Women’s Slippers Reviews

Slippers are kind of shoes for home wearing. They can have opened or closed heel. Home slippers are a soft footwear and they must provide ultimate comfort. They can be made of natural or synthetical materials, and have the diversiform design. Here you will find reviews and guides.

Best Moccasin House Slippers Collage

Top 7 Best Moccasin House Slippers 2017

Moccasin slippers are really useful and irreplaceable thing at home during cold winters to keep your feet warm and comfy. It is a great alternative to regular slippers. They are traditionally made from a...

6 Best Acorn Slippers For Women

The 6 Best Acorn Slippers For Women

The purchase of the slippers for a house is a serious matter, indeed the legs must rest after busy working day. It is extremely important that the footwear of this group will be comfortable, qualitative...