Top High Heeled Gladiator Sandals

High heeled gladiator sandals have become the latest must-have of the season spring-summer 2017. They help to create that gorgeous Bohemian look and are effortless to wear, style and match. Unlike the usual flat Greek style sandals, the samples with high heels always look feminine and elegant.
If you want something extraordinary for a hot nightfall look, you should definitely give a glance to the table below, containing the most popular brands and particularities of this awesome kind of footwear (with grades from 1 to 10).

The Comparison Table of the Most Fashionable High Heeled Gladiator Sandals

Photo Brand Model Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Heel measure Features Our Mark

Best Choice

Wild Diva Women’s Berlin 72 Gladiator Sandal Thumb

Wild Diva Women’s Berlin 72 Gladiator Strappy Lace Up Tie High Heel Synthetic Manmade 5 colors 4″ (10.16 cm)
  • Lace at the front part

Best Choice

Breckelle’s Women’s Diva-31 Gladiator High Heel Sandal Thumb

Breckelle’s Womens Diva-31 Gladiator High Heel Sandals Synthetic Synthetic 8 colors 4″ (10.16 cm)
  • Back zipper
  • Adjustable buckles at the knee and ankle

Breckelle’s Lace Up Gladiator Sandal Thumb
Breckelle’s Lace Up Gladiator High Heel – Peep Toe Suede Shoe – Sexy Dress Cut Out Sandal Heel Fabric Synthetic 9 colors 4.75″ (10.16 cm)
  • Lace at the front part
  • Back zipper

Ollio Women’s Gladiator High Heel Bootie Thumb
Ollio Womens Shoe Lace-up Gladiator High Heel Bootie Synthetic Manmade 3 colors 3.25″ (7.62 cm)
  • Lace at the front part
  • Back zipper

OCHENTA Women's Stiletto Gladiator Sandal Thumb
OCHENTA Women’s Strappy Over The Knee High Heel Stiletto Gladiator Sandals PU Leather Rubber 8 colors 4″ (10.16 cm)
  • Back zipper
  • Adjustable buckles at the knee and ankle

SNJ Strappy Gladiator Sandal Thumb
SNJ Women Strappy Gladiator Zipper Lace Up Caged Stiletto High Heel Sandal Mid-Calf: Faux Leather / Faux Suede (All Man Made);Tall: Black Multi (Fabric Upper) Black (Faux Nubuck) Sand (Faux Suede) Manmade 10 colors 3.75″ (7.62 cm); Faux Suede Mid-Calf Sandals – 4.5″ (10.16 cm)
  • Zipper back closure
  • Lace at the front part

To be ahead of the current shoe fashion, various designs of these sandals are assiduously overlooked in the following.

Wild Diva, Women’s Berlin 72 Gladiator Strappy Lace Up Tie High Heel

Wild Diva Berlin 72 Gladiator Sandal Review

The gladiators by Wild Diva feature open toe construction, ankle lace up with tassels and heel approximately 4,5 inches (11.43 cm). Produced of synthetic manmade material, these sandals are offered in 9 sizes.
One can make a decision between 7 colors of this model – black, coral, taupe, jade, natural snake, peach, and green.
It fits perfectly for women with wide feet. In general, this model is comfortable, attractive and eye-catching.
If you desire to purchase these sandals in peach color, she should note that it is the kind of light pinkish in person.

Breckelle’s Women’s Diva-31 Gladiator High Heel Sandals

Breckelle's Women's Diva-31 Gladiator Sandal Review

The last pair of gladiator high heeled sandals is made of synthetic material, has an adjustable strap and is available in 6 sizes. The shaft measures approximately 20 inches (50.8 cm) from the arch, the platform – 0,25 inches (0.64 cm), and the heel height is about 4 inches (10.16 cm). It is thigh-high and open-toe design. The second model by Breckelle’s is accessible in 13 prominent colors: 2 shades of blue, 3 sorts of leopard, 3 kinds of black, pomegranate, beige, nude, military green and white.
These sandals are of decent quality, fit nice even with wide calves, and look stunning. However, if you have wide feet, it is recommended to order a size up. But it is better not to wear these gladiators for a long period of time to avoid a foot ache.

Lace Up Gladiator High Heel by the Brand Breckelle’s

Breckelle's Lace Up Gladiator Sandal Review

These lace up sandals with a peep toe construction and back zipper closure rise to mid-calf. The material is total eco-friendly fabric. Synthetic fashionable lace up is engineered especially for a secure fit. The height of the heel is 4,75 inches (12.1 cm), and 9 sizes are available for the customers’ choice.
The gladiators are produced in 7 deep colors: black, silver, yellow, leopard, red and two different shades of blue.
But the material can easily become dirty. You also can feel common discomfort because of a slippery heel.

Women’s Shoe Lace-up Gladiator High Heel Bootie by Ollio

Ollio Women's Lace-up Gladiator Bootie Review

If you are looking for not too extravagant yet sophisticated footwear, you should point out the sandals by the brand Ollio, produced of synthetic material. Their heel height measures 3,25 inches (8.26 cm), the platform – approximately 0,25 inches (0.64 cm). The size range varies in 8 alternatives. 3 classical colors – wine, black, and taupe – make these gladiators look elegant and dressy. These sandals are good-looking, wearable, flattering and overall comfortable.

