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Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar W Fashion Sneaker

Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar W Fashion Sneaker Leather / Synthetic Rubber Many Colors Available Retro Inspired Sneaker with classic rubber shell toe Indonesia 10

Adidas NEO Baseline W Fashion Sneaker
Adidas NEO Baseline W Fashion Sneaker Textile / Synthetic leather Rubber 2 colors Retro Inspired Fashion Indonesia 8

Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneaker
Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneaker Mesh / Synthetic Synthetic 3 colors Air Mesh upper With Cloudfoam sockliner Vietnam 8

Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker
Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker Mesh / Synthetic leather Rubber 1 color Injected EVA midsole and EVA outsole for comfort Vietnam 7

Adidas Originals Women’s Stan Smith W Fashion Sneaker
Adidas Originals Women’s Stan Smith W Fashion Sneaker Leather Rubber 6 colors Synthetic leather lining with chenille heel tab India 7

Adidas is one of the most popular and globally acclaimed shoe manufacturers in the world with a wide range of shoe collections for all walks of people. It has been a real innovator in the field of making sports footwear and also sponsors a lot of sports events mainly football. This association with the sports and being advertised by top sports stars combined with an innovative design and style, the Adidas brand rose to a gigantic proposition and now stands among the top most brands in the world. Read our pick of best Adidas Sneakers for Women 2017.

Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar W Fashion Sneaker

Adidas Originals Women's Superstar W Fashion Sneaker

The Superstar range of shoes is one of the most recognized and popular sneakers from the globally renowned shoe manufacturer Adidas. The 3 stripes on the shoes imply the logo of the corporation and thus makes the superstar their prominent collection for women. Even though the superstar range of sneakers was launched in 1987, it received a widespread popularity and name only a couple of years back among teen girls and fashion conscious women. Once the superstar sneakers shot into fame, every shoe store began to pose various collection from this range of shoes and it also sold like hot cakes. Social media also can be credited with helping the shoe range to a wider audience where most of the teenaged girls spend most of the time and look for suggestions and opinions about what to buy and wear.


The look and feel of the superstar sneaker collection are adorable with a classic touch. This collection doesn’t boast about with lots of designs, but shoes have the simple elegant look with trademark Adidas three lines on both sides of the shoe and the logo on the back. It also comes only in two colors, white and black. So there’s not much about anything too fancy, but it definitely looks rugged and nice.


When it comes to comfort is a vital factor, and the superstar range of women’s fashion sneakers won’t disappoint. Instead, you’ll really feel more comfortable with the shoes on your feet. Ideal for everyday use, but not recommended for wearing these shoes for long and extended periods.

Adidas NEO Baseline W Fashion Sneaker

Adidas NEO Baseline W Fashion Sneaker

Put on your classic hats and turn on to the new neo women’s Baseline Sneaker collection to give that classic style outlook. These Neo Baseline shoes are made using leather and synthetic for the upper portion to provide superior comfort. The logo is displayed on the tongue, outsole and the heel of the shoe and the signature Adidas stripes are provided on both sides of the shoes. Also, comes with imported and high-quality rubber sole and the outsole is larger than other shoes almost measuring up to 1.25” (3.18 cm), and hence the name Baseline series. The design is purely retro-inspired and pair these shoes with a typical low-top along with a dark denim to provide cool street style outlook.


For those who like the classic way of representing and dressing, the Adidas Neo Baseline Women’s Sneaker series is the best choice. The lace closures and the classic signature stripe complete the classic look along with the Adidas logo on all three sides including the tongue, heel, and outsoles.


These sneakers don’t lag at any level in the area of comfort but instead tries to outsmart other models with superior comfort and smoothness. The textile lining, imported rubber soles, cushioning cloud foam insole provides that needed comfort to your heels.

Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneaker

Adidas NEO Women's Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneaker

Another great women’s sneaker collection from Adidas, the Neo Women’s Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneaker is an extremely comfortable wear for your feet. It’s flexible very well even for people with wide feet and doesn’t hurt your feet in any way. The wide sole helps to provide greater stability to the shoes. An ideal choice for day to day use. Kind of slim style makes teens happy and these shoes are also made for girls into athletics and running. The overall shape is streamlined with a mesh to provide the added comfort. The seamless signature Adidas stripes provide the classic sporty look.


The air mesh design on the top and streamlined shape provide the Cloudfoam Sneaker collection a clean and neat look. This collection is also slim than other running-inspired sneaker collections. They are lightweight and easy to wear and recommended for everyone who spends a long day at work and needs to wear the sneakers for longer periods.


The Cloudfoam sock liner and midsole provides the necessary comfort and style to the sneaker. One gray area in this series is the problem with the narrow insole for people with wider feet, which could be felt and start hurting a bit after longer periods of wearing.

Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker

Adidas NEO Women's Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker Review

The Lite Racer range of women’s sneakers from Adidas takes comfort to the next level. It feels so light on your feet that you hardly feel that you are wearing anything on feet. The upper portion is made using a soft mesh design to provide breathability and supply enough air to your legs when you run wearing one of these great racer sneakers. The insole is gently cushioned with FitFOAM® and it is also easily removable. Made using high-quality visco-elastic rebound foam, when you place your feet inside the shoe, the insole automatically contours to the shape of your foot to provide ultimate comfort to your foot. The outsole is made using supreme quality rubber for traction and durability.


The Adidas Neo Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker shoes are one of the best athletic shoes you could ever find for women. With the signature 3 stripes and with a honeycomb look, these shoes come in various colors for you to choose from. Made using textile and synthetic materials, it looks great on your feet. Even after hours of workout, the shape of shoes is intact and these shoes last for a long time.


