Top 10 Warm Slippers with Arch Support for Women

Many ladies prefer to wear slippers as an additional warmer for the feet in the cold season, and they also need arch support for a good feeling. For these reasons, it was created many designs of female home slippers and they really care about feet’s health. And now let’s find out, which kind of warm home slippers you can buy for today, their main advantages and try to find the best universal variant for everybody.
We organized the results of our investigation in two tables to be clearly informed. First table with characteristics. The second table includes marks from 1 to 10 to each model according to different characteristics and then you can choose what is more important to you.

Compare Warm Slippers with Arch Support

Photo Brand Model Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Features Our Mark

Best Choice

Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Comfort Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Orthotic Slipper Thumb

Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Comfort Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Orthotic Slippers Leather Synthetic 1 color
  • Ortho-Cushion™ System
  • Premium orthotic insole
  • Engineered for people with foot problems

Best Choice

Vionic Women’s Gemma Slipper Thumb

Vionic Women’s Gemma Slipper Fabric Rubber 7 colors
  • Microfiber footbed

Best Choice

Haflinger Women’s AR Coffee Slipper Thumb

Haflinger Women’s AR Coffee Slipper Boiled Wool Felt 1 color
  • Coffee-themed applique at upper
  • Ribbed overlay at entry

Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper Thumb
Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper Textile Synthetic 7
  • Temperature-regulating upper
  • Knit topline trim
  • Split-toe seam

ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper Thumb
ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper Synthetic Rubber 4 colors
  • Acorn Signature Comfort Sole construction
  • Lofty Acorn memory foam midsole
  • Enhanced raised heel and arch
  • Non-slip weatherproof outsole

ACORN Women’s Dara Slipper Thumb
ACORN Women’s Dara Slipper 100% Boiled Wool Rubber 8 colors
  • Fleecy footbed featuring

Haflinger Women’s AS24 Chianti Slipper Thumb
Haflinger Women’s AS24 Chianti Slipper Wool Synthetic 3 colors
  • Natural latex arch support
  • Contoured footbed
  • Natural breathable material

Vionic Adilyn Women’s Orthotic Support Slipper Thumb
Vionic Adilyn Women’s Orthotic Support Slippers Synthetic Rubber 3 colors
  • Original design
  • Little bow at the side

Isotoner Women’s Terry Clog Thumb
Isotoner Women’s Terry Clog 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester Rubber 2 colors
  • Cushioned memory foam molds
  • Cotton-blend terry

KushyShoo Women’s Slip-on Fluffy Winter Clog Slipper Thumb
KushyShoo Women’s Slip-on Fluffy Winter Clog Slippers Cotton Rubber 2 colors
  • Decorative bowknot
  • Foam-padded sole
  • Non-slip sole

Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Comfort Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Orthotic Slippers

Orthofeet Charlotte Women's Slipper Review

This model was created for a person, who needs the orthopedic support of legs. They are made from leather and has extra depth design, so should suit to different leg’s shape and make good foot arch support. Comfort in this model is also reached by the special lightweight sole, which affords you to make ergonomic strides and helps to facilitate foot motion.

Vionic Women’s Gemma Slipper

Vionic Women's Gemma Slipper Review

It is the first model we are going to explore. It’s available in 7 different colors from standard creme and black to interesting zebra and leopard. It’s interesting to mention, that slippers with zebra print are more durable in use and fits leg better. About comfort of this model we can mention, that it has strong sole, made from rubber and really good hold your foot.

Haflinger Women’s AR Coffee Slipper

Haflinger Women's AR Coffee Slipper Review

The best kind of home slippers for coffee lovers. On one side is the print of aroma coffee cup and on other – pack of coffee beans. Such design usually attracts active people, who prefer fashion and smart variants of home clothes. We can’t say that this model is the best example of comfort, but in any case, it’s good for young people with energetic lifestyle. They are made from boiled wool so presumed to be warm.

Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper

Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper Review

They are cozy and made from quality wool, so it’s owner, in any case, will feel confident and relax. Is important to mention, that home slippers are popular not only to wear but also to present as a gift. This gift is very universal, useful and appropriate for any occasion. In addition, it’s a unique opportunity to shine with true knowledge of the nature of the owner.  Again here we see the waterproof synthetic sole, affording its owner to wear it even outside. That the classic variant of reliable and durable in usage thing.

ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper

ACORN Women's Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper Review

This is really the luxury model, made from artificial chinchilla fur and warm Italian plush. This model calls and you will definitely choose it if you prefer not the only comfort, but its combination of beauty. This model is really easy in usage and you can put it on and off without hands even regarding the fact, that these slippers are absolutely closed. More to that, you will never lose it during your walking – that it is also one of the main advantages of this pair.

ACORN Women’s Dara Slipper

ACORN Women's Dara Slipper Review

Made from Italian wool and polyester they are the good variant for home and outdoor wearing. These slippers have a flexible rubber sole with orthopedic properties. That’s why it helps to support feet. High-quality and soft material cares about feet’s skin. Having a wide range of colors and variants of design they will attract you. More detail information about this and other models from brand Acorn you can find here.

Haflinger Women’s AS24 Chianti Slipper

Haflinger Women's AS24 Chianti Slipper Review

They are cozy and comfortable. They are quite nice and made on the famous manufacturer in Germany. If you prefer fashionable things – this if for you! This model is possible in bright red color. Sole is made from latex and in general this thing is breathable, so your legs will never be sweat.

Vionic Adilyn Women’s Orthotic Support Slippers

Vionic Adilyn Women's Orthotic Support Slipper Review

The vast majority of girls remain adherents of soft home slippers without backdrops. After all, it’s so cozy to dive at the doorstep, dropping the hateful hairpins that scoffed at the woman’s foot during the whole working day. We can recommend this model for the fact that it is warm, comfortable and cozy at home, in addition, it is in this model that the leg is placed in a warm melange, knitted grandmother’s sock. Ultimately, loyal slippers-plush toys, though ideal for boldly and without looking around walking around the life of the errant woman but remain outside of our list.

Isotoner Women’s Terry Clog

Isotoner Women's Terry Clog Review

80% made from cotton – slippers, which has absolutely women tiny design. As you see, their fabric is light and breathable beside with sole strong and waterproof. A good classic variant of home slippers for neat women. This model is available in two standard colors – black and gray.

KushyShoo Women’s Slip-on Fluffy Winter Clog Slippers

KushyShoo Women's Slip-on Fluffy Winter Clog Slipper Review

Super cute cotton made slippers is the best choice for smart people. Available in light purple and Tan color they attract people with an active lifestyle, but open for everything cozy soul. Sole in this model is not slipping, provides foot arch support. It can be a nice gift to your mother on International Women’s Day or some like this occasion.


As you can see on the table above the leaders are Orthofeet Charlotte, Vionic and Hafinger. They have highest marks almost in all criterions. We don’t want to say that other models are worse. They also have high quality and excellent arch support. And if you prefer another pair of slippers it will be also a perfect choice. But remember the basic requirements for home slippers: it must keep the shape, be light, breathable, persistent to sweating, comfortable for your foot. Don’t buy slippers one or two sizes more, so that the foot in them at every step is creepy in different directions. If you feel comfortable in your new home shoes – it’s yours. In general, it’s great, that there is a tradition to wear slippers at home. This is a part of our home culture.

Buyer’s Guide

When do you need to buy slippers with arch support?

Nowadays the everyday life of a person, whether an adult or a child, is at a crazy pace. A special load throughout the day gets to the feet. And the pain that appears in feet in the evening, as a rule, signals about the feet problems. Often, the occurrence of these diseases is caused by the normal shoes. In order to remove the discomfort and restore the lost ease, you need to choose the right shoes, and slippers are not an exception. However, home footwear for correction of feet becomes an obligatory attribute in the presence of these pathologies: clubfoot; flat feet; deformation of fingers; rheumatoid arthritis; diabetic foot syndrome. It should be noted that the technology of manufacturing such corrective slippers helps effectively counteract almost any orthopedic problems.

Which benefits do the orthopedic slippers have?

Correction slippers are an alternative to the standard shoes for the house, which has no therapeutic effect. This footwear for the whole family makes it possible for the feet to rest properly and comfortably. Orthopedic specialists advise wearing such slippers for the prevention and treatment of flat feet and in addition to counteracting the development of varicose veins. Well-chosen slippers with arch support help to relieve tension in the muscles and help to get rid of fatigue in the legs.

