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Top Rated Vibram Furoshiki Yoga Fitness Shoes

Do you know about this new extraordinary brand Furoshiki Yoga? It is something incredible, something that completely breaks the habitual order of things. Japanese designer together with Italian manufacturer of sports shoes produced entirely new kind of shoes. Hardly anyone in the world has ever thought about this. Their first pair of footwear resembled Japanese type of packing gifts and other things. It looked like a square piece of fabric, which had elastic sole. Today this kind of shoes are famous all other the world. The last new unique creation of this perfect tandem is yoga shoes. This is special kind of shoes designed for people who practice yoga. Sport is an activity, which needs not only special physical training but also appropriate outfit. That’s why it is necessary to put on right shoes. If you take care of your health, Yoga shoes – It is what you really need.
In order to help you to make a choice, we try to do a comparison table of shoes, which are made especially to yoga and fitness training. The points system was used for the estimation of the parameters from 1 up to 5, where 5 is a very good, 1 is too bad.

Pic Find on Amazon Lightweight, easy carrying Ease of put on and remove Fixation on leg Antimicrobial footbed The originality of the design Precision array of the size

Best Choice

Vibram Women's Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe Thumb

Alitza Loop Fitness and Yoga Shoe
5 5 5 + 5 5

Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness and Yoga Shoe Thumb

Vibram VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe
4 5 4 + 5 4

Vibram Women's Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe Thumb

Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe
4 3 5 + 5 4

Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoe Thumb

Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoe
3 5 4 4 5

Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Fitness and Yoga Shoe

Vibram Women's Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe Review

It is the next popular model of Vibram shoes. Fivefingers footwear is a breakthrough in the industry of Fitness and Yoga fashion. Why are they so popular? Such kind of shoes has its own distinctive features, for example:

  • They are as flexible as shoes can be. It means you can spinning them in any side, fold in half but they won’t be broken or ripped.
  • The Fivefingers technology let them be the most suitable footwear for doing exercises, yoga training and other sports workout where it is necessary to have the best coordination of movements and grip with the floor.
  • Alitza Loop have a special loop on the back to make it easier to remove them and put on. It is really very convenient device for such kind of design.
  • The weave of webbing in the middle of the shoe is elastic and holds foot securely but at the same time not in a death grip.
  • Shoes are made of elastic stretch breathable material. Despite it is not natural origin that footwear does not make a condition to let your feet sweat. You will feel freshness and dryness during all training. This stretch polyamide fixes leg firmly and securely in the shoe, that is why you won’t be worry because of feeling discomfort.
  • A special Vibram sole. People all over the world know about the top quality of Vibram footwear. That manufacturer designs shoes for 75 years. And that yoga shoes are not an exception. The best kind of rubber is used to made soles. In turn, the sole has the fluting, which helps to have strong coupling even with wet floor.
  • Fitness and Yoga Shoes have antimicrobial footbed.

Alitza Loop for those who like to walk barefoot?

Their construction makes a feeling that you walk barefoot. You will feel any stone if you are walking on a rocky beach and climbing on the rock. It is a very unusual impression. The shoes have PU printing reinforcement in order to protect fingers. Vibram Alitza Loop Fitness and Yoga Shoes are designed especially for young ladies, who follow fashion and don’t want to look unattractive even at the time of yoga and fitness training. There are many different bright colors for every taste. Those shoes are suited not only for shorts, sports pants but also for skirts and dresses. You should choose the size of the shoes as the size of your leg, but you must be attention if you have some problem this your legs. For example, if your feet are thick, fingers are too long or you have others anatomical problems like a big bone near the big toe.

Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe

Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness and Yoga Shoe Review

These fantastic extraordinary shoes are the choice of all women in the world who have ever tried them on. They fall in love with that footwear and prefer other models of shoes. Ladies put them on not only for yoga training and for fitness, but also when they go to the party, take a trip or go to the beach. Fitness and Yoga Shoes are very stylish and fashionable that’s why everyone can feel like a Queen being in training in gum. That footwear gives a sense of comfort in any situation, for example, you can easily walk on the stones and at the same time don’t feel discomfort. It is like walking barefoot. Special kind of sole is designed in such way that shoes have the best grip on any surface even when the floor is wet. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes are the best one for training because they are the very lightweight, it is easy to carry them even in small handbags. Their unusual design is made in the form of gloves. It means that each finger is situated in the individual compartment, that’s why it is very easy to move them and have better stability on the floor at the time of the execution of complex exercises. They will be suited for people with any level of activity. You can put them on to do yoga and when not removing them to go for a walk. This model has the perforated surface, which make your feet breath. You won’t feel hot when you put them on. Such elastic material closely fit the leg without any discomfort, it means it won’t be tight, shoes won’t swing on the heels even if the leg is very thin. One of the advantages is that shoes are short, feet and fingers are not fully covered with rubber that’s why feet don’t sweat. At the same time, fingers are protected from potential impact damages if you stumble. Vibram VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes will be the best choice for those who have some physical problems with legs, for example, big bone near the big toe, arthritis or others because that footwear is weightless, does not cause any inconvenience while wearing, produce no pressure even on the bones. You won’t have any problem to put them on or to remove your shoes because it is as easy as breathing. Attention! Those shoes have their own feature. You must be careful when you choosing the size of Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness and Yoga Shoes, otherwise if the shoes not fit you in finger’s compartment they will easy and fast wear out. You should choose the same size as your foot is.

Vibram Women’s Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe

Vibram Women's Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe Review

Vibram Women’s Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe is a dream for all stylish girls. The unusual bright design is combined with the unmatched functionality of that footwear. Shoes are made of polyester mesh, which makes your feet breath. With help of that footwear, you will forgive about any foot odor after training. Soles of the shoes are produced of soft kind of rubber, which thickness is not more than 3,5 mm. Such soles are very flexible because of its scalloped design. They also have antimicrobial insoles.
This is a very elegant model, whiсh was designed especially for modern girls, who practice yoga, do ballet and those who just lead an active lifestyle. Extraordinary FiveFingers construction ensures safety for your fingers during all training and also helps to make the best grip coated on the floor. Lacing is required to fix the shoe on the leg and make the process of wearing more comfortable and relieves any discomfort. Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe design in few bright and rich colors. It is not too hard to care for them. You can wash it in a washing machine and then used air-drying. Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoes have one individual peculiarity: you must choose the size of the shoes not only of the length of the foot but also you must take into account the size of your fingers. This pair of the shoes can be the best choice for those who appreciate minimalism, comfort as if you walking barefoot, functionality and a little shocking.

Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoe

Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoe Review

Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoes are multipurpose footwear. You can put on these shoes, practice yoga and then go for a walk. That kind of shoes has a special anatomical sole, which repeats the form of the foot and it makes the process of the walking a very comfortable. The sole is made of famous patented soft rubber Vibram that’s why it is very flexible and durable. You easily can feel extraordinary lightness and weightlessness of these shoes.
It is a multi-size pair of shoes. It means that it will be suited for both nearby sizes, for example, 37-38 or 36-37. This quality parameter is very important if you have intermediate sizes of the foot. The next useful characteristic feature is elastic side belts, which support leg and provide good durability, maximum comfort, freedom of movement and safety for a leg. These belts attach with Velcro.
Some features of Vibram Furoshiki Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoes are:

  • suit for both: men and ladies;
  • you can put them on for all kind of doings: yoga, everyday use, playing outdoor games, claiming, tours;
  • different bright colors;
  • have special bag carrying;
  • take a little space.

They have the only one disadvantage. If you put on Walking-Yoga-Fitness Shoes the whole day the odor may appear. That’s why it is necessary to use special deodorants and wash them as often as you can.

The Best Choice

As you can see all models of Vibram Furoshiki shoes for yoga and fitness training have the good rating. All of these shoes are made of special long-lasting and durable material in order to make the process of using is more comfortable. Also, Vibram Furoshiki shoes are recommended for people who have some problems with legs. Its refined and unsurpassed design will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of style and fashion. You won’t ever want to put on any other shoes after the first wearing of Vibram Furoshiki footwear. Our choice is Alitza Loop Fitness and Yoga Shoe, because of lightweight, comfort and design. What model of Vibram Furoshiki shoes for yoga and fitness will you choose, please write in comments?