When it calls for comfort, there are no better racer shoes than the Adidas Neo Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker shoes, as you can literally feel walking on the clouds. The FitFOAM® insole provides you with ultimate comfort as it adjusts accordingly and shapes to the contour of your feet. Overall one of the best racer sneaker shoes at the market today.

Adidas Originals Women’s Stan Smith W Fashion Sneaker

Adidas Originals Women's Stan Smith W Fashion Sneaker Review

The Adidas original Stan Smith collection was originally launched in 1971 and was created specifically for the tennis player, Stan Smith. These collections were originally meant for men’s and when the popularity of these sports shoes gained a widespread audience, Adidas started releasing the women’s version too. The top part of the shoe is very thin and you can feel that the top layer gets crinkled when you press with your fingers. It is also one of the popular shoes among tennis enthusiasts. Since these are sized for men’s, you need to lower a size down when buying for women. It is made using full grain leather upper for providing that ultimate comfort and feel. This time the signature three lines come in the form of perforated stripes. The Stan Smith logo is available on the front or tongue of the shoe.


The Adidas Original Women Stan Smith’s W Fashion Sneakers looks taller and bulkier than other sneaker models. They look taller especially in the toe end of the shoe and also on the heel. Doesn’t sport a big design, it looks good with a classic lace-up sneaker design with triple stripe perforations. The synthetic leather lining adds the beauty and sporty look to the collection.


The Adidas Original Women Stan Smith’s W Fashion Sneakers are great as you need that level of comfort as you put a lot of pressure on your legs, running, playing tennis or any kind of sport. The full-grain leather provides the necessary comfort and smoothness along with the soft textile lining.

What to Wear Adidas Sneakers With?

Adidas are an excellent option for a variety of sports activities or walks. Fashion sneakers, perhaps, are the favorite footwear for both men and women. If teenagers constantly wear them with jeans, then older people start to think about what else they can be combined. These shoes look great with leather trousers. If they are narrow, it is best to wear three-dimensional sweaters and loose coats with them. Wear sneakers with short pants. They look good with ankle-length jeans. If you combine white sneakers with a blazer and a shirt, you can safely go to the office. You will look unusual and exquisite. Young people like to wear Adidas sneakers with short biker jackets and jeans. It is not only beautiful and stylish, but also very convenient. Do not be afraid to show individuality. Then you will be able to create your own image. In comfortable sneakers, you will feel relaxed and completely free during the whole day.

Nowadays it is very fashionable to combine feminine dresses with sneakers. White Adidas sneakers look versatile and will add a special touch to the image, which can be described as a sport chic.

Which Benefits Does Adidas Brand Have?

The work of the company Adidas is by right considered one of the best. The manufacturer does everything to take care of a high level of quality because you need not only reach out, but jump over the high bar set. Adidas offers to enjoy the following benefits:

Price-quality ratio

Like other branded things, Adidas sneakers have the optimal price-quality ratio, which eliminates the potential buyer from the need to look for a favorable price because the marketers of the company have already done this.

High resistance to weather conditions

Adidas sneakers look great and have increased resistance to various mechanical damages. Reliability allows you to forget about the negative weather conditions and therefore even during heavy rain, you will be most comfortable to wear these shoes, because it is always dry and lets enough oxygen to help your feet breathe.

High quality of production

Adidas footwear is certified according to international standards. Such footwear can serve its owner for many years and even in a few years will look the same as the day of purchase.

A lot of models to choose from

Different colors, interesting models are waiting for every potential customer. A wide variety of colors and styles will help to choose the best options for your sports suit.

Reliable shoelaces

An important feature- branded shoelaces from a trusted manufacturer. They are as flexible and elastic as possible. This allows you to quickly create reliable nodes.

The Final Word

When you choose Adidas, you can never go wrong, as it is one of the most liked brands in the world and also the most comfortable shoes that you can ever provide your feet with. When it comes to sneakers, Adidas has got various styles right from classic to trendy to simple and bright collections. Along with their style and good looks, Adidas also backs their shoes with the latest technology in terms providing the best stability, breathability and comfort and always go a level ahead with their every new series of shoes. Hope you come to a better understanding about the best Adidas sneakers available in the market and choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Adidas Size Chart

Women’s Footwear size guide from Adidas.com:

5 3.5 36 220
5.5 4 36.7 225
6 4.5 37.3 230
6.5 5 38 235
7 5.5 38.7 240
7.5 6 39.3 245
8 6.5 40 250
8.5 7 40.7 255
9 7.5 41.3 260
9.5 8 42 265
10 8.5 42.7 270
10.5 9 43.3 275
11 9.5 44 280
11.5 10 44.7 285
12 10.5 45.3 290
12.5 11 46 295
13 11.5 46.7 300


  • I’ve bought Stan Smith for my daughter and she loves them. True to its size not to mention extremely comfortable. High-quality and durable. I’m going to buy them for myself.

  • Superstars are so comfy they are like wearing slippers! No break in period. Perfect for every day. They look pretty cool! Old school style is my favourite.

  • Superstar is my favourite casual footwear. Love them so much. I had white with black straps and now I wear white model. I think it’s one of the coolest pair I’ve ever had!

  • I can’t agree with this article because Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam VS City W Casual Sneakers are not only casual sneakers. They also good for sports activities. I wear them in gym. Love them!

  • Just as expected, Stan Smith are great shoes. Fit true to size and are comfortable for quick in and out trips. I often wear them, almost evry day.

  • White Superstars are my favorite shoes. Bought my first pair many years ago I was in love with them. Even my wide feet love Superstar. My basic shoes.

  • Superstars are a classic. A must have for everyone. Go great with many looks. Reccommend to buy a half size smaller.

  • I own these in green stansmiths too! Cute, can wear with anything and are the perfect shoes for any day. My are 4 years old. Look great!

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