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Top 4 Salomon Women’s Boots for Cold Winter

The popularity among shoppers led the company to the top rates of the world’s leading companies in this segment of the market. Let’s review 4 the most popular models of women’s boots for cold weather by Salomon.

Comparison Table of Winter Boots

Photo Model Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Features Mark

Best Choice

Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro Cswp W-W Snow Boot Thumb

Women’s Toundra Pro Cswp W-W Snow Boot Textile / Synthetic Rubber 2 colors
  • Warm to -40 Degree
  • Waterproof
  • Winter Contagrip

Salomon B52 TS GTX Winter Boot Thumb
Unfortunately, this model does not available.
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Full-grain leather / Synthetic fur Rubber
  • Winter Contagrip outsole
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • GORE-TEX Membrane
  • Warm to -25 Degree

Salomon Women’s Nytro GTX Winter Boot Thumb
Women’s Nytro GTX Winter Boo Manmade Rubber 1 color
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable Gore-Tex membrane
  • Warm to -20 Degree

Salomon Women’s Chalten TS Cswp W-W Snow Boot Thumb
Women’s Chalten TS Cswp W-W Snow Boot Textile / Synthetic Rubber 1 color
  • Winter Contagrip outsole
  • Climashield™ Waterproof Membrane
  • Heel protection
  • Warm to -20 Degree

Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro Cswp W-W Snow Boot

Salomon Women's Toundra Pro Cswp W-W Snow Boot Review

For the most severe frosts – the warmest shoes from the collection Salomon. It is suitable for extremely cold conditions and for a long stay on the street without much activity. It keeps your feet warm when the temperature is about -40°C. You will be able to forget about cold feet forever – even being almost without moving, boots Toundra save feet warm in the cold -30°C. Despite this thermal protection and massive appearance Toundra Pro already which year stay the most lightweight in their class. As an insular composition, it often used aero gel AeroTherm™ in the complex with synthetic fur. High sole with the middle sole of foam EVA also works on keeping your feet warm. Thanks to the membrane Climashield™ and rubber bottom, no moisture is not scary – neither damp snow nor March puddles. Stitched tongue combined with a high top will not allow the snow to get inside, even if you have to move the deep snow drifts. Therefore it is perfectly suitable as well as for dry frosty February snow and for wet March. Besides, it is easy-care, enough to wipe it with a damp cloth, and boots are clean again.

Salomon B52 TS GTX Winter Boot – Women’s

Salomon B52 TS GTX Winter Boot Review

It is a wonderful model for dynamic women who like long walks, rain or shine. Winter boots Salomon B52 produced with Gore-Tex membrane, that’s saying a lot. Your feet will be dry, and caring of the shoes will always be easy and quick. As an insulation is the Thinsulate (one of the best materials to date), guaranteeing your feet warmth and comfort, and also synthetic fur lining. The boots feature a massive pad. High sole with a middle layer EVA foam in conjunction with a thick winter lifts will keep your feet from the cold coming from the earth. The shoes Salomon B52 are very popular and remain a real bestseller throughout the years.

Salomon Women’s Nytro GTX Winter Boots

Salomon Women's Nytro GTX Winter Boot Review

It devoted to the true lovers of long winter walking. High-quality winter shoes Salomon Nytro developed for wearing in really cold weather conditions. The upside of the footwear made of artificial chamois leather with a Gore-Tex membrane. Insulation – Climaterm™ HD coupled with synthetic fur provides warm and comfort. To get a better adhesion at snow and ice conditions the sole protector done with an aggressive pattern. The medium sole from EVA foam provides cushioning when walking and insulation feet from the cold coming from the earth. The design on these winter shoes is modern, but rather elegant that allows wearing it both with sports clothes and further classical Casual style. In our view, it is the best model for those women who like long hikes and stylish design. Footwear Salomon Nytro GTX manufactured just not the first season and inevitably receives great reports from customers.

Salomon Women’s Chalten TS Cswp W-W Snow Boot

Salomon Women's Chalten TS Cswp W-W Snow Boot Review

The lightweight winter shoes are with a high ride, which is excellent for winter walking. The model utilizes a consecrated by time insulation Thinsulate™, which supports a great thermal insulation even if it will wet, and possesses slight thick, making the shoes profile more elegant. In the meantime, the model remains itself traits of shoes for winter tourism. For protection from slush and wetness in Chalten TS CS WP, it uses a membrane Climashield™ and high-quality top treatment. In relation to other models from this category, boots Salomon Chalten are the least warmth, but in the meantime, it is set them apart by comparatively light weight and non-clunky aesthetics, which permits applying them effectively as urban footwear.
In its winter footwear, Salomon uses soles of its own design – Contagrip Winter for tourist and everyday models and Mud & Snow Contagrip (in which metal spikes can also be used) in sneakers – for excellent grip during running on snow and ice. In the production of these soles, about 20 different components are used, and the renewed tread design provides effective grip in cold weather.