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes Buyer’s Guide

When you look at Furoshiki for the first time, you are unlikely to think about them as about shoes at all. This is because Vibram Furoshiki has their own original style, which doesn’t look similar to anything else you’ve seen before. Those who have already tried wearing them, describe their sensations as if they have usual socks on their legs. But the sole is quite dense here, so you can walk on pebbles or on gravel without painful sensations.

What is the most suitable occasion to wear Furoshiki?

Furoshiki shoes are perfect for bathing and walking. They are frequently chosen as shoes for yoga and fitness as they are very light and comfortable. Fixation is excellent, the material passes air, which guarantees the absence of unpleasant sensations even if you walk for long. It is a very convenient thing for rest – when you are somewhere in Greece driving a car, you come to a wild or semi-wild cool beach, you run into the rocks in the water and without fear of sea dragons and other reptiles, calmly go in the water. Light and compact Vibram Furoshiki quickly dry, help in the water and on land, you can safely walk everywhere you want: You can practice at the gym. You can walk at home. It is a versatile model of shoes, which is by right can be called an innovative footwear for a variety of scenarios.

What to wear Furoshiki with?

Depending on the occasion, where you are going to wear your pair of Furoshiki, you can combine them with different clothes. They will look great with summer shorts and a T-shirt. Some girls may wear them even with light dresses when it is hot outside as you will forget about sweating at all wearing the breathable shoes. They are perfect for those who like walking barefooted. Moreover, both men and women can wear them as the model is unisex. Furoshiki will add a fashionable touch to your look and will help to stand out as it doesn’t matter which clothes you will have on-all eyes will be on your shoes!

What Makes Furoshiki Different from Other Shoes?

It is difficult to compare Furoshiki with other shoes as this is an innovation. When we buy shoes in the store, they seldom fit perfect. The Italian footwear manufacturer Vibram, known for its military and sports shoes, has found a solution to this problem by creating amazing Furoshiki shoes. Initially, Furoshiki was a square piece of fabric, which the Japanese traditionally used to pack and carry objects of any shape and size.
This piece of fabric is very convenient to use: the fabric takes the form of the object that you wrap, and the handles make it easy to carry the load. In addition, the gift wrapped not in the hard paper, but in soft multi-layered fabric, acquires a special expressiveness. The footwear Furoshiki, created by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto. Does not have shoelaces and just wraps around the foot.

Vibram Furoshiki Size Guide

Official size guide from vibram.com:
Vibram Furoshiki Size Guid


  • I have Alitza Breathe shoes. They are absolutely perfect! Bought them year ago. The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. Their unusual design makes them amazing. At first time the heel was a bit tight for my foot but now they fit perfectly!

  • love these lightweight vibram VI-B shoes. I bought them before a trip to Arisona and they lived up to their expectations. The mesh is nice and cool, so no problem with hot feet. But notice they run small. They’ve been through the wash once so far and they came out great. I’m a Vibram Five Finger fan, so they were a no-brainer for me.

  • When we was in Thailand, we always walked barefoot or wore slippers. What I want to tell? Yoga shoes give amazingly feeling. Like you go barefoot. But it’s better because you have foot protection. I’m in love with them!!!

  • alitza loop is my favourite footwear. these are incredible shoes! as soon as i started walking in them, my gait and posture improved. they are super comfortable, although there is definitely no arch support.

  • They are better then sandals. My favourite summer footwear. Super comfortable and so cute. Recommend for everyone.

  • I have several pairs of FiveFIngers and I absolutely love these because they are much easier to get on. I like that they feel more like barefoot walking but with more protection than being barefoot.

  • I have another model – Vibram Vi. Agree with other reviews. These shoes are really very comfortable and I like their high quality. If you buy them once you will be the Vibram fan)

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