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Capelli New York Ladies Injected Clog With Backstrap & Removable Sock

Capelli New York is one of the fastest growing companies in today’s market. The company was founded in 1990 and it is based in New York City, their product lines include accessories, jewelry, hosiery, rainwear, sleepwear, home fashion and of course footwear. And today we will review their super comfortable and lightweight Ladies Injected Clog With Backstrap & Removable Sock, which is perfect for going outside while it is really hot or for the walk to the beach.

Capelli New York Ladies Injected Clog With Backstrap Removable Sock

Brand Capelli New York
Name Ladies Injected Clog With Backstrap & Removable Sock
Material Plastic upper / Rubber sole
Color Pink; Turquoise; White
Origin China
Features Removable insole/Removable back strap/Non-slip bottom/Perforated upper/Lightweight materials/Breathable construction

Capelly NY Look

These clog-like shoes might not match everyone’s idea of fashion, but they are designed for superior comfort in the first place. Footwear has special construction – perforated upper, removable back strap and thick non-slip bottom. Shoes are presented in 3 bright and fun colors – pink, white and turquoise. Don’t be afraid of these light colors, because clogs are completely washable.

Where to wear Clogs by Capelli New York

If you have no idea where you can wear these shoes – they are a perfect choice for the beach or other water adventures, as they dry really quickly. You can wear them for working in the garden, walking with your dog or when you have camp stop during hiking. Also, they are extremely popular among nurses in the hospital, where they spend all day on the feet. So, they are great for many other occasions where you really need extra comfort and support.

Capelly Clog Fit and Sizing

As for sizing, shoes are running a little bit small, so you should order them a size bigger than you usually do. If you have sensitive skin, holes in the upper part can irritate your skin, in this case, we recommend wearing clogs with socks. But if you feel that shoes are a slightly narrow for you, remember that insoles are removable. If you take them out, it will give extra space for your feet.

Comfort from Capelly

This type of shoes have become popular in recent years because they don’t rub the foot, don’t cause blisters and pain unlike the usual slippers and they are easy to put on and off. Special construction makes this footwear appropriate for any occasion. Due to a removable back strap, these shoes have 2 options of wearing – like usual slippers (you can just easily slip into the clog) or you can use back strap to securely fix shoes on your foot. The first variant is really simple and quick and second is more suitable for long wearing.
The upper part is made of a special synthetic lightweight material, which has small holes all around the surface that will let your feet breathe and stays dry. The material is soft and won’t rub your feet, yet it is sturdy enough to provide excellent protection. Shoes are washable and dry really fast.
The insoles also have special construction, which offers exceptional ventilation. Also, they are removable.
The bottoms are hard and at the same flexible. In addition, they have nice arch support.
Shoes are really weightless, so you won’t feel them during wearing. The construction proves to be very durable and reliable.

Feet protection

Plastic material will protect your fingers from potential injuries during walking.


  • Removable back strap
  • Lightweight materials
  • Durable construction
  • Soft upper part
  • Provide good ventilation
  • Washable
  • Dry fast
  • Sturdy and flexible bottom
  • Removable and breathable insoles
  • Bring all day comfort and arch support
  • Bright and fan colors


  • Holes at the upper part can irritate sensitive skin
  • Not true to size

Good choice

If you need some breathable, lightweight, comfortable footwear for outdoor adventure – clog shoes from Capelli New York are a great choice. They have a lot of advantages and will work great for many occasions. So, we are definitely recommending these shoes to everyone.

Capelli NY Injected Clog With Backstrap and Removable Sock

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