Top 5 Best Mary Jane Pumps

Perhaps, pumps are the most famous and favorite shoes among women today. They look great with a business outfit, skirts, jeans and evening dresses. And popular model among pumps is Mary Jane.
Mary Jane pumps are closed shoes with a strap across the instep and rounded toe. Today you can find a huge variety of Mary Jane pumps. They are made of different materials, with different height of heels or without heels at all, with a pointed or rounded toe. If you still do not have any of these in your wardrobe – it’s time to find your perfect pair.
We choose top 5 models and below you can find comparison table, which includes their characteristic and general mark.

Compare Mary Jane Pumps

Photo Brand Model Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Dimensions Features Mark

Best Choice

Alegria Women’s Coco Mary Jane Pump Thumb

Alegria Women’s Coco Mary Jane Pump Leather Synthetic 2 colors
  • Heel measures approximately 2″ (5.08 cm)
  • Removable memory foam
  • Arch support
  • Non marking outsole

Journee Collection Womens Mary Jane Faux Leather Pump Thumb
Journee Collection Womens Mary Jane Faux Leather Pumps Faux leather Synthetic 11 colors
  • Heel height: 3.3″ (8.38 cm)
  • Platform height: 0.4″ (1.02 cm)
  • Double straps across the vamps
  • A small chunky heel
  • Vegan

City Classified Womens Kaylee-H Mary Jane Pump Thumb
City Classified Sully’S Kaylee-H Mary-Jane Pumps-Shoes Synthetic Synthetic 8 colors
  • Heel height approx. 2.75″ (6.99 cm)
  • Mid-heel
  • Round-toe
  • Vegan

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Mary Jane Dress Pump Thumb
Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Women’s Round Toe Pierced Mid Heel Mary Jane Style Dress Pumps Synthetic Synthetic 8 colors
  • Platform measures approx. 0.25″ (0.64 cm)
  • Heel height measures approx. 3.25″ (8.26 cm)
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Stitching details
  • Vegan

Forever Link Womens Patricia-05 Mary Jane Faux Suede Wedge Pump Thumb
Forever Womens Patricia-05 Mary Jane Strap Faux Suede Wedge Pumps Synthetic Synthetic 3 colors
  • Platform measures approximately 0.25″(0.64 cm)
  • Heel Height approximately 2.5″ (6.35 cm)
  • Mid-heel
  • Round-toe
  • Vegan

Alegria Women’s Coco Mary Jane Pump

Alegria Women's Coco Mary Jane Pump Review

Alegria brand offers a unique design with excellent support and comfort due to removable cork footbed. This beautiful Mary Jane shoe will become your favorite companion and will add the playful vibe to your look. They are lightweight and breathable thanks to its leather lining. It’s a good comfortable shoe with a roomy toe box, featuring a leather upper with a front strap. They also have a hoop-and-loop closure for a precise and adjustable fit. Removable memory foam provides great comfort and support to your feet during all day. They are available in 2 interesting colors: pewter and safari. But unfortunately, these shoes need a break-in period.

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Unique style
  • Provides support

  • They can be not true to size

Journee Collection Womens Mary Jane Faux Leather Pumps

Journee Collection Womens Mary Jane Faux Leather Pump Review

These classic and practical pumps from Journee Collection feature round toes and double straps across the vamps.
They are available in different classic colors like red, black, gray, nude, beige, white and navy. These pumps are made of faux leather (mat models) and synthetic material (varnished models).
You can choose mat pair for more casual and classic look and a varnished pair will fit perfectly with more glamorous and fashionable outfit.
Small heels are very comfortable, but in some cases, they need a break-in period. Sole of the shoes don’t have much grip so they can be slippery.

  • Good quality
  • Comfy
  • Stylish
  • Colors are very attractive
  • Vegan

  • Slippery sole
  • Size can be not correct

City Classified Womens Kaylee-H Mary Jane Pumps Shoes

City Classified Womens Kaylee-H Mary Jane Pump Review

Vintage-inspired Mary Jane pumps from City Classified can add elegance to any look. They are universal and they are good for every occasion. You can wear these pumps for work, for study, on a date or for a walk. They are designed in 2 different styles: mat and varnished and available in neutral colors like beige and black. These Mary Jane are made of sturdy man-made leather and faux suede, the sole is synthetic too. They don’t contain animal products and completely vegan. Mid heel is comfortable, but pumps don’t have much padding. For narrow feet, these shoes will work great, but in another case, you can have problems during the break-in period. Also, like the other reviewed models, the bottom of this shoe doesn’t have much grip.

  • Stylish and vintage looking pumps
  • Universal, will look good with any outfit
  • Vegan

  • Slippery soles
  • Works great only with narrow feet
  • Don’t have much padding

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Women’s Round Toe Pierced Mid Heel Mary Jane Style Dress Pumps

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Mary Jane Dress Pump Review

These glamorous and elegant Mary Jane pumps with a mid heel and round toe will add a feminine touch to every outfit. They look fun, cute and flirty with any kind of dress or skirt. This model from Chase and Chloe has stitching details and adjustable ankle strap. Shoes are made of synthetic materials and 100% vegan. They are available in 8 bright colors.
However, these Mary Jane pumps have some disadvantages. They have no cushion or support so they can be not very comfortable. A new pair of shoes can have an unpleasant and strong smell and the texture on the bottom is quite slippery.

