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The Best Shoe and Foot Odor Eliminators

Everyone had this problem with footwear when it starts to have an unpleasant odor after wearing. Especially this situation appears when your feet are sweating in the sports shoes during your training or when you are wearing the same pair of shoes all day long at the work. And it is very hard to clean footwear from the inside because not all models have removable inserts and so on. That’s why we made the list of useful things that will help you to prevent or get rid of unpleasant scent in your shoes.

Editor Choice – The Best 3 Odor Removers for Shoes and Foots

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Top 1

Sneaker Balls Shoe Gym Bag and Locker Deodorizer Thumb

Soft Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe Gym Bag and Locker Deodorizer
  • Cover up the odor
  • Small and Round design
  • Diameter of 1.5 inches

Top 2

Foot Sense Odor Eliminator Thumb

Foot Sense Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder
  • Neutralizes Smelly Shoes and Destroys Bacteria
  • 100 Gram / 3.5 Oz. Size
  • Perfect for Dance, Hockey and Soccer Shoes
  • Works Great for Intertrigo and Skin Fold Issues

Top 3

Shoe Deodorant Spray Thumb

Right Foot Foot and Shoe Deodorizer
  • 100% All Natural Anti-Bacterial Essential Oil mixture
  • Easy to use, just spray directly on your feet or in your shoe
  • Enough for the toughest odor from heavily used athletic shoes
  • Safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin

Soft Sole Sneaker Balls

sneaker balls

Sneaker balls foot deodorant will remove smell in the most difficult and tight places in your shoes, where other fresheners can’t reach thanks to their small size and round shape. This product will work for any kind of footwear of different sizes as well as for gym bags and lockers.

Foot Sense – Foot and Shoe Powder

Foot and shoe powder

If you have stinky shoes this special powder that is designed to fight bacteria and an unpleasant odor will come in handy. It is made of natural components that are safe to use, so you can even sprinkle it directly on your feet if it is needed. Also, the powder is super affordable, which is a great advantage.

Right Foot Deodorant

shoe deodorant

You can actually use an underarm antiperspirant or deodorant for your feet to prevent sweating. You have to apply it like you do it for your armpits and it will really work for feet too. That is great because you don’t have to buy another product for the foot sweat.

Air Purifying Bags

Air purifying bags

If you are not a fan of different scents that other shoe freshener will leave after the usage, you can try these bags filled with bamboo charcoal. This product is wonderful, because it absorbs moisture and unpleasant smell, preventing bacterial growth. Bags don’t disguise foot odor with other chemical smell, just removing it for good, so your shoe’s pair will be like new after every usage.

PTCLTRAPS Bag Inserts with Cedar

Bag inserts with cedar

This is simple cotton bags that are filled with cedar shavings, which have a feature to absorb moisture and smell. These bags will help you to keep your shoes fresh and clean. People who spend a lot of time wearing the same pair of shoes at the work will be happy to have them because all you need to do is to fill your footwear with these cedar bags and at the morning the smell is gone. This is very convenient in comparison with foot powder that goes everywhere. These inserts as well will help your shoes to keep their shape.

Peppermint Foot Spray

Peppermint foot spray

This great peppermint spray will not only remove the unpleasant smell but also will moisturize your feet, keep them cool and remove the pain and fatigue. The product is great for people who get tired in the shoes because the cooling effect will help you to relax and keep feet healthy and refreshed. Another great advantage of this thing is that it really destroys bacteria that causes foot odor.

Household Essentials Cedar Shoe Tree

Cedar shoe tree universal

This special construction with cedar tree will help you to get rid of the nasty smell and at the same time will help your shoes to keep their shape. You can use it for any kind of footwear like pumps, flats, heels or boots. Also, it is very convenient for cleaning and polishing your footwear, keeping your arms clean of polish.

SmellWell Moisture Absorbing and Odor Eliminating Pouch

SmellWell moisture absorbing and odor eliminating pouch

These pouches fight the strongest smell and have amazing moisture-absorbing features. All you need to do is to leave these bags in your stinky and wet shoes overnight and magic will happen. By the morning your footwear will be absolutely dry and fresh. People who go in for sport will like this product because it works not only for shoes but also for gym bags, gear, and even cars. Pouches last up to 4 months of everyday usage.

Moisture Control Socks

Moisture control socks

If you hate the feeling of wet socks and feet we strongly recommend trying these moisture absorbing socks. Most of the smell preventing things can work only after you put footwear off, but this thing will works while you actually wearing the shoes. They are great for training, work and other occasions, because they absorb moisture, provide air ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry and also provide cushioned comfort.

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes

Feet wipes

If you are looking for something really affordable and simple, just use these wonderful foot wipes with aloe vera, that reduce the smell and freshen you up in the middle of the working day. They keep your feet cool, clean and odorless.

Fresh Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Fresh shoe deodorizer spray

There is another shoe spray that fights all weird smells with only one usage. No matter how long you have been wearing any pair of shoes it will help you no matter what because this spray has a very strong effect and efficient formula.

Antimicrobial Odor Eliminator Moisture Absorber

Antimicrobial odor eliminator moisture absorber

This odor eliminator gets rid of the funky smell with the help of special antimicrobial aluminosilicate minerals that absorb moisture and of course odor. Special technology applied to this product helps to dry wet shoes that soaked in the rain.

Anthony Veer Cedar Shoe Tree

Cedar shoe tree

If you want to care properly for your favorite pair of shoes choose these high-quality shoe tree made of cedar. It will work for any kind of material like fabric or leather and protect footwear from damage as well as protect it from the smell. After usage, you will only sense pleasant and long-lasting cedar aroma. Also, it can be adjusted to any size of the shoe.

Dr. Scholls Spray Powder

Dr. Scholls spray powder

This spray powder can be used for the inside part of your footwear and also you can apply it directly on your feet to get rid of odor and it is absolutely safe. For better effect, we recommend applying it twice.

Dr. Scholl’s Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s insoles

There is another product from Dr. Scholl’s and it is insoles. These odor-preventing insoles have special charcoal inside that absorbs sweat and smell, keeping your feet fresh and dry. They also have great protective features and they are just nice and comfy to wear with your favorite shoes.

Fresh Force Shoe Freshener

Fresh Force shoe freshener

This shoe freshener from Kiwi Select shows its smell-fighting effect when you are wearing footwear and pressing your foot against the boots or shoes. So, it basically works only when you are in the shoes. Also, the scent of the spray is neutral.

Corn Starch

Corn starch

Probably everyone has corn starch in their houses and it really can help if you decide to fight foot smell and moisture. Just sprinkle the small amount of corn starch inside the shoe and it will keep your shoes and feet dry all day.

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