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Taking into account of characteristics, the league table has been drafted. All the required information about color pallet and composition materials is collected in the table. Also, the pointed system was included with parameters from 1 to 5, where 5 is very good, 1 is too bad.

Photo Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Features Marks

Best Choice

ACORN Women's Forest Mule Slipper Owl Thumb

ACORN Women’s Forest Mule Slipper 100% wool Synthetic Wide range
  • Embroidery on the upper part
  • The heel-to-toe cushioning

ACORN Women's Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper Red Thumb
ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper 72% imitation fur Rubber 4
  • Synthetic chinchilla fur
  • Non-slip weatherproof outsole
  • Enhanced raised heel and arch
  • Memory foam midsole

ACORN Women's Moc Slipper Colored Thumb
ACORN Women’s Acorn Moc Slipper 68% polyester Synthetic Wide range
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Suede sidewall
  • Multi-layer footbed
  • Memory foam
  • Non-slip outsole

ACORN Women's Spa Wrap Slipper Beige Thumb
ACORN Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper 76% terry fabric Rubber Wide range
  • Strap on the upper
  • Heel with elastic
  • Ankle-high

ACORN Women's Oh Ewe II Slipper Brown Thumb
ACORN Women’s Oh Ewe II Slipper 75% sheepskin Rubber 5 dark colors
  • Memory foam midsole
  • Ankle-high
  • Fuzzy lining

ACORN Women's Dara Slipper Gray Thumb
ACORN Women’s Dara Slipper 65% wool, 35% polyester Rubber Wide range
  • Fleecy footbed
  • Flovers ornament

The purchase of the slippers for a house is a serious matter, indeed the legs must rest after busy working day. It is extremely important that the footwear of this group will be comfortable, qualitative and practical. Let’s review 6 models of ACORN slippers.

ACORN Women’s Forest Mule Slipper

ACORN Women's Forest Mule Slipper Review

The comfortable slippers have been beloved by the women. This model is manufactured with application of the seamless technology and include follows characteristics:

  • the combination of the unique expertise and practicality;
  • surface made of the boiled wool (100%) of bright colors and wonderful embroidery;
  • inner sole made of the foam with the inlay which controls the moisture degree; as a result, the feet do not perspire and appearance of the unacceptable odor is excluded;
  • the shape of the slipper is very convenient for freely footstep entrance;
  • chamois insert side-on is for protection and endurance;
  • orthopedic shoe-tree;
  • the opportunity of washing in the machine;
  • a large array of the various colors;
  • the rubber sole is strong and elastic enough;
  • the arch support.

ACORN Women’s Forest Mule Slippers are suitable for everyday usage. Interesting handmade embroidery makes them unique and inimitable. Such footwear is multifunctional and elegant, looks great. The slippers are easily put on because the shoes do not slip off and rub the skin. Purposely designed shoe-tree will make massage for your feet by each next step. The practical in exploitation slippers may be washed in the machine. The shoes with stylish design and made of the natural materials will warm you in cold weather.

ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper

ACORN Women's Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper Review

ACORN Women’s Faux fur chinchilla Collar Slipper are made of the reclaimed chinchilla wool and have followed features:

  • practical rubber sole;
  • Italian production warm «plush» bootlegs;
  • inner strapping with the reclaimed chinchilla wool, which makes them ultra-soft and comfortable;
  • orthopedic shoe-tree;
  • model with the high raised heel and arch firmly keeps the feet, does not slip off during walking;
  • usable for a house and outdoors.

Such footwear is produced manually and obtains the high level of the wearing quality. The fur keeps the human natural temperature. You will feel much warm and comfortable wearing these slippers. They fit the high arches by means of the elevated arch, easily put on and firmly keep the foot. Thanks to the special convenient inner sole you will receive the additional massage during going. By manufacture of this model, no chinchillas were harmed. The company Acorn thinks that the natural materials should be replaced with the artificial ones with high-quality. In this case, the reclaimed materials will keep all the necessary peculiarities. All the production of the factory is approved by the International Vegetarian Community.

