Fake Vs Real Women's Sneakers

Celine Block Sneakers: Original or Fake

Today we talk about the novelty of the season – snow-white sneakers from the French spring-summer 2022 collection. These are Celine Block Sneakers. Such sneakers can be called a must-have for any fashionista, because they are massive and without any special accents. But let’s talk about the features of such sneakers and how to distinguish the original model from a cheap fake.

General information about Celine Block Sneakers

The sneaker maker is a popular designer and photographer Hedi Slimane. These sneakers are made from 100% calf leather. It also has a chunky sole and cotton laces. And retro motifs from the past are taken as the basis for the design of sneakers.
Celine Block Sneakers
Original sneakers are even harder to distinguish from fakes than bags. Perhaps the reason for this is that we do not pay much attention to them, and they are unlikely to be felt. But if you look closely at the shoes not on the leg, then it immediately becomes clear where the original is and where the fake is. By the way, the original model is on the left.
Celine Block Sneakers Original vs Fake

Sole Shape

In the original, the sole cannot be completely flat. It should have curves, thanks to which the shoe cushion is comfortable while walking. This is not only a matter of design, but also of your comfort. In the original model, the sole in the heel area is curved, based on the anatomical features of a person. The material does not wear out and will last longer.
Celine Block Sneakers Original
A fake has a straight sole in this area, so it will quickly wear off.
Celine Block Sneakers Fake

Celine Block Design

In the original, the inscription is larger, the letters are wide and there is a large distance between them. Also, the original shoe platform consists of several parts – smooth and grainy.
Celine Block Sneakers Original Sole
The fake also has two types of soles, but the transition is less noticeable. By the way, the sticker with the size on the sole immediately gives out a fake.
Celine Block Sneakers Fake Sole
Celine Block Sneakers Fake Sole with Size Label
In the original model, the shoe size is printed on the tag.
Celine Block Sneakers Original Label

Celine Brand Inscription

You don’t even have to be an expert here to notice the difference. Also, the back of the sneaker is softer, while the fake is more rigid. Original sneakers are less likely to hurt your foot. By the way, the color of the sneakers is also different. In the original model, it is absolutely white, while the fake is more milky.
Celine Label Fake vs Original

Leather Quality and Perforation

In the original sneakers, the leather is more matte and grainy. This is clearly seen in its details, especially on the side and front area where the laces are attached. In the original model, the thickness and dressing of the leather that can be seen in this area is great. In the fake, the leather is thin and made from the remains of the leather. In the original, this part is more voluminous, and in the fake, this part is flat.

Celine Leather Original

Perforation of sneakers is also different. It is fake, it is not very aesthetic and water can even leak there.
Celine Leather Fake Perforation


In the original model they are made of cotton, in the fake they are made of synthetic material, possibly polyester. If we talk about the tongue of sneakers, then it even differs in appearance. In the original model, it is high-quality, voluminous and the letters are also larger. The logo even gives off shine. In a fake, it is more matte, the application is not deep, the letters are not thick.
Celine Original Lace
Celine Fake Lace

Let’s get back to the details of the tongue. It is originally made of two parts, it is quite mobile, it helps to make the shoes wear-resistant. The leather is not elastic, so these sneakers will last a long time. Fake is not like that.

Insoles – fake vs original

They differ in color both on one side and on the other. The original back of the insole is blue. It is also thinner.
Celine Insole Fake vs Original front side photos
Celine Insole Fake vs Original back side photos

The Final Word

Pay attention to such details so as not to fall for fakes and wear only high-quality original shoes. Take care of your legs and the next time you doubt your choice, remember all these differences.

Disclaimer(!) This material including screenshots was prepared using the next video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD9Nw-3CnI4

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