Women’s Strappy Over The Knee High Heel Stiletto Gladiator Sandals by OCHENTA

OCHENTA Stiletto Gladiator Sandal Review

These high heeled stiletto gladiators look very stylish and sexy. The material is synthetic leather of high quality, it is sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap. Stiletto heel measures approximately 4 inches (10.63 cm), and the platform – generally 0,25 inches (0.64 cm). The sandals are equipped with a back zipper and adaptable buckles at the knee and ankle.
The manufacturer offers 11 different sizes. It is remarkable that these gladiators go with particular natural size.
8 beautiful colors of the sandals can please even the picky taste: black, blue, brown, leopard, golden, nude, red and white.
The sandals are comfortable to walk in, compliment the outfit perfectly, and the adjustable top helps them to stay in place. But in case you have a big calf – the sandal will not zip all the way up. However, some of the purchasers have come to a mind they needed to order a size up to make the sandals more comfortable.

SNJ, Women Strappy Gladiator Zipper Lace Up Caged Stiletto High Heel Sandal

SNJ Strappy Gladiator Sandal Review

The brand SNJ presents dainty stiletto heel gladiators in 10 sizes. They have open toe front, strappy structure, and zipper back closure.
This model is accessible in 14 diversities and colors: mid-calf (beige, black, white, tan), faux suede (blue, fuchsia, grapefruit, natural, aqua, black, cherry, yellow) and 2 tall models (black multi tall, sand faux suede tall).
The material is synthetic: mid-сalf models are produced either of man-made faux leather or faux suede, tall variants – of fabric, faux nubuck or faux suede.
The heel height is nearly 3,75 inches (9.53 cm), for mid-calf sandals from faux suede it measures 4,5 (11.43 cm) inches. Shaft height measures approximately 6,5 inches (16.51 cm) for mid-calf variants and up to 13,5 inches (34.29 cm) for tall ones.
These shoes run true to size, are lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable to fit any calf size.

Buyer’s Guide

What to take into account choosing gladiator sandals?

If you decide to buy gladiators, it’s worth remembering that this is the case when clothes are picked up for shoes, and not vice versa. Specific shoes will not fit any outfit, and not everywhere they will be appropriate. Therefore, you should immediately think about whether there is something in your wardrobe that suit this style.

Also, it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure. Sandals in Roman style draw attention to the feet. And if this is not the part of the body that you want to pay attention to, it is better to choose another model of summer sandals.

This is especially true of the high gladiators. If you are the owner of long slender legs, then with the help of interesting shoes you will be able to emphasize their beauty. Otherwise, you risk only to focus on the shortcomings.

An important criterion for choice is the quality of shoes. The material should be soft. It should not rub and cause discomfort. Straps should not crash into the skin, it is desirable that they cling to the leg freely. A good solution is to choose a shoe for half the size of the required size.

What will look best with gladiator sandals?

Looking at gladiators, you can safely say that these sandals can be combined with any short clothes of the women’s wardrobe. Stylists recommend wearing this kind of sandals with short wardrobe items, in which there are some notes of sexuality. The ideal option for the summer – short shorts made of leather or denim fabric, cotton canvas. No less spectacular high gladiator sandals will look in a combination with mini-skirts and short dresses, as well as comfortable summer denim. Gladiator sandals look great with short summer dresses in Greek style. Light flowing fabrics, ruffles and flounces perfectly fit into the images created by such shoes. Gladiators can be successfully combined with dresses-shirts. Sandals-Gladiators can be worn both on vacation and in the city. This shoe attracts all the attention, especially the high models. Therefore, the rest of the clothing should not be overloaded with details. To create the image of the eternally young Artemis, it is enough to wear a free dress or a simple vest with shorts.

What not to wear with gladiators?

This type of sandals has a pronounced stylistic orientation. Such sandals will look inappropriate with the formal clothes. Strict dresses, pencil skirts, and classic pants suggest completely different shoes. Do not wear gladiator sandals with long evening dresses. Also, do not wear high gladiators with shiny dresses and tight-fitting mini. Even the most feminine high heels will not add this image sexuality, but on the contrary, make it vulgar and tasteless.

What to wear with

To provide an unforgettable effect, it is better to style them with silky shorts, clutches, mini or midi dresses of cocktail type. For this purpose, the best choice will be the models by OCHENTA and Breckelle’s (Diva-31). For a more modest yet chic look, you should refer to Ollio, SNJ and Wild Diva. These models will suit every fashionista’s wardrobe. Lace up sandals by Breckelle’s are not too comfortable and the material does not provide durability in wearing, but they look really attractive.


  • Really like Wild Diva gladiator sandals. I ordered for myself in beige color. Wore them only a couple of times. They, in my opinion, are more suitable for special events than for everyday wear. Look amazing!

  • I have the same sandals from Ollio. They look very cool, especially in combination with a short dress. But for a long time I can’t wear them because high heel.

  • I hate them!, I hate them!, I hate them!.
    A few weeks ago my mom and me we went to a party and my mom’s friend decided to wear that type of strappy heels for the party. After a few hours when my mom’s friend got tired of those sandals then she was begging to my mom for my favorite Skechers runners, I said no and my mom got mad at me, then my mom and her friend took off my runners and I was left barefoot and the marble floors were kind of cool.
    Then I was sitting down during the party and at the end my mom’s friend left the party and she didn’t return to me my runners because she got blisters on her feet and my mom gave her my Skechers.
    My worst nightmare became true when my mom and her friend put me on those strappy heels!!!.
    When everyone left the party at 2:00 am just my mom and me we walked into the van, I came back to home on those damn strappy sandals!!!!

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