable only for a slim foot. In spite of its softness, the people with wide feet or standing out bones on the legs will feel discomfort.
This pair of sneakers looks much tight. The size pointed by manufacturer coincides with the factual one. The height of shoes may be controlled by means of the lacing, which is broad enough besides. The tongue of the trainers is very convenient and if the sneaker is laced, it will snugly fit the foot.

Innersole and Soleplate

outsole innersole view
The innersole is made from the synthetic material, the cover of which is stretched over by nylon. It is extremely soft and provides with the convenient location of the foot. There are the padded collars inside the trainers around the boards and at the backside. These collars prevent of the callus occurrence and create the additional comfort for feet. All the inseams are very accurate. The cut edges of the sewed materials are covered.
The soleplate consists of two layers: the first one is EVA and second layer is rubberized. The combination of innersole and soleplate makes the model absorbable. By feeling it is like an easy springy effect. According to the manufacturer’s words, the sole is soil-resistant. This is not to say that it will be always perfectly clean, but any impurities are relatively easy removed by a sponge and water.


As for the references to the brand, present model has several as follows: on the backside, the name of the mark is made by the impressed letters; on the innersole; on the tongue in frontage, on the inner side the information about manufacturer is pointed and sizes; a little logotype is located sideways.

Intended Purpose

sneakers view
The Reebok sneakers are not the best option for running due to its straight soleplate. Such type of soleplate may cause discomfort feelings. The model may be applied to shoes for doing sports, which do not create the heavy load to legs like jumping or run.
But if you love the hour-long walks, this model of sneakers will be a real breakthrough for you. Light and soft pair is perfectly suited for walks. You will feel no fatigue for a long time. It is an excellent everyday and also working variant of shoes.

Fashion Combinations with Reebok Women’s CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker

This pair of trainers will be a marvelous addition to any type of jeans, either boyfriend or skinny. The sneakers look stunning and stylish in combination with the egg-shaped coat and also with a bomber jacket. Extravagant and a little fanciful is a mix of trainers with the figure-hugging dress with high neck and just below the knees by length. Thus, there is a multitude options for fashion experiments that makes the model a universal pair of shoes.

Our Verdict

We recommend the trainers CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker due to its extremely high quality and gorgeous appearance. We are confident that you will get a lot of pleasure with a purchase.

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Reebok CL Nylon Slim Video

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Reebok CL Nylon Slim Metallic Fashion Sneaker


  • I wear sneakers all year round, I do not recognize any other shoes. Interesting model. The sneakers of this brand are soft, comfortable. They are very comfortable in wear.

  • I really love these sneakers. Soft and very light. On the feet look very neat. Something in form resembles a New Balance.

  • Bought for work wear. Perfect! Comfortable, smart, and go with everything. Have a good ventilation.

  • The Reebok logo nicely breaks up the black. They are comfortable and for someone who is looking for a genuine classic.

  • Very comfortable. Can wear these all day long. Really universal sneakers. They complement any outfit. I bought 2 different colors. Would definitely buy these again!

  • I really like these shoes. I’ve tried a lot of walking shoes for last 10 years. But all of them were not perfect. And now having Nylon I’m glad that I found them. If you prefer a walking you will enjoy them!

  • Love them! Despite the suede upper they are easy to clean with special brash. Have them in black. Super soft insole. Love to wear them.

  • I am a waitress and on my feet for at least 8-9 hours a day, and they are comfortable. I do have a high arch which these shoes don’t support but even without the arch support, these shoes are still very comfortable. Bought a 0.5 size up.

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