ACORN Women’s Acorn Moc Slipper

ACORN Women's Acorn Moc Slipper Review

The favorable and practical moccasins ACORN Women’s Acorn Moc Slippers possess the follows properties:

  • material polyester or polyacrylic 68%;
  • inside the shoes are made of the micro-fleece which excellent absorbs the excess moisture and helps to avoid of the unpleasant odor;
  • orthopedic shoe-tree;
  • due to elevated heel and arch the slippers keep hard and do not drop;
  • the synthetical slip-proof sole is usable not only for a house but also outdoors;
  • chamois sidewall makes them endurable and shrewd;
  • great assortment of the different colors;
  • automatic laundry in cool water with low extraction is available.

The present pair of slippers is produced with various modulations of the textures, colors, styles, fabrics. Thanks to that each can select the most suitable variation of fashion. By wearing these slippers you may warm by the fireside or walk outdoors in the cold weather. This model is excellently suitable for people with high arches due to the presence of the elevated arch. The particular convenient shoe-tree masses the feet while going. The shoes are washable in the machine on the condition of the following recommendations to the regime. The automatic washing will easily return the original appearance of the slippers after long-term wearing.

ACORN Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper

ACORN Women's Spa Wrap Slipper Review

With those stylish ACORN Women’s Spa Wrap Slippers your legs will be of warmth and comfort. This model is characterized as follows:

  • the upper part is made of the terry fabric;
  • inlay made of the foam;
  • elastic rubber sole;
  • comfortable inner sole with improved soft heel area, the footstep does not slip inside;
  • equally perfect suited for indoors and outside wearing;
  • by means of the strap the breadth may be fitted along the foot shape;
  • good arch support;
  • machine washable.

The terry surface is agreeable to the touch, soft and warm. Such slippers allow you having a rest after busy working day with pleasure. Thanks to the regulatory strap the shoes fit any breadth and arch height. It is grateful to dive in the slippers after the bath. Special convenient inner sole with the soft heel will provide with the massage therapy while walking. The slippers may be washed in the machine that makes them more practical. The wide choice of colors allows selecting the suitable pair. They look perfect in combination with the bathrobe or warm pajamas. It is a perfect model for the evening rest in the bosom of the family. Wearing these slippers you may relax, read the book or enjoy a cup of favorite drink.

ACORN Women’s Oh Ewe II Slipper

ACORN Women's Oh Ewe II Slipper Review

High leather ACORN Women’s Oh Ewe II Slippers obtain the follows particular features:

  • practical rubber sole;
  • material is sheepskin (75%);
  • orthopedic shoe-tree;
  • the memory foam is under the fur;
  • wearable in the house and outdoors;
  • various dark colors: nut, coffee bean, walnut, black coal, lesser periwinkle;
  • good keep and do not slip off;
  • sturdily material to the moisture.

The present model of the slippers is meant to be used for walking in the cold weather, and your legs will be surrounded by the warmth and comfort. Australian sheepskin keeps the warmth and the orthopedic sole additionally mass the footstep. The slippers tight adjoin the shin that does not allow slipping off. The lining controls the level of moisture, keeps the feet dry and excludes the undesirable odor occurrence. The leather cutting-off is applied for manufacture, thanks to that, as a result, the slippers for a house are waterproof. They are practical, and it is simply to clean them and put in an original appearance in the case of the surface contamination.

ACORN Women’s Dara Slipper

ACORN Women's Dara Slipper Review

The ACORN Women’s Dara Slippers are ideal for the house and obtain the follows peculiarities:

  • 100% Boiled Wool;
  • felted surface;
  • sole is made from the flexible rubber;
  • fleece inner sole is capable of absorbing the undesirable moisture of footstep;
  • the inlay is manufactured from the thick foam;
  • elevated inlay on the heel area;
  • a wide assortment of the different colorations.

All these characteristics guarantee the prolonged wearing of the slippers. They are depreciation resistant; the footstep does not perspire while wearing. Thanks to the steady sole and elevated heel, the footwear is conveniently kept feet and does not cause the callus occurrence. By means of the orthopedic inner sole, the additional footstep massage is held while walking. The rubber sole allows wearing the slippers outdoors. The soft and half-woolen surface will be attractive to everyone. They are warm enough and comfortable for wearing in winter or in off-season time. The great amount of the colorations allows choosing a pair of slippers which is the most suitable for your cloth. Model Dara is a perfect option for everyday wearing.