Buyer’s Guide

In the summer, wonderful, complex high-mountain trails will submit to you if you choose Salomon equipment for cross-country running. Tourism and sport can be inseparable, you want to run half of the hike – there is nothing easier if you have chosen the right sneakers, Salomon. And do not be surprised if your athletic result will be getting better day by day. After all, you have made a choice of champions, choosing Salomon!

What are the advantages of Salomon shoes?

Without going into the details of the technology, we can say that all of Salomon’s winter footwear, regardless of the model:


You will be surprised at how small the weight of even the most externally massive models.


It is one of the main characteristics of winter footwear. For those who are not afraid to go ahead, who are not looking for trampled paths. Depending on the model, Salomon uses several technologies to protect your feet from moisture: ClimaShield and Gore-Tex membranes, special impregnations.


For winter shoes this is the determining factor. As a heater, Salomon uses both its own designs – ClimaTherm and ClimaTherm HD, as well as the year-proven Thinsulate ™. The large used in the Toundra model, futuristic material, came from the aerospace industry.

Have a high sole:

Even in the warmest boots with a low sole, the feet quickly freeze, so all models of winter boots Salomon are made with a high sole.

Have a non-slip sole:

Salomon has developed about 30 different types of protectors designed for different shoe models, each time achieving an optimal ratio of adhesion – wear resistance. The narrower the element of the tread, the better the grip is; the wider, the higher its durability is.

What makes Salomon boots the best choice for cold winters?

Cold winter should not be a hindrance to long walks. The walks in the fresh frosty air are useful for health. Naturally, the feet should be warm and dry. The range of winter boots offered by Salomon Winter Perfomance series is designed for wearing in the coldest weather. Protectors and the composition of the sole of these models are designed taking into account the movement of snow and ice.

For the harshest frosts, the warmest boots from the collection of Salomon will be the best choice ever. They are suitable for extremely cold conditions and for a long stay outside without much activity. You can forget about frozen feet forever – Toundra boots keep feet warm at -30 ° C. Despite such thermal insulation and externally massive appearance, Toundra Pro remains the lightest in its class. An air gel AeroTherm ™ in a combination with artificial fur is used to make boots warm. High soles with intermediate soles of EVA foam also work to keep your feet warm.

ClimaShield ™ membrane and the rubberized bottom make Toundra Pro shoes the ideal choice for damp snow. The sewn-out tongue in a combination with the high top will not allow snow to get inside the shoes, even if you have to move on deep snowdrifts.

Tips how to take care of Salomon shoes

  • After shoe is worn, it is recommended to carefully remove all dirt with a soft damp brush. Shoes must never be washed in a washing machine. It is necessary to dry shoes at room temperature, away from external heat sources and not under direct sunlight.
  • In order to avoid premature natural aging (cracks, shrinkage, loss of waterproofness) of shoes and leather parts, Salomon specialists recommend treating leather products with a cream or water-based wax.
  • Some models of Salomon shoes use high-abrasive inserts of reinforcing materials. In the process of wearing the appearance of these surfaces may change, but this will not affect the quality of footwear.
  • It is recommended to periodically clean the lining materials to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor and to extend the life of the product. Specialists of Salomon recommend always putting on socks in order to prolong the life of the lining materials and prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell.
  • Salomon insoles make the wearing of shoes more comfortable and keep it clean. Insole should be regularly washed in a washing machine in warm water and replaced as needed.


  • Salomon Toundra is the most comfortable winter boots I’ve ever had. They are light weight and extremely warm. I’ve spent many hours wearing them in my trips. And they are really what I need.
    They did seem to run a tad big even with big socks on and it was a little difficult to really tighten up the lower section of the laces.
    Overall great boot, I would buy it again.

  • Bought nytro gtx boots for my daughter. They fit great and keep her warm while walking to and from school.

  • Toundra is my first Salomon shoes. I’ve taken these boots and Salomon became my favorite brand. I buy shoes only this trade mark. As for these model: they still alive after numbers of my winter hikes. They are perfect for hard frost conditions. Always dry and keep warmth.

  • Excellent grip on snowy ground. Comfortable enough for all-day wearing. Good insulation outdoors during 10- day winter holiday in Austria. Cons: laces tended to come undone – but had this problem with every pair of walking boots I’ve owned.

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