Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandals Review

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandal

Brand Birkenstock
Model Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals
Material Suede, Synthetic sole, Metallic Clasps
Dimensions 12 inch x 6 inch x 5 inch (30.5 cm x 15.2 cm x 12.7 cm)
Country Origin Germany

Unique Design of Inner Sole

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals has a patented inner sole consisted of the follows layers:

  • Natural latex is the lowest layer;
  • Natural cork powder is the second layer;
  • Extra soft lining leather, which lies in direct contact with the foot;
  • Jute fiber, which is located between the layers.

It should be mentioned that the manufacturer of the inner sole is produced with eight stages. Everything is made manually.

Upper Part Materials

The upper part of the models is made from the chamois. It is thick enough and tight (approximately 3 mm), but also it is flexible. The synthetic colorants are not applied there. The main thrust is in the naturalness. The leather is agreeable to the touch, does not cause the callus and breathable. The presence of straps gives an opportunity to correct the breadth of the shoes.

Health Benefit

Since the model Arizona is orthopedic one, it cannot but influence on the health condition as a whole. The convenient shoe-tree allows not only keep the footstep in the sandal but also has a relaxing effect on the footstep. Besides, the footwear obtains the antibacterial effect due to the natural latex of the rubber-bearing plants and cork in the composition of the materials.

Place in Wardrobe

The “birkenstocks” is the footwear in unisex style. The shoes look rather roughish but therein lies their smartness. They perfectly combine with the practically any clothing. The sandals in tandem with the dress, skirt, broad trousers will add a facile carelessness and profitably accentuate the femininity of fashion image. And the business formal will be substantially attenuated and freshened by a pair of the Birkenstock shoes.

Color Score

Arizona Sandals have a wide set of colors and materials. Absolutely each variant is understated enough, that is the universal solution for a combination of the sandals with the clothing.

Photos of Used Sandals(click to expand)

Taupe, after buying

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandal Taupe

Tobacco Brown, after buying

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandal Tobacco Brown

Metallic Copper, after buying

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandal Metallic Copper

For whom this footwear is created?

Birkenstock is the comfort in the everyday wearing. For those, who have been searching for the useful footwear for a long time and for those, who appreciate the laconism and moderation in style, Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals will be a real catch.

  • Wearing comfort
  • Health benefit
  • Various colorations
  • High-qualitative materials application
  • Antibacterial peculiarities of the inner sole
  • Models come in two options of breadth
  • No scuff marks on light floor

  • Double check size

Birkenstock Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Birkenstock Size Chart

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals Video

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Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals


  • The Berks are great! High quality, cool design! I bought these in a narrow because the regulars were sold out. I have an average width foot and the narrows fit perfect.

  • I love these sandals! I wore them for a few days to break them. They are incredibly comfortable and look great with shorts and skirts. I wear them all the time!

  • I have worn the Birks for many years and love them so much. Thick suede, soft footbed and great support to my high arches. I wear them everywhere, because they are so great!

  • I have been wearing Birkenstock sandals for a long time. They are so comfortable, look stylish too. The soft footbed is wonderful!

  • Birkenstock is wonderful! Especially for an everyday shoe! I have some problems with my feet but they fit perfectly.

  • This is the second pair of Birkenstocks I have bought and I love them. You really can’t go wrong with any pair they are all comfy and cute. It is more comfortable on your feet than the old footbed, though I do like the old footbed too.

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