Which Model to Choose?

All models of slippers by Acron are good in its own right. However, they have in common:

  • high-qualitative materials;
  • manual labor by manufacture;
  • orthopedic shoe-tree;
  • flexible rubber sole allowing walking not only indoors;
  • the steady position of the footstep, the slippers do not drop and slap;
  • attractive color scheme of each model.

The composition materials are different.
Which pair of the slippers to select is only your decision. Each model provides you with the usage of the indirect application that is for fresh air walking. Surely, do not be afraid of rainy weather with the pair of Oh Ewe II Slippers. In the dry cold weather, you can walk wearing such models as Women’s Faux Fur chinchilla Collar, Forest Mule Slippers, and Dara. After bath or cosmetic procedures, it is better to select Spa Wrap. Well, if the prolonged active walk is planned, it is impossible to find anything more comfortable than the pair of Acorn Moc Slippers. If to take into account of the rating, the Forest Mule Slippers have more advantages.
Any footwear made by company Acorn will grant your feet with warmth and coziness, which are so desirable after the busy working day.

Acorn Brand

American trademark Acorn has been dealing with the manufacturing the ecologically clean footwear over the years. The company has approved itself to a high standard on the footwear market. The uncommon bright colors, convenient orthopedic shoe-tree, high-quality material – all the best what can offer the footwear production as for today is combined with the models of this brand. One more peculiarity of the firm is manual shoemaking on all the stages of production. The raw materials of animal origin are not applied by the company for manufacturing. The designers have succeeded in the creation of the unique style, which conjoins the classic and casual style. The footwear from Acorn is suitable for all occasions. As you can see one of the company’s directions is the slippers fabrication.

Acorn Women’s Shoe Size Charts

Acorn Women’s Small – XX-Large Sizing

Acorn Size Acorn Size Wide Width US Size European Size UK Size
Women’s Small Women’s Small Wide 5-6 35-37 3-4
Women’s Medium Women’s Medium Wide 6.5-7.5 37-38 4.5-5.5
Women’s Large Women’s Large Wide 8-9 38-40 6-7
Women’s X-Large Women’s X-Large Wide 9.5-10.5 40-41 7.5-8.5
Women’s XX-Large N/A 11-12 41-43 9-10

Acorn Women’s Whole Sizing

Acorn Size US Size European Size UK Size
Women’s 6 6 36-37 4
Women’s 7 7 37-38 5
Women’s 8 8 38-39 6
Women’s 9 9 39-40 7
Women’s 10 10 40-41 8
Women’s 11 11 41-42 9
*Sizing may vary and not be exact to every foot
*Wide width not available on all styles


  • I have spa slippers and I’m in love with them. My pair is beige. These don’t flop off my feet when I walked up and down stairs. The lining is awesome because your feet don’t sweat in them. Best of all, they are super comfy.

  • I have a narrow foot and choosing of house shoes is very difficult process for me. Finally I found Spa Slippers. With Velcro strap I can easily regulate the width.

  • I bought slippers with chinchilla collar for my sister for a Christmas present but of course I had to take them out of the packaging and try them on. They are sooo comfortable Im going to order me a pair. Material is very soft

  • Oh Ewe II slippers are my favourite for two years. Very cushy, with a thick sole, warm, and well made. They are so cozy) Sometimes I go outside in them.

  • I agree with previous comment they are wonderfully cozy. Simple construction and the best materials. It’s very important for me that they have arch support because I have flat feet and need it. Cannot imagine сold winter days at home without them.

  • I bought Acorn Moc Slippers last winter. They keep me warm and they are so cozy. I find them to be true to size. I’m going to buy another model.

  • acorn spa are so comfortable and i wear them around the house all the time. they are so soft, cozy, have arch support and i haven’t any problems with washing.

  • My favoirite SPA! Love them! They have one important feature – they are washable. I bought slippers 5 years ago and they still look pretty!

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