The entire positive effect of the doctor’s corrective shoes is correlated with the impact on the acupuncture centers, which abound in the foot. This is achieved by means of a massage sole, which is present in almost every model of such slippers. During walking, its medicinal properties (foot massage) helps to eliminate fatigue, pain, and heaviness in the legs.

Why are slippers with arch support a must-thing to buy for women?

Although no one disputes the benefits of these slippers for men, women need them more. Orthopedic slippers help to cope with the consequences of wearing uncomfortable high heels. Of course, women pay attention not only to the convenience of footwear for the house but also to its aesthetic look. Although often, in order to solve orthopedic problems, corrective slippers look like shoes with a leather sock and an open back, they are also very beautiful. Naturally, you can find open models in which there is a pure massage insole, but it is important to understand that partially corrective action is achieved by keeping the front part of the foot of the toe.

In addition, the materials used to form the toe of slippers, as a rule, guarantee the access of oxygen to the skin of the legs, and in addition, often slippers have a mild massage effect that ensures the correct blood flow. That’s why it’s enough to put your feet in such slippers, in order to mark in 15-20 minutes that the pain gradually fades and fatigue disappears. Although models of orthopedic slippers for women often look very stylish, it is worth recalling: almost all manufacturers of corrective footwear offer a service for the individual manufacture of similar products. Nevertheless, no matter what option a lady prefers, it is advisable to visit an orthopedic specialist and discuss the parameters of slippers before buying the most suitable pair.

How to choose orthopedic slippers?

Some buyers believe that if the slippers have a supinator, they are orthopedic. At least, this is often written in the reviews. Actually, this is not true. There are 5 basic requirements for this type of footwear:

  • The material of the top and the insoles are natural so that the air can pass freely, and the feet breathe. Genuine leather, wool, cotton are used.
  • It is desirable to have straps to adjust the completeness.
  • Insole – with a deep groove under the heel, so that when walking, it does not move from side to side. There must be a supinator, often – a roller under the fingers.
  • The sole is flexible with cushioning effect. Between it and the insole, an additional cushioning layer from the micro-port is often laid.
  • In slippers for diabetics there are no seams inside. For this, a special lining cut was developed. Nothing should rub the skin.

Slippers Size Charts

Vionic Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Vionic Women's Shoe Size Chart

Acorn Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Acorn Size Women’s US Women’s European Women’s UK
XX-Small 5-6 35-37 3-4
X-Small 6.5-7.5 37-38 4.5-5.5
Small 8-9 38-40 6-7
Medium 9.5-10.5 40-41 7.5-8.5
Large 11-12 41-43 9-10

Isotoner Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Isotoner Women's Shoe Size Chart


  • I’ve found here my home slippers from Vionic. I mean “gemma”. They are super cute, have excellent arch support, nice heel cup, great style! Perfect for my problem feet.

  • Have Haflinger, but with kat. My cozy slippers! These are warm and very well made. They are a bit wide but it’s not a problem for me. I wear them with socks. I like the non-slip bottoms. They have some arch support, wish there was a bit more but even so, they are comfortable even when walking around the house all day.

  • I finally found a suitable slippers for my foot. And these are Orthofeet Orthotic slippers. These are comfy and warm. My feet feel supported, cushioned, and the heel is in correct proportion to what I need. So glad my hunt is over!

  • If you want comfy warm slippers buy Vionic! Pink is also cute! They support my feet and give me a comfort what I need. Te rubber sole allows me wear them outdoor.

  • ACORN chinchilla Slippers are high-quality and durable. They have arch support. All characteristics are good except their look. In real life it’s not pretty. Very bulky.

  • Slippers from Isotoner are great. I had the similar pair and wanted to buy new. I was so glag when find them, because it was difficult. They are favorite slippers for a long time.

  • Haflinger AS Classic Slippers are very warm and soft and at the same time breathable. My feet don’t sweat. Snug enough. Fit perfectly.

  • I love Isotoner slippers. I have to have arch support for my feet and these are the only slippers I can wear. Only two disadntages: they are hard to find in stores and need a break-in time.

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