  • Stylish and fashionable
  • A great variety of bright colors
  • Comfortable small heel
  • Vegan

  • No support
  • Can have strong smell
  • Slippery sole
  • Sizes can be not correct

Forever Link Womens Patricia-05 Mary Jane Strap Faux Suede Wedge Pumps

Forever Link Patricia-05 Mary Jane Suede Wedge Pump Review

These Mary Jane Pumps from Forever have a comfortable mid-height platform and round toe, which make them a good choice for every woman, who loves trendy and fashionable shoes. They are made of synthetic suede and available in 3 neutral colors: black, tan and taupe. Unlike the other models, these shoes have rubber non-slippery sole. But unfortunately, bottoms of these pumps are not of a very good quality and can start to come apart after some time of wearing. The material is slightly hard and this model doesn’t have much padding, so it’s recommended to wear them with socks to avoid blisters and rubbing. Also, if you have wide feet we wouldn’t recommend these as they are pretty narrow.

  • Nifty
  • Have comfortable mid-height platform
  • Nonslippery soles
  • Vegan

  • Not of a good quality
  • The material is slightly hard
  • Not recommended for women with wide feet

Our Leader

As you can see, our leader is Alegria Women’s Coco Mary Jane Pump. They are made of high-quality leather that provides all-day comfort for your feet. Also, their interesting and remarkable design and colors won’t leave you indifferent. Other models also have high general marks and have a more casual look. So, if you are more into some classic design of Mary Jane pumps, other reviewed shoes would be also a great choice.

History of Mary Jane Pumps

Initially, Mary Jane shoes were made with a flat sole for little girls. They got their name “Mary Jane” from the heroine of the comics, who was depicted in shoes with a strap and a rounded toe. But in the 1940s Mary Jane pumps began to gain its popularity among women. And in the 60s these shoes appeared in the collections of famous designers, who changed their form by adding a heel and a more pointed toe. The peak of popularity of Mary Jane’s shoes was in the 90s. Till now Mary Jane pumps haven’t lost their popularity because they look great with almost every outfit. Transformed throughout the ages, Mary Jane pumps prove to be versatile and stylish shoes.

How to choose your perfect Mary Jane pumps?

It would seem that all models of shoes in the style of Mary Jane are made on one principle – the presence of a strap on the rise of the foot. In fact, using some tricks in choosing a model, you can hide flaws and emphasize the merits of your figure. The presence of a horizontal line in the shoes in the form of a strap can visually shorten the legs. To prevent this, you should prefer shoes in light pastel shades. If nevertheless, the choice fell on black shoes, then it is better to wear them in pair with black pantyhose.
Shoes with several straps or on a flat sole should be chosen only for girls of high stature and with a slender figure. Those who do not meet these parameters are recommended to choose shoes with a heel and basic shades.
It is generally believed that in no case can you wear shoes in the style of Mary Jane with any trousers or jeans. However, modern fashion does not stand still, and today such a combination in the women’s wardrobe is quite acceptable. Shortened versions of trousers, which do not close the original strap of the model, will be a way out of the situation. For those girls who prefer pants to skirts, the most appropriate model will be such high-heel shoes.

What to wear Mary Jane pumps With?

Due to the wide variety of Mary Jane pumps’ models represented by modern designers, women and girls of all ages will easily find a pair of legendary shoes with a suitable kind of sole. This versatility allows you to combine shoes in the style of Mary Jane with a strap on the rise with many styles in clothing.

As mentioned above, lovers of doll style in clothes consider this footwear to be ideal for their image. These shoes can be combined with mini-skirts and short dresses. Modern girls wear them with pleated mini-length skirts and white socks or golfs, as well as with Barbie-style dresses in pastel colors.
For more serious business outfits, a Mary Jane style shoes with high or medium heels or studs of basic beige or black colors will be a good option. Classic office dresses in the form of a pencil skirt or strict dresses, as well as business suits perfectly match with shoes in this performance. Choosing a model with a classic rounded toe will give an image of retro-style shades.

In everyday images, shoes in the style of Mary Jane are not deprived of attention. A combination of a classic model of shoes on a stable heel of medium height with trousers or jeans of shortened versions and knitted sweaters or sweaters of free cut will always look stylish. If necessary, this image can be supplemented with accessories in the form of air scarf, as well as a bag of ordinary shape in low-key tones or the same color as your shoes are.

For girls who like the romantic style and vintage things, shoes in the style of Mary Jane will simply be an indispensable element of the wardrobe. Medium length skirts and gentle blouses will be an excellent ensemble for such shoes.

Choosing a model of shoes without a heel, you can safely wear it with all the trendy things that have occupied the pinnacle of fashion more recently. Dresses-combinations and dresses-shirts, denim leggings and trousers-kulots, all these fashionable things will fit under shoes with a strap on the wedge and on a flat sole.

Shoe Size Charts by Brands

Allegra K Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US Size Heel to Toe Heel Height Platform Height
5.5 8 3/4 3 3/4 1 1/4
6 9 3 3/4 1 1/4
7 9 3/8 3 3/4 1 1/4
7.5 9 3/8 3 3/4 1 1/4
8 9 5/8 3 3/4 1 1/4
8.5 9 7/8 3 3/4 1 1/4
9 10 3 3/4 1 1/4
9.5 10 3 3/4 1 1/4
10 10 3/8 3 3/4 1 1/4


  • Patricia-05 could be on my feet for whole day. Definitely Mary Jane style wins when you wear suits for work and walk a lot. This heels is not only comfortable, but really looks great.

  • A few words about Chase & Chloe. Excellent stylish shoes. I bought in a Nude color. Fit well. Good in arch. Slippery sole is only one drawback. In the rest everything is fine.

  • Alegria is absolutely perfect! I spend a lot of time on feet and these shoes are the most comfortable. My wide feet need special footwear. It’s hard to find something perfect for me. Finally, I bought these model and I’m satisfied. Want to buy one more.

  • Journee Collection pumps are not the most comfortable shoes. Look very cool, but they are very hard to wear. The material from which they are made is very coarse and rubs the